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square dronuillinagh rish; faaie; kernaghey; kerrin; kerrinagh; square

square square: va ooilley ny coollaghyn as ny essynyn square rish ny uinniagyn Bible

Inexact matches:

Derby Square (n.) Kerrin Derby

market square (n.) Kerrin y Valley, Kerrin y Vargee

mitre square (n.) miter-cherrin

optical square (n.) kern-reayrtan

Parliament Square (n.) Kerrin Skyll Chreest

set square (n.) dronvaccart

square bracket (n.) lhoobeen kerrinagh

square dance (n.) daunse kerrinagh

square dealing dellal ynrick

square elbow (n.) uillin cherrinagh

square foot (n.) trie cherrinagh

square meal (n.) lhongey mie

square metre (n.) meadyr kerrinagh

square mile (n.) meeiley cherrinagh

square root (n.) fraue chernagh, fraue cherrinagh

square sail (n.) clout; shiaull kerrinagh

square shoulders (npl.) geayltyn lheaney

square up (v.) cormal

T square (n.) croshvaccart

Woodburn Square (n.) Kerrin Strooan ny Keylley

fair and square jeeragh; kiart as corrym

out of square sar-uillinagh

croshvaccart T square

daunse kerrinagh square dance

dronuillinagh rish square

dronvaccart set square

fraue chernagh (f.) square root

fraue cherrinagh (f.) square root

geayltyn lheaney (f.) square shoulders

kern-reayrtan optical square

Kerrin Derby Derby Square

lhoobeen kerrinagh square bracket

meadyr kerrinagh square metre

meeiley cherrinagh (f.) square mile

miter-cherrin mitre square

sar-uillinagh out of square

shiaull kerrinagh square sail

trie cherrinagh (f.) square foot

uillin cherrinagh (f.) square elbow

four-square dy chionn

square-built (adj.) colhean; kerrinagh

square-headed kione-lhean

square-jawed (adj.) lhean cheeillagh

square-rigged (adj.) fo hiauill kerrinagh

square-shouldered (adj.) lhean-gheaylinagh

square-toed (adj.) baare-lhean; lhean-ordaagagh

try-square (n.) baccart

baare-lhean square-toed

baccart try-square

colhean co-extensive, square-built, coextensive

fo hiauill kerrinagh square-rigged

kernaghey quadrate, quadrature, square, squaring

Kerrin Skyll Chreest Parliament Square

Kerrin y Vargee market square

kione-lhean square-headed

lhean cheeillagh square-jawed

lhean-gheaylinagh broad-shouldered, square-shouldered

lhean-ordaagagh square-toed

dellal ynrick plain dealing, square dealing

Kerrin Strooan ny Keylley Woodburn Square

faaie (=Ir. faiche) (f.) pl. faaieaghyn court, flat field, green, lawn, paddock, pitch, square

kiart as corrym fair and square, right and equal

base1 bun: Set square on its base - Soit corrym er y vun. DF idiom; (n.) balley, bink, bun-ynnyd, undin, moodjeen; (v.) gruntal, soieaghey er grunt; (adj.) moodjeenagh

clout cloth: Va clout 'sy laue eck. DF; clot, clout, patch; square sail; printed

cormal balance, counterbalance, equalization, equate, even, square up: nagh ren eh cormal briwnys as cairys Bible

kerrin (pl -yn) square: Fastyr dy row, hie mee gys thie bee ayns kerrin faggys da'n vean yn ard-valley. Dhoor; pane; canton

kerrinagh quadratic; square, square-built: haink geiyrt orrin daa vaatey shiaullee elley as shiauill kerrinagh mooarey orroo GK

Kerrin y Valley market square: sheshaght ayns foayr jeh faaue dy lhisagh sthowran jeh'n ghraihder-heerey Manninagh Illiam Dhone goll er cur er mullagh Cooinaghtane Smelt, t'ayns Kerrin y Valley. BS

kiare-chorneilagh four-cornered: As bee yn altar daa chubit jeig er lhiurid, as ghaa-yeig er lheead, square as kiare-chorneilagh Bible

lhongey mie square meal: Ta Eleanor dellal marym myr dy beign my ven aeg reesht, as shegin da ve lhongey mie jiu Dhoor

dy chionn austerely, compactly: Ta fys mie aym dy vel ooilley ny reddyn shoh kianlt dy chionn lesh yn chengey dooghyssagh. Carn; tightly; four-square

jeeragh (=Ir. díreach) candid, direct, downright, due, erect, fair and square, faithful, forthcoming, frank, honest, just, lineal, outright, outspoken, partly done, perfect, plumb, point-blank, right, rigid, sincere, straight, straightforward, strict, true, undeviating, unequivocal, unerring, unsophisticated, unswerving, upright: t'eh jannoo my raad jeeragh Bible [O.Ir. díriuch]


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