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Spring (n.) (Yn) Arragh: The weather is like spring - Ta'n earish goll-rish yn arragh. JJK idiom; arree

spring arree; chibbyr, chibbyragh, chibbyrt, farane, farrane, farraneagh, geill, moir ny hawin; clishtey; clist, clistal, clistey; croghey er lheimaghanyn; lheim; lheimaghan; lheimmey; lheimyragh; ribbey; skeaylley

spring joke, trick; effect

Inexact matches:

coiled spring (n.) lheimaghan caslit

early spring (n.) arragh gheuree

foggy spring (n.) arragh kayeeagh

hot spring (n.) geill ushtey cheh

late spring arragh souree

Little Spring (n.) Farrane Beg

return spring (n.) ash-lhiemaghan

spring aside (v.) clistey gys un cheu

spring back (v.) lheimmey ergooyl; lheimyraght er ash

spring balance (n.) meihaghan lheimmey

Spring Dale (n.) Brundal

spring equinox (n.) cormid traa arree

Spring Field (n.) Magher y Gheill

Spring Hill (n.) Cronk y Gheill, Knock y Gheill

spring mattress (n.) matras lheimaghan

Spring spring-tide (n.) Roayrt vooar Laa'l Pheric

spring squill (n.) unnish varrey

spring tide (n.) raip-roayrt, roayrt

spring up (v.) cheet er ash; gobbey neese; lheim ny hassoo; lheim 'syn aer

Spring Valley (n.) Coan Farrane

spring vetch (n.) crammelt arree

spring water (n.) ushtey farraneagh

sulphur spring (n.) chibbyr sulfur

thermal spring (n.) chibbyr heh

Autumn spring tide (n.) Roayrt vooar Laa'l Maayl

Croft of the Spring (n.) Croit ny Geilley

Slope of the Spring (n.) Breck y Broom

Spring Bank Holiday (n.) Laa Seyr Banc yn Arree

Spring Field Road (n.) Raad Magher y Farrane

spring of the day (n.) brisheyn laa

Spring of the Shoulder (n.) Farrane ny Geaylin

spring of the waters (n.) moir ny ushtaghyn

spring tide after neap (n.) bioghey roayrt, ushtey noa

Spring Tide Rock (n.) Carrick Roayrt

Well of the Spring (n.) Chibbyr y Geill

arree 1 Spring, spring, vernal a: hed eh er cur magh un cheayrt sy vlein, ayns Toshiaght Arree. Carn; 2 various

arragh gheuree early spring

arragh kayeeagh foggy spring

arragh souree late spring

ash-lhiemaghan return spring

Brundal Spring Dale [Scand]

chibbyr heh (f.) thermal spring

chibbyr sulfur (f.) sulphur spring

clist (f.) antic; spring

Coan Farrane Spring Valley

crammelt arree spring vetch

croghey er lheimaghanyn spring

farane pl. faraneyn spring

Farrane Beg Little Spring

lheimaghan frog; spring

lheimaghan caslit coiled spring

matras lheimaghan spring mattress

meihaghan lheimmey spring balance

raip-roayrt spring tide

unnish varrey (f.) spring squill

ushtey farraneagh spring water

hair-spring (n.) lheimaghan renaig

spring-clean (v.) cur glenney yn arree da; glenney arree

spring-washer (n.) sealan lheimaghan

spring-well (n.) farrane, chibbyr farraneagh

watch-spring (n.) lheimaghan ooreyder

Carrick Roayrt Spring Tide Rock

chibbyr farraneagh (=Ir. tiobar-fuaran) (f.) spring-well

cormid traa arree spring equinox

Cronk y Gheill Spring Hill

geill ushtey cheh hot spring

glenney arree spring-clean

Knock y Gheill Spring Hill

lheimaghan ooreyder watch-spring

lheimaghan renaig hair-spring

lheimmey ergooyl recoil, spring back

lheim 'syn aer spring up

lheimyraght er ash spring back

Magher y Gheill Spring Field

sealan lheimaghan spring-washer

bioghey roayrt spring tide after neap

Breck y Broom Slope of the Spring

chibbyragh (gen.) of a well, spring: Ushtey chibbyragh. DF

Chibbyr y Geill Well of the Spring

clistey gys un cheu spring aside

Croit ny Geilley Croft of the Spring

cur glenney yn arree da spring-clean

Farrane ny Geaylin Spring of the Shoulder

gobbey neese spring up, stick up

Laa Seyr Banc yn Arree Spring Bank Holiday

lheim ny hassoo jump out, spring up

Raad Magher y Farrane Spring Field Road

Roayrt vooar Laa'l Maayl (f.) Autumn spring tide

Roayrt vooar Laa'l Pheric (f.) Spring spring-tide

ushtey noa spring tide after neap

mainspring (n.) ard-lheimaghan: The main spring is broken - Ta'n ard-lheimaghan brisht. JJK idiom

chibbyr (=Ir. tiobar, bior) (f.) pl. chibbraghyn COMPARE chibbyrt fount, spring, well: honnick ee chibbyr ushtey Bible

clishtey spring: Doshil y farkyl lesh clishtey DF; start

clistal bounce, gambol, spring: Ren eh clistal stiagh 'sy chamyr DF; jerk, start

clistey bounce, gambol, jerk, spring, starting: Dy clistey neese sheese. DF

lheimmey1 hop, leap, spring: Cleigh y lheimmey. DF; long jump; embrace; serve, mate

moir ny hawin spring: gys moir ny awinyn t'ad reesht chyndaa Bible

effect bree: I can feel it taking effect - Ta mee gennaghtyn y bree jeh. DF idiom; eiyrtys; jannoo; jerrey; cur greim da; spring

joke spotch: I did it for a joke - Son spotch ren mee eh. DF idiom; spotchal; spotcheraght; spring; springaght; springeragh

neap tide (n.) contraie: After spring tide comes neap tide - Lurg roayrt hig contraie. JJK idiom; goll ergooyl; traie

weather (n.) earish: The weather is like spring - Ta'n earish goll-rish yn arragh. JJK idiom; emshir: It's bad weather - Ta emshir olk ayn. JJK idiom; emshyr; (v.) ceau, cur fo

Arragh (=Ir. Earach) (Yn) Spring, Springtime: tra ta ny froggyn breh ayns lhiatteeyn yn poyll, te cowrey jeh arragh fliugh. EF

brisheyn laa spring of the day: As dirree ad dy moghey: as haink eh gy-kione mysh brisheyn laa, dy deïe Samuel er Saul gys yn ard-shamyr Bible

cheet er ash reappear, resound, return, reverberate, spring up: neems red noa y yannoo: eer nish hene te cheet erash; nagh der shiu geill da? Bible

chibbyrt (f.) (pl -yn) spring, well: Erson mayrts ta chibbyrt yn vae : as ayns dthy hoilshy hii maeid shoilshy. Psalm1610

farrane pl. farraneyn 1 drinking fountain, fount, fountain, spring, spring-well, squirt, water source a: Vel farrane cur magh ass yn un gheill ushtey millish as sharroo? Bible; 2 breeze

farraneagh 1 spring, spurt, squirt, squirting, watered; 2 (gen.) abounding with springs a: cur dou myr-geddin thalloo farraneagh. Bible

geill (=Ir. géill) 1 attention, consideration, heed, heedfulness, notice, observance a: Er-y-fa dy vel oo er choyrt geill da goan dty ven Bible; 2 (of mind) concentration; 3 (v.) bubble up, gush, spring: nee farrane geill magh veih thie yn Chiarn Bible

lheimyragh 1 bounce, frisk, hop, jumping, leap, long jump, pounce, spring, vault a: As ren ad lheimyragh mygeayrt yn altar v'ad er droggal. Bible; 2 (f.) vaulting

moir ny ushtaghyn spring of the waters: As hie eh magh gys moir ny ushtaghyn, as hilg eh yn sollan ayns shen Bible

ribbey (f.) pl. ribbaghyn entanglement, pitfall, snare, spring, springe, trap: As dy vod ad feaysley ad-hene ass ribbey yn drogh-spyrryd Bible; (v.) snaring, trapping

roayrt (f.) flood tide, oncoming tide, spring tide: bee sleih, myr roayrt ny marrey, er ny hyndaa hood's Bible; tide

greet bannaghey; keayney; cur corp as slaynt da: Greet him for me - Cur corp as slaynt da er my hon. DF idiom; cur failt da; cur failt er: To greet the spring - Dy cur failt er y niarragh. DF idiom

since er-dy, er dyn, er-dyn: I haven't seen our friend since last spring - Cha nel mee er n'akin yn carrey ain er dyn arragh s'jerree. JJK idiom; neayr, neayr's: It's a fortnight since I saw you last - She kegeesh neayr's honnick mee oo. JJK idiom

sown cuirrit: as the garden causeth the things that are sown in it to spring - myr ta ny rassyn ta cuirritsy gharey cheet erash Bible; cuirt: which is neither eared nor sown, - nagh vel traaueit, ny cuirt Bible

trick1 (n.) cleays, click, clink, garrey, geayshteig, spring; (v.) molley; shayll: Trick at the wheel - Shayll ec yn stiur. DF idiom; cluic: Take a trick with the king - Cluic y ghoaill lesh yn ree. DF idiom; sponnag: The first trick is allowed - Ta'n chied sponnag lowit. DF idiom; crout: Shabby trick - Crout ghraney. DF idiom; cluke

lheim 1 bounce, bound, buck, embrace, hop, jump, limp, lope, pant, pounce, spring, start, tup, vault; 2 leap a: Myr feiyr fainee er mullagh sleityn nee ad lheim Bible; 3 leaping, jumping, starting a: lheïm ry-lhiattee myr bow brisht Bible; 4 skippedst a: Son neayrs loayr oo jeh, tou lheim son boggey Bible; 5 leaped; 6 skip

skeaylley1 breed, cast loose, diffract, diffuse, disband, discharge, dismiss, dispel, disseminate, dissipate, dissolve, draw apart, drop away, leakage, release, resolution, resolve, run out, scatter, scattering, scramble, slacken, slackening, slip, spread, spreading, spring, sprinkle, sprinkling, undoing, unfix, unfurl, unfurling, liquidate: Er shoh ren y Chiarn skeaylley ad magh veih shen harrish slane eaghtyr y thallooin Bible; diffusion, dissipation, dissolution, looseness


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