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sporran (n.) sporran; sporran Albinagh; sporran mollagh

sporran 1 pl. sporrannyn bundle, bursa, burse, purse, sporran a: T'ad dy feoilt deayrtey magh airh ass y sporran Bible; 2 (of crab) apron

Inexact matches:

gaddee sporran pickpocket

giarreyder sporran pickpocket

mac sporran treasurer

sporran Albinagh sporran

sporran feeagh puff ball

sporran mollagh sporran

strengyn sporran (f.) purse-strings, purse strings

fer y sporran treasurer

lus y sporran (f.) shepherd's purse

sporran y dooinney doal puff ball

sporran y vochil shepherd's purse

sporran y vochilley field penny-cress, shepherd's purse

shepherd's purse (n.) lus y sporran; sporran y vochil; sporran y vochilley

pickpocket (n.) gaddee sporran; giarreyder sporran

puff ball (n.) sporran feeagh, sporran y dooinney doal

purse (v.) craplaghey, rockey; (n.) sporran: You wouldn't have a purse - Cha beagh sporran eu. JJK idiom

apron2 (n.) (of crab) sporran

bursa (n.) poagey, sporran

burse (n.) sporran

purse strings (npl.) strengyn sporran

purse-strings (npl.) strengyn sporran

treasurer (n.) tashteyder: The Treasurer of the Isle of Mann - Tashteyder Ellan Vannin. DF idiom; fer tashtee, fer y sporran, kishteyr, mac sporran, resowr

sporran-argid bundle of money: cur-my-ner, dy row sporran-argid dy chooilley ghooinney ayns e hack Bible

bundle of money (n.) sporran-argid

field penny-cress (n.) sporran y vochilley

deayrtey magh outpouring: T'ad dy feoilt deayrtey magh airh ass y sporran Bible

bundle1 bart: Big bundle of firewood - Bart mooar connee. DF idiom; (n.) bundeil, kionnan, minjeig, skeiy, sporran; dhossan; (v.) bundeiley, jannoo bundeil, kiangley; carnaneaghey: Bundle something into a corner - Red ennagh y charnanaghey seose ayns corneil. DF idiom

jannoo jee jeh apotheosis, deify: T'ad dy feoilt deayrtey magh airh ass y sporran, as towse argid ayns y veih, as t'ad failley gaaue-airh, as ta eshyn jannoo jee jeh: t'ad tuittym sheese; dy jarroo, t'ad ooashlaghey. Bible

mârish with: T'eh er ghoaill sporran argid mârish, as hig eh dy valley ec laa pointit. Bible

roostit robbed: va dy chooilley nhee v'aym roostit jeem liorish gaddeeyn-sporran ec feailley'n Noo Carmane CnyO

spaagey 1 pouch, scrip a: eshyn ta sporran echey, lhig da y ghoaill eh, as myrgeddin e spaagey Bible; 2 paddle


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