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speeiney 1 (as tree) bark; 2 barking, peel, pilled, pluck, plucking, pluck out, pull off, rind, skin, skinning, strip, tease out, teasing a: Ta dwoaie eu er yn vie, as graih eu er yn olk, ta speeiney nyn grackan jeu Bible; 3 spoiled a: Son dy vel y Chiarn er speeiney Babylon Bible

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Kione Speeiney Peeling Headland; Spanish Head

plucking (v.) speeiney: They are plucking geese in Scotland today - T'ad speeiney guoiee ayns Nalbin jiu. DF idiom; pluckey, teih

bark3 (v.) (as tree) speeiney

pilled speein, speeiney

skinning (v.) fanney; speeiney

tease out (v.) speeiney

teasing (v.) kerey; speeiney

Peeling Headland (n.) Kione y Spaainey; Kione Speeiney

pull off (v.) ceau jeh, speeiney, tayrn jeh

rind (n.) crackan; roost; roostey; scryss; speeineig; speeiney

Spanish Head (n.) Kione Spaainey, Kione Speeiney; Kione Spaainagh

Kione Spaainey See Kione Speeiney Spanish Head

Kione y Spaainey See speeiney Peeling Headland

Nalbin (f.) Scotland: T'ad speeiney guoiee ayns Nalbin jiu. DF

barking gounsteragh; gounsternee: The dog kept on barking - Ren y moddey gounsternee roish. DF idiom; speeiney

peel (v.) roostey, speeiney; speein: Peel those oranges and throw the peel in the fire - Speein ny horanjeyn shen as ceau ny speeineigyn 'syn aile. DF idiom; (n.) crackan, roost, scryss, sleayst uinnee, speeineig

pluck pluckey: He gave a pluck at it - Ghow eh pluckey jeh. DF idiom; (v.) speeiney, tayrn, pluck; (n.) tayrn beg, scrobban; creeaght; gastyrt; raipey

pluck out (v.) speeiney, spulgey, tayrn magh; astyrt ass: I will pluck them out of their land - neem ad y astyrt ass y cheer Bible

skin (n.) crackan: Near is my shirt but nearer is my skin - S'faggys my lheiney agh s'niessey my chrackan. JJK idiom; chrackan; shea, sheh; (adj.) crackanagh; (v.) fanney, speeiney

strip cur yn eaddagh jeh; list; lommey; roostey; speeiney; (n.) scheim: Strip of land projecting into the sea - Scheim thallooin roie magh 'sy cheayn. DF idiom; scob; skilleig; straih

jeeigyn gutters: hoie eh ny slattyn veh er speeiney, kiongoyrt rish ny shioltaneyn ayns ny jeeigyn, liorish ny troghyn ushtey Bible

spoiled millit, speeiney; spooil: And they spoiled the Egyptians - As spooil ad ny Egyptianee bible; spooill: The sons of Jacob came upon the slain, and spoiled the city - As haink mec Yacob er ny merriu, as spooill ad yn ard-valley Bible; spooillit: thou shalt be only oppressed and spoiled evermore - bee uss dy kinjagh tranlaasit, as spooillit Bible

troghyn troughs: As hoie eh ny slattyn v'eh er speeiney, kiongoyrt rish ny shioltaneyn ayns ny jeeigyn, liorish ny troghyn ushtey Bible; characteristics: freayll kianglaghyn beayn lesh y steat shen, as taishbyney troghyn kynneeagh, cultooroil, crauee, ny troghyn-chengey. Carn; properties; traits: T'eh jannoo list jeh ny troghyn Manninagh raad nagh vel yn Ghaelg goll rish Yernish ny Albinish. Dhoor


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