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speed bieaughey; bieauid: Going at breakneck speed - Goll ec bieauid lossee. DF idiom; kirtagh; tappeeid; tappeeys; speedeil

Inexact matches:

God speed (intj) cair vie

ground speed bieauid thallooin

landing speed (n.) bieauid tarlheimagh

orbital speed (n.) bieauid cruinlagh

sea speed (n.) bieauid lhuingey

slow speed (n.) bieauid veg

speed cop (n.) meoir shee bieauid

speed indicator (n.) cowreyder bieauid

speed limit (n.) cagliagh bieauid

speed trial (n.) eab bieauid

Speed Week (n.) Shiaghtin Bieauid

burst of speed ratch

pick up speed troggal bieauid

world land speed record (n.) recortys-bieauid thallooin seihll

bieaughey advance, speed

bieauid cruinlagh orbital speed

bieauid lhuingey (f.) sea speed

bieauid tarlheimagh landing speed

bieauid thallooin ground speed

bieauid veg (f.) slow speed

cagliagh bieauid speed limit

cowreyder bieauid speed indicator

eab bieauid speed trial

Shiaghtin Bieauid Speed Week

tappeeid quickness, rapidity, speed

air-speed (n.) bieauid 'syn aer

three-speed tree bieauidyn

two-speed daa vieauid

bieauid 'syn aer air-speed

daa vieauid two-speed

meoir shee bieauid speed cop

tree bieauidyn three-speed

kirtagh hasten, hastening, hurry along, speed, speeding

recortys-bieauid thallooin seihll world land speed record

troggal bieauid accelerate, pick up speed

pick up (n.) glackeyder; (v.) troggal: Pick up speed - Bieauid y hroggal. DF idiom

bieauid (f.) (pl -yn) pace, promptness, rapidity, speed, tempo, velocity: Ren yn etlan coayl bieauid. DF

cair vie (f.) bon voyage, favourable wind; God speed, Pleasant journey

speedeil speed: cur speedeil mie my raad yn laa jiu Bible

tappeeys quickness, rapidity, speed: O Yee, jean tappeeys dy hauail shin PB1765; nimbleness

I may foddym: I will come with what speed I may - Higym cha tappee as foddym. DF idiom I may lose - Foddym coayl. DF idiom

more1 lee; lhee; thooilliu, tooilliu; tooilley: I wish you had more time - Saillym dy beagh tooilley traa eu. JJK idiom; smoo, s'moo: More hurry less speed - Myr smoo siyr, smoo cumrail. DF idiom

on the level er yn rea: Speed on the level - Bieauid er yn rea. DF idiom

ratch1 (=Ir. rás) pl. ratchyn burst of speed, dart, dash, race, run, rush, sprint: Hug mee eh stiagh 'sy ratch. DF

level co-ard rish; cormaghey, cur er corrym rish, jannoo rea, jeeraghey, lhieggal, lhiggey; corrym: The level of the water - Corrym yn ushtey. DF idiom; gob er gob rish; kiart; laare; leval; rea: Speed on the level - Bieauid er yn rea. DF idiom; keim: I wouldn't descend to his level - Cha jinnin cur mee hene er yn un keim as eshyn. DF idiom


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