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speaking abbyragh: The speaking clock - Yn clag abbyragh. DF idiom; cooisheraght; loayrt: Speaking disparagingly about him - Loayrt lesh jee-voylley mychione echey. DF idiom; taggloo: I heard them speaking - Cheayll mee ad taggloo. DF idiom

Inexact matches:

broadly speaking (adv.) trooid as trooid

English speaking as Baarle ec

evil speaking beealleraght

generally speaking loayrt trooid as trooid

roughly speaking trooid as trooid

speaking ironically gamlagh

speaking tube (n.) feddan loayrtys

Gaelic speaking area (n.) Gaeltaght

abbyragh speaking

feddan loayrtys speaking tube

gamlagh irony; speaking ironically

trooid as trooid altogether, broadly speaking, implicit, implicitly, in the main, on the whole, roughly speaking, taken all round: T'eh ro olk trooid as trooid! DF

plain-speaking jeerid loayrtys

slow-speaking moal-loayrtagh

verse-speaking rane-loayrt

as Baarle ec English speaking

jeerid loayrtys plain-speaking

moal-loayrtagh slow-speaking

rane-loayrt verse-speaking

loayrt trooid as trooid generally speaking

about him mysh; mychionesyn; mygeayrt y mysh; my-e-chione: I don't give a damn about him - S'cummey lhiam rap my e chione. DF idiom; mychione echey: Speaking disparagingly about him - Loayrt lesh jee-voylley mychione echey. DF idiom

diffident (v.) lhiastey: I was diffident about speaking to him - Va mee lhiastey loayrt rish. DF idiom; meehreisteilagh

discovery (n.) feddyn magh: Everybody is speaking of this new discovery - Ta cagh loayrt mysh yn feddyn-magh noa shoh. JJK idiom; scrialtys

evening1 (n.) fastyr: The lady I was speaking to has invited me for this evening - Yn ven-seyr rishyn va mee loayrt, t'ee er chuirrey mee son yn astyr jiu. JJK idiom; fastyragh

Maltese (n., adj.) Maltagh; (n.) Maltish: He was speaking in Maltese - V'eh loayrt ass yn Valtish. DF idiom

of me jee'm; jeem: He'll take care of me - Gowee eh kiarail jeem. JJK idiom; jeem's; my my chione: Were you speaking of me? - Row shiu loayrt my my chione. JJK idiom

others (pron) feallagh elley; reddyn elley; sleih elley: She's always speaking about herself and never about others - T'ee loayrt dy- kinjagh mychione ee-hene as cha nel dy-bragh mychione sleih elley. JJK idiom

saint (n.) noo: Eisht cheayll mee noo loayrt, as dooyrt noo dy row rish yn noo shen ren loayrt - Then I heard one saint speaking, and another saint said unto that certain saint which spake Bible

beealleraght evil speaking: Lhig da dy chooilley roonid, as jymmoose, as farg, as beealleraght, as oltooan ve eebrit, veue marish dy chooilley ghoanlys. Bible

cooisheraght speaking, telling yarns, yarning: as dagh oie va shin kiaulleeaght, pynteraght as cooisheraght. Carn

Gaeltaght (=Ir. Gaeltacht) (f.) Gaelic speaking area: Foddym gialdyn un red ansherbee - bee Gaeltaght er y Cholloo reesht 'sy vlein ry-heet. Carn

loayrt (=Ir. labhairt) articulation, discourse, express, pipe up, speaking, talk, utter: As scuirr eh dy loayrt rish Bible; (as word) frame

taggloo (=Ir. agallamh) conversation, converse, discourse, dissertation, speech, talk: ren e vraaraghyn taggloo rish Bible; talking; speaking

about me moom: Weren't they speaking about me? JJK idiom What about me? DF idiom; (emph.) mooms: The argument is about me - Ta'n argane mooms. DF idiom; mychiones; mygeayrt-y-moom: My enemies were all about me - Va my noidyn ooilley mygeayrt-y-moom. DF idiom; mychione ayms: The argument is about me - Ta'n argane mychione ayms. DF idiom

everybody dagh ooilley pheiagh; dagh ooilley phersoon: Everybody has his faults - Ta dy-chooilley phersoon as e oiljyn echey. JJK idiom; cagh: Everybody is speaking of this new discovery - Ta cagh loayrt mysh yn feddyn-magh noa shoh. JJK idiom; ooilley: It becomes us to be polite to everybody - Te cheet jesh dooin dy ve cooyrtoil da ooilley. JJK idiom

Gaelic (n.) Gailck; Gaelg: He is a Gaelic-speaking man - Ta Gaelg echey. DF idiom; (adj.) Gaelgagh: Mann, not only free but Gaelic - Mannin, cha nee seyr ynrican agh Gaelgagh. DF idiom; Gailckagh: Under the auspices of the Manx Gaelic Society - Fo scaa ny Sheshaght Ghailckagh. DF idiom

hypocrisy (n.) craueeaght foalsey: Speaking lies in hypocrisy - Ginsh vreagyn ayns craueeaght-foalsey; craueeaght-oalsey: but within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity - agh cheu-sthie ta shiu lane dy chraueeaght-oalsey as dy vee-chairys Bible; foalsaght; kialgeyrys: to practise hypocrisy, and to utter error against the Lord - dy chur-rish kialgeyrys, as dy ockley-magh oltooan noi yn Chiarn Bible

to them daue: That will be very disagreeable to them - Bee shen feer neuhaitnyssagh daue. JJK idiom; dauesyn; huc, hucsyn; roo; roosyn: I'm speaking to you as well as to them - Ta mee chammah loayrt riuish as roosyn. JJK idiom


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