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space1 (n.) barney, space, tammylt, thammylt; (v.) scarrey veih my cheilley; spoar; feaynid: Intergalactic space - Yn feaynid mooar. DF idiom; reamys: We haven't much space - Cha nel monney reaymys ain. DF idiom

space2 (n.) (of time) gresh

space space: bee space daa housane cubit eddyr shiuish as yn arg Bible

Inexact matches:

blank space (n.) barney vane

extraterrestrial space (n.) spoar

open space (n.) space foshlit

outer space (n.) feaynid mooar

space bar (n.) barrey barney

space capsule (n.) fynneig spoar

space engineer (n.) jeshaghteyr-spoar

space probe (n.) broddag spoarey, ronsag spoar

space rocket (n.) roggad spoar

space sector (n.) kerroo-spoar

space shot (n.) orraghey spoar

space station (n.) stashoon spoar

space tourism (n.) turrysid-spoar

space travel (n.) troailtys spoar

vacant space (n.) boayl follym

space foshlit open space: As va dorryssyn ny shamyryn-lhiattee jeeragh er y space foshlit, dorrys gys y twoaie, as dorrys elley gys y jiass, as lheead yn space foshlit va queig cubityn veih cheu dy cheu. Bible

Space Data Association (n.) Co-heshaght Fysseree Spoar

spoar extraterrestrial space: Va shen y chied roggad preevaadjagh dettyl ayns spoar. BS; space

wideness (n.) feaynys; lheead; space: And between the chambers was the wideness of twenty cubits - As eddyr ny shamyryn va space feed cubityn Bible

barney vane (f.) blank space

barrey barney space bar

boayl follym vacant space

broddag spoarey (f.) space probe

fynneig spoar (f.) space capsule

jeshaghteyr-spoar space engineer

kerroo-spoar space sector

orraghey spoar space shot

roggad spoar space rocket

ronsag spoar (f.) space probe

shamyryn-lhiattee side chambers: As va dorryssyn ny shamyryn-lhiattee jeeragh er y space foshlit, dorrys gys y twoaie, as dorrys elley gys y jiass, as lheead yn space foshlit va queig cubityn veih cheu dy cheu. Bible

stashoon spoar space station

troailtys spoar space travel

turrysid-spoar space tourism

hair-space (n.) reayms renaig

line-space (n.) spoar linney

space-time (n.) spoar-hraa

feaynid mooar cosmos, outer space

reayms renaig hair-space

spoar-hraa space-time

spoar linney line-space

Co-heshaght Fysseree Spoar Space Data Association

buttress buttress: As va space son buttress faagit eddyr ad Bible

staring blakeagh; blakys; thoaganagh; thoaganey; thoaganys; blakey: Why are you staring into space? - Cre'n fa t'ou blakey voyd? DF idiom

barney (f.) aperture, break, cleft, discontinuity, hiatus, missing link, pass, space, vacancy: Ta barney veill eck. DF

feaynid (f.) abyss, desert, empty place, expanse, expansiveness, extent, space, vagueness, wild: T'eh sheeyney magh yn twoaie harrish y feaynid vooar, as t'eh cummal seose yn seihll er y folmid Bible

gresh (of time) space; while: Duyrt Iesy rish y austylyn, nyrg gerid gha jean shiu mish y akin, as riist nyrg gresh hii shiu mi, erson ta mi goll gys yn aer. PB1610

jannoo turrys ply, make a journey: Va'n ventyr Americaanagh Space Ship One, ny Lhong Spoar Nane, speeideilagh as ee jannoo turrys tree minnid ayns spoar ren cosney moylley mooar. BS

lheead (=Ir. leithead) amplitude, breadth, broadness, expansiveness, spread, wideness, width: as lheead yn space foshlit va queig cubityn veih cheu dy cheu Bible

reamys (=Ir. rúm) elbow-room, liberty, room, scope, space, way: T'ou er choyrt reamys da my chesmadyn Bible

scarrey veih my cheilley 1 interspace, space, stagger; 2 (v.) part, divide a: va ny ushtaghyn er nyn scarrey veih my cheilley. Bible

tammylt (=Ir. tamall) space, span, spell, time, while: Lhig da'n ven aeg fuirriaght marin tammylt sodjey Bible; (distance) way

thammylt space: hoie ee sheese jeeragh er, thammylt mie veih, mysh orraghey sidey Bible


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