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soup1 (n.) anvroie: He will have some soup - Bee anvroie echey. JJK idiom; awree; sooslagh

soup2 (n.) (with bread included) broish

Inexact matches:

canned soup (n.) awree stainnit

chicken soup (n.) anvroie eean

clear soup (n.) awree sullyr

meat soup (n.) awree foalley

pea soup (n.) anvroie pishyragh

soup ladle (n.) lheegh awree

soup plate (n.) claare awree

thick soup (n.) awree chiu

tomato soup (n.) anvroie traase

turtle soup (n.) anvroie turtyl

bird's nest soup (n.) anvroie edd ushag

soup of the day (n.) anvroie yn laa

soup with bread included (n.) broish

anvroie eean chicken soup

anvroie pishyragh pea soup

anvroie traase tomato soup

anvroie turtyl turtle soup

awree foalley meat soup

awree stainnit canned soup

awree sullyr clear soup

broish (=Ir. brathae) farrago, medley, miscellany: Va'n emshyr braew as gien mie er ny deiney, goaill arraneyn as gee jinnair blasstal jeh feiys as broish Ghaelgagh! NNS; oatcake in milk, soup with bread included, stew, soup

claare awree soup plate

lheegh awree (f.) soup ladle

soup-tureen (n.) saagh awree

saagh awree soup-tureen

anvroie edd ushag bird's nest soup

sooslagh batter; soup; paste: Sooslagh-feeackle MasJ

anvroie yn laa potage du jour, soup of the day

onion (n.) unnish: The soup flavours of onion - Ta blass unnishyn er yn anvroie. DF idiom

anvroie (f.) pot liquor, soup: yn eill hug eh ayns baskad, as yn anvroie ayns pot

awree (f.) pot liquor, pottage, soup: Eisht ersooyl lhien gys y phaalan son awree, braghtan, berreen as cappan dy hey. Dhoor

awree chiu thick soup: Ansherbee cre oddys mayd feddyn magh voish yn awree chiu shen? Dhoor


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