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sooilley (gen.) of an eye: Son cha vel e chorree farraghtyn agh meekey sooilley Bible

Inexact matches:

ayns meekey-sooilley in a trice

baght sooilley visual observation

bodjal sooilley cataract

chingys sooilley (f.) eye trouble

cleayney sooilley (in eye) cock

coodaghyn sooilley visual aids

daah sooilley mascara

drigyder sooilley eye-dropper

ellynyn sooilley visual arts

feanish sooilley eye witness

fosley sooilley disillusion

goorlagh sooilley matter, sleep in the eye

gorley sooilley eye disease

greieyn sooilley ophthalmic

leaystey sooilley nystagmus

lheanaghey sooilley mydriasis

lhee sooilley oculist, optician

londeyr sooilley bull's eye lantern, dark lantern

lostey sooilley ophthalmia

meekey sooilley winking

prowallys sooilley sight test

sambyl sooilley practical example

scaa sooilley eyeshade

scannane sooilley nictating membrane

sheeley sooilley (of eyes) watering

sheeyney sooilley eye strain

shelliu sooilley (f.) eye ointment

baneid ny sooilley white of eye

clagh ny sooilley (f.) apple of the eye, iris

clooie ny sooilley (f.) eyelashes

crackan ny sooilley conjunctiva

goaill reayrt sooilley er sight

Jarroo-enney Sooilley Celtiagh Celtic Visual Identity

kiarkyl ny sooilley pupil of the eye

lane ny sooilley stare

lhagg ny sooilley eyehole

lhieenag ny sooilley (f.) retina

lus ny sooilley (f.) eyebright

meekey ny sooilley twinkling of an eye: erson gha vel u ghorri farraghyn agh migey ny suyly, as ayns yoer ta bae : fodi trymshey faraghtyn erson yi, agh ta bogey chiit ayns y voghre. Psalm1610

ooyl ny sooilley apple of the eye: fril mi mar uyll ny suily : falli mi fuo ska dthy skeanyn. Psalm1610

reayrt sooilley jeh eyeshot

uinnag ny sooilley (f.) cornea

apple of the eye (n.) clagh ny sooilley; ooyl ny sooilley

cock4 (in eye) cleayney sooilley

conjunctiva (n.) crackan ny sooilley

cornea (n.) uinnag ny sooilley

eye disease (n.) gorley sooilley

eye-dropper (n.) drigyder sooilley

eyelashes (npl.) clooie ny sooilley

eye ointment (n.) shelliu sooilley

eyeshade (n.) scaa sooilley

eyeshot (n.) reayrt sooilley jeh

eye strain sheeyney sooilley

eye trouble chingys sooilley

eye witness (n.) feanish sooilley

mascara (n.) daah sooilley, mascaarey

matter2 (n.) (in eye) goorlagh sooilley, quaant

mydriasis (n.) lheanaghey sooilley

nictating membrane (n.) scannane sooilley

nystagmus (n.) leaystey sooilley

oculist (n.) lhee sooilley

of an eye (gen.) sooilley: For his wrath endureth but the twinkling of an eye - Son cha vel e chorree farraghtyn agh meekey sooilley Bible

ophthalmia (n.) lostey sooilley

ophthalmic (adj.) greieyn sooilley

practical example sambyl sooilley

sight test (n.) prowallys sooilley

visual aids (npl.) coodaghyn sooilley

visual arts (npl.) ellynyn sooilley

visual observation baght sooilley

watering2 (f.) (of eyes) sheeley sooilley

winking (adj.) meekeragh; (v.) meekey sooilley

blinkers (npl.) scaaghyn-sooilley

bull's eye lantern (n.) londeyr sooilley

eyebath (n.) cappan-sooilley

iris (n.) clagh ny sooilley, cliogagh

retina (n.) lhieenag ny sooilley; reteeney

cappan-sooilley eyebath

glessyn-sooilley (f.) (eye) glasses

scaaghyn-sooilley blinkers

cataract (n.) bodjal sooilley, fynn; eas, lhieggey

Celtic Visual Identity Jarroo-enney Sooilley Celtiagh

dark lantern (n.) londeyr dorraghey, londeyr sooilley

disillusion fosley; fosley sooilley; keeayl chionnit

eyebright (n.) lus ny sooilley, lus y tooill

in a trice ayns meekey-sooilley

optician (n.) reayrtagh, lhee sooilley, reayrt-oayllee, speckleyreyder

pupil of the eye (n.) kiarkyl ny sooilley

sleep in the eye (n.) goorlagh sooilley, quaaint

twinkling of an eye (n.) meekey ny sooilley

white of eye baneid ny sooilley

eyehole (n.) croa; croae; lhagg ny sooilley; towl; towl speeikearagh; uinnag veg

bat2 (v.) (as eye) kyaghey sooill: He didn't bat an eyelid - Cha row kyaghey sooilley jeant echey. DF idiom

sight1 feddyn reayrt er, goaill reayrt sooilley er; reayrt: To come into sight - Dy heet ayns reayrt. DF idiom; shilley: Out of sight out of mind - Ass shilley, ass smooinaghtyn. DF idiom; troirey

stare blakail; blakey: Vacant stare - Blakey follym. DF idiom; lane ny sooilley: Give a stare - Lane ny sooillyn y chur da. DF idiom; thoaganey

eiyrt da persist: Son cha vel shin er n'eiyrt da skeeallyn troggit dy croutagh, tra ren shin soilshaghey dm pooar as cheet nyn Jiarn Yeesey Creest, agh va shin feanishyn sooilley jeh e ard-ooashley. Bible

liorish shilley visually: Son ta shin gimmeeaght liorish credjue, cha nee liorish shilley sooilley. Bible

saynt ny foalley (f.) concupiscence, lechery, sensuality, sexual desire: Son ooilley ny ta sy theihll, saynt ny foalley, as saynt ny sooilley Bible

glasses (n.) glessyn: Have we any glasses? - Vel glessyn erbee ain? JJK idiom; glessyn-sooilley; speckleyryn: He wears glasses - T'eh ceau speckleyryn. DF idiom; glonnaghyn


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