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soo (=Ir. sugh) absorption, berry, blotting, exhaustion, extract, extraction, imbibe, jam, preserve, sap, sip, soak, soaking, soak up, suck, sucking, suction, tipple, tippling: ta'n pyshoon oc soo seose my spyrryd Bible; (as paper) blot; (of food) goodness; juice; marinade

Inexact matches:

costrayl soo (f.) jam jar

gyn soo sapless, unjuicy; (as food) unassimilated

jyst soo jam dish

lane soo juicy, sappy

Lheeantyn Soo-Thallooin Strawberry Meadows

Magher Soo-Thallooin Strawberry Field

rassan soo-chrou raspberry cane

soo airney sloe jam

soo bee assimilating food; assimilation

soo chadlee opium

soo crouw raspberry

soo cuirtlee cane juice

soo feddanagh capillarity

soo foalley beef extract, gravy, meat essence

soo magh exhaust

soo ooyllagh apple jam

soo oranje marmalade

soo shugyr molasses

soo stiagh absorb, suck, suck in: Ta'n ushtey soo stiagh 'sy thalloo. DF

soo thallooin (=Ir. sugh talmhuin) strawberry

as soo jeant jeh preserved

berreen soo thallooin (f.) strawberry cake

Broogh ny Soo Bank of the Berries

jannoo soo dy vie jeh make good use of

jannoo soo jeh extract, preserve

piob soo stiagh (f.) inflow pipe

sooder soo cleeau-wuigh yellow-bellied sapsucker

Soo Mess Beayn Long Life Fruit Juice

soo ny braghey malt whisky

soo ny braih John Barleycorn

soo ny gailley chyme, partially digested food

soo ny hoarn ale, John Barleycorn

soo ny hrooid soak through

soo ny juys resin

soo stiagh gaal absorb

soo thallooin shast barren strawberry

soo y ghailley bile

John Barleycorn (n.) soo ny braih, soo ny hoarn

absorb (v.) jiole seose, maanal, soo stiagh, soo stiagh gaal

extract (v.) asstayrn; jannoo soo jeh; sheeley; tayrn magh; (n.) meer; soo

suck bainney kee; jiole: for they shall suck of the abundance of the seas - son nee ad jiole jeh palchey ny marrey Bible; soo: He shall suck the poison of asps - Nee eh soo pyshoon ny ardnieughyn Bible; soo stiagh; jeegey: Thou shalt even drink it and suck it out - Nee oo dy jarroo giu jeh, as jeegey ass eh Bible

jam1 gloo; greimmey; jingey; lhiettrimys; soo: She has some jam - Ta soo eck. JJK idiom; jingan

apple jam (n.) soo ooyllagh

assimilating food soo bee

assimilation (n.) lheie; soo bee

beef extract (n.) soo foalley

blot2 (as paper) soo

blotting slaa; soo

cane juice (n.) soo cuirtlee

chyme (n.) soo ny gailley

goodness2 (of food) soo

gravy (n.) ownee; soo foalley

imbibe (v.) iu, soo

jam dish (n.) jyst soo

jam jar (n.) costrayl soo

juice (n.) pedryl; soo: I would cause thee to drink of spiced wine of the juice of my pomegranate - yinnins dhyt jough feeyney spiceit lesh soo my phomegranate Bible; soolagh; stroo lectragh

marinade (v.) soo

marmalade (n.) marmalaid, soo oranje

molasses (n.) soo shugyr

raspberry (n.) breim; soo crouw

sloe jam (n.) soo airney

soak (v.) cur er boggyr; fanney; fliughey; fliughey trooid as trooid; soo: Water soaking into my shoes - Ushtey soo stiagh ayns my vraagyn. DF idiom; thummey

soak up (v.) soo

suck in (v.) soo stiagh

suction soo; tayrn

tipple (v.) iu; (n.) jough, soo

tippling iuderagh; soo

unassimilated2 (as food) gyn soo

unjuicy gyn soo

absorption (n.) maanalys, sluggey, soo, troggal

barren strawberry (n.) soo thallooin shast

bloodsucking (adj.) (n.) soo-folley, croaganys; (adj.) croaganagh

drink in (v.) soo-seose

fatness1 (n.) keishid, meeaynlys, thummyd; reurid: Because he covereth his face with his fatness - Er-yn-oyr dy vel eh coodaghey e eddin lesh riurid Bible; roauyragh; riurid; meeaylys: fatness of the earth, - meeaylys y thallooin Bible; saill: thou art covered with fatness - tou coodit lesh saill Bible; soo: my flesh is dried up for want of fatness - ta my eill shymlit son laccal soo Bible

fruit juice (n.) soo-mess

inflow pipe piob soo stiagh

luxuriousness (n.) soylleysaght; soo-vlass

mud-bath (n.) soo-laaghey

preserve coadey: Mercy and truth preserve the king - Ta myghin as firrinys coadey yn ree Bible; cosney, freayll, freaylley, lhiassaghey; jannoo soo jeh; freill: preserve my life from fear of the enemy - freill my vioys veih aggle y noid Bible; sauail: for God did send me before you to preserve life - son Jee hug mish reue, dy hauail bioys Bible; (n.) soo; cummal seose: that we may preserve seed of our father - dy vod mayd cummal seose sluight nyn ayrey Bible; (n.) thalloo er lheh

raspberry cane (n.) rassan soo-chrou

soak through (v.) soo ny hrooid

strawberry cake (n.) berreen soo thallooin

Strawberry Field (n.) Magher Soo-Thallooin

Strawberry Meadows (npl.) Lheeantyn Soo-Thallooin

sucking jiole; jioleagh; sluggey; soo

yellow-bellied sapsucker (n.) sooder soo cleeau-wuigh

soo-folley bloodsucking

soo-laaghey mud-bath

soo-limon lemon squash

soo-mess fruit juice

soo-ny-hooyl cider

soo-seose drink in, drink up

soo-vlass delicacy, luxuriousness

Bank of the Berries (n.) Broogh ny Soo

berry (n.) berrish, caor, oghyr, smeyr, soo

bile (n.) buighid, geaynid, soo y ghailley

capillarity (n.) feddanaght, jiooldey feddanagh, soo feddanagh

cider (n.) lhune ooyl; feeyn-ny-hooyl, soo-ny-hooyl

exhaust (v.) jeeigey, jeeigeyraghey, soo magh; (n.) sooder, treaghan

extraction (n.) jeh sluight; soo; tayrn magh

juicy (adj.) lane soo, sooagh, soolagh; mea, taaishlagh

lemon squash (n.) jough limon, soo-limon

Long Life Fruit Juice (n.) Soo Mess Beayn

meat essence (n.) soo foalley; tharrey foalley

opium (n.) cadleen, fraue cadlee, fraue cadleen, soo chadlee

partially digested food (n.) soo ny gailley

preserved as soo jeant jeh; freilt; lhiassit

resin (n.) pick vane, rosin, soo ny juys

sap (n.) fo-chlash, soo, sapp; (v.) towlley fo

sappy (adj.) glass; lane soo; oor; sooagh

soaking fliugh-vaiht; fliughit ny hrooid; soo; sooghey

riojag (f.) ice; ice cream: Riojag soo thallooin. DF

delicacy (n.) bee-naightagh, dendeays, meer vlastal, metteeys; soo-vlass

make good use of (v.) jannoo soo dy vie jeh

malt whisky (n.) mac ny braih, soo ny braghey, ushtey bea braghey

sapless (adj.) chirrym, creen, gyn bree, gyn soo, gyn vree

sip bolgum; goaill bolgum jeh; soo; bine beg; strig

chirmagh-loshtee drought: ta soo my chorp myr chirmagh-loshtee yn tourey. Bible

pye (f.) pie: Jean berreen soo-thallooin as pye shillish JJK

shillish (f.) cherry: Jean berreen soo-thallooin as pye shillish JJK

spiceit spiced: yinnin's dhyt jough feeyney spiceit lesh soo my phomegranate. Bible

ale (n.) lhionney; lhune, jough lhune: He doled out the ale - Ren eh teaumey magh y lhune. DF idiom; soo ny hoarn

exhaustion (n.) jeeigeyrys: To be in a state of exhaustion - Dy ve jeeigit. DF idiom; soo

strawberry (n.) soo thallooin: Make a strawberry cake and a cherry tart - Jean berreen soo-thallooin as pye shillish. JJK idiom

poteen poteen: neesht dy row Albinee as Yernee dy-liooar baghey ny mast ny Manninee as veagh kuse jeu slane tushtagh as lesh saase oc cour gimbyl soo ny h-oarn ny poteen. Dhoor

slane tushtagh perfect knowledge: Shegin dooin cooinaghtyn neesht dy row Albinee as Yernee dy-liooar baghey ny mast ny Manninee as veagh kuse jeu slane tushtagh as lesh saase oc cour gimbyl soo ny h-oarn ny poteen. Dhoor

cherry (n.) shillish: Make a strawberry cake and a cherry tart - Jean berreen soo-thallooin as pye shillish. JJK idiom

drink up folmaghey: Drink up gentlemen! - Folmee ny glessyn eu gheiney seyrey! DF idiom; iu seose: Drink up gentlemen! - Iu-jee seose, gheiney seyrey! DF idiom; soo-seose


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