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sondagh avaricious, close-fisted, covetous, greedy, mercenary, miser, niggardly, selfish, sordid, close fisted: Cha bee eshyn ta sondagh er argid jeant-magh lesh argid Bible

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dy sondagh covetously: t'ou dy sondagh er ghoaill vondeish Bible

fer sondagh (=Ir, fear-sonntach) niggard, save-all

close-fisted (adj.) gortagh, peajeogagh, sondagh

niggardly (adj.) peajeogagh, pitteogagh, sondagh

save-all (n.) fer sondagh

selfish (adj.) pitteogagh, sondagh, miandagh

sordid (adj.) sollagh; sondagh; trullee

close fisted (adj.) gortagh, peajeogagh, sondagh

greedy (adj.) jioogh, joogh; jollyssagh; sondagh

covetously (adv.) dy sayntagh; dy sondagh; myr haynt

mercenary (adj.) sayntagh, sondagh; (n.) sondeyr, sidoor failtagh

niggard (n.) fer cribbidjagh, fer sondagh, peajeog, pitteog, prughag

avaricious (adj.) sayntagh, sondagh; sayntoilagh: They mustn't be so avaricious - Cha negin daue ve cha sayntoilagh. JJK idiom

miser (n.) gortagh, gortan, peajeog, sondagh; prughag: Store miser and eat little mouse - Tasht prughag as ee lughag. JJK idiom

builltagh See builtagh striker: Cha nee iuder-feeyney, ny builltagh, ny sondagh er cosney scammyltagh Bible

er egin (=Ir. ar eigin) compulsorily, forcibly, perforce: tou dy sondagh er ghoaill vondeish er egin dty naboonyn Bible

fer sloo lesser person: Son veihn fer sloo eer gys y fer smoo jeu, ta dy chooilley unnane sondagh er cosney Bible

fer streeuagh brawler: Cha nee iuder-feeyney, ny builltagh, ny sondagh er cosney scammyltagh, agh surransagh, cha nee fer streeuagh, ny sayntoilagh Bible

bounteous (adj.) feoiltagh, sonney; toyrtagh; toyrtyssagh: The vile person shall be no more called liberal, nor the churl said to be bountiful - Cha bee yn mooidjeen ny smoo enmyssit feoilt, nyn goo ec yn er-sondagh dy ve toyrtyssagh. Bible

covetous (adj.) sayntagh, sayntoil, sondagh; sayntoilagh: and speaketh good of the covetous - as loayrt dy mie jehn er sayntoilagh ta feoh ec Jee er Bible; (npl.) sayntoilee: or with the covetous, or extortioners - ny rish ny sayntoilee, ny ny tranlaasee Bible

saaseyn cluicagh wicked devices: Ta aghtyn yn er-sondagh myrgeddin an-chiart: t'eh smooinaghtyn er saaseyn cluicagh dy stroie yn boght lesh goan breagagh Bible

toyrtyssagh 1 bestower, donator, donor, giver; 2 (adj.) bountiful: a: Cha bee yn mooidjeen ny smoo enmyssit feoilt, ny'n goo ec yn er-sondagh dy ve toyrtyssagh Bible


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