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sollyssid (=Ir. soillskidh) brightness, brilliance, clearness, gloss, illustration, lightness, luminosity, lustre, polish, radiance, resplendence, sheen, transparency: Trooid y sollyssid hie roish va smarageyn aile er n'oaddey Bible

Inexact matches:

gyn sollyssid lustreless

sollyssid braag boot polish

sollyssid Frangagh French polish

cur sollyssid er polish, polish up

boot polish (n.) sollyssid braag

luminosity (n.) lossanaght, soilsheanaght, sollyssid

lustreless (adj.) gyn sollyssid; neuhoilsheanagh

polish (v.) cur sollyssid er, gloasaghey, gloasey; scooirey: Shoe polish - Follid braag. DF idiom; (n.) follid, gloas; sollyssid: He has a certain polish - Ta sollysid ennagh er. DF idiom; stoo-gloasee

radiance (n.) sollyssid

resplendence (n.) loandyr, sollyssid

sheen (n.) lonnyr; sollyssid

transparency1 (n.) sollyssid, tarhoilshan

brilliance (n.) ard-aghtallys, ard-inchynys, soilsheanaght, sollyssid

gloss gloas; gloasaghey; gloasey; sollyssid

ard-sollyssid glaringness

brightness (n.) bioyrid, gastagh, gillid, lonnyr, sollyssid, sollys; ray-sollys

clearness (n.) baghtallys, cleerid, gillid, sollyssid, sullyraght

glaringness (n.) ard-sollyssid; dallid; leayrid; meenearey

lightness (n.) baneid, eddrymid, eddrymys, soilshaght, sollyssid

French polish (v.) cur gloasey Frangagh er; (n.) gloasey Frangagh, sollyssid Frangagh

illustration (n.) caslys, sollyssid; tayrneyraght: Pencil illustration - Tayrneyraght phenn-leoie. DF idiom

polish up (v.) cur foyr er, cur gloas er, cur sollyssid er, gloasaghey, gloasey

lustre (n.) gillid; skell; soilsheanys; sollyssid: This thing has lost all its lustre - Ta'n red shoh er choayl ooilley e hollysid. JJK idiom

amber amber: ayns y vean echey va myr sollyssid amber ass mean yn aile. Bible

Arrey Tinvaal Tynwald Watch: Ta Arrey Tinvaal laccal sollyssid-reiltys dy ve currit ayns bree liorish yn leigh. BS

ec munlaa at noon: Ec munlaa, O ree, honnick mee er y raad soilshey veih niau erskyn sollyssid y ghrian Bible

smarageyn coals: Trooid y sollyssid hie roish va smarageyn aile er noaddey. Bible; embers

soilsheanagh beaming, brilliant, glistening, glowing, lit up, luminous, lustrous, radiant, shiny, splendid, vivid: ec soilshey dty hideyn ren ad getlagh as ec sollyssid dty shleiy soilsheanagh. Bible


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