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sollaghey (sexually) assault; begrime, besmear, besmirch, contaminate, contamination, corrupt, defile, defilement, dirty, grime, muck, muddy, pollute, pollution, soil, soiling, stain, sully: ta ny branlaadee shoh sollaghey yn eill Bible

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gyn sollaghey unsullied

sollaghey laue bribe, bribing, buy over: Hoshiaght, cha vod fer erbee credjal dy ren sollaghey-laue Lunnin as fir-oik Whitehall stroie dy chooilley hro ec ny Celtiee 'moyrnagh' Carn

sollaghey laueys bribery

Billey Sollaghey Laue Bribery Bill

currit da sollaghey laue bribing

sollaghey as kionnaghey bribery and corruption: cur er sleih çheu-mooie jeh'n Ellan vees lhaih cur-magh y Chommeeys Celtiagh dy chredjal dy vel prowalys jeh sollaghey as kionnaghey er ny eddyn, as cha nel shen kiart. BS

sollaghey lesh ooill pollution oil

bribing currit da sollaghey laue; sollaghey laue

assault2 (v.) (sexually) sollaghey

begrime (v.) sollaghey

besmear (v.) slaa, sollaghey; breinnaghey

besmirch (v.) sollaghey

contaminate (v.) sollaghey

contamination (n.) broighey, sollaghar, sollaghey

defilement (n.) sollaghey

pollute (v.) broighey; sollaghey

soiling (v.) sallaghey; sollaghey; solley

sully (v.) sollaghey

sollaghey-laue corruption, gift, reward: ta'n prince geearree leagh, as yn briw shirrey sollaghey-laue Bible

Bribery Bill (n.) Billey Sollaghey Laue

defile (n.) lhargagh; (v.) sollaghey; broghey; neu-chasherickey

gift2 (npl.) (corrupt) sollaghey-laue

grime (n.) broid, scoig, scoodyn; (v.) sollaghey

muck (v.) brockey, sollaghey; (n.) eoylley, trustyr

pollution oil sollaghey lesh ooill

soil1 (v.) broighey, sollaghey; (n.) ooir, thalloo

bribery and corruption (n.) sollaghey as kionnaghey

buy over molley lesh argid; sollaghey laue

corrupt1 (adj.) loau, broghe; (v.) cleaynaghey, milley, mhilley; mow; sollaghey

muddy boiraghey er; laaghagh; neughlen; seiy; seiyt; sollaghey

unsullied (adj.) gyn cron, gyn sollaghey, neuhollit

corruption1 (n.) broid, broïd; sollaghey-laue, ingyr, milley, neughlennid, trulleeys; far-vriwnys

stain (n.) cron, daah; (v.) daaghey, faagail cron er, smeyrey, sollaghey

bribe slaa laue; sollaghey laue: Bribe the man - Sollee laue yn dooinney. DF idiom

bribery (n.) slaa laueys; sollaghey laueys: Clear case of bribery - Cooish chronnal jeh sollaghey-laue. DF idiom

dirty1 brebanagh; broghe; broigh; doo: Isn't he dirty? - Nagh vel eh doo? DF idiom; neu-glen; sollagh; trustyragh; broighey, sallaghey, sollaghey

fo-hroar (f.) by-product, catch crop: T'eh gra dy vel y sollaghey myr fo-hroar dooghyssagh veih'n çhenn stashoon-diesel. BS

goulragh beaming, shining; radiate: T'ad er chur magh fysseree veih prowallyn-goulraght er bee-marrey ynnydagh ta soilshaghey dy vel sollaghey veih Sellafield ry gheddyn, agh cha nel eh gaueagh. BS

sornaigys sewage, sewerage: Dooyrt Mainshtyr Harrison dy vel obbyr yn çheshaght echey foast lane ymmyrçhagh, ga dy jean y skeym-sornaigys feiy yn Ellan leodaghey sollaghey dy mooar. BS

reward (v.) jiyltys, eeck; (n.) faill, toilchin, unnysup; sollaghey-laue; leagh: I shall reward you and your brother - Verym leagh diuish as da nyn mraar. JJK idiom; cur leagh da: A good general knows how to reward his soldiers' valour - Ta fys ec kione-fenee mie kys dy chur leagh da treanid e hidooryn. JJK idiom


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