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soft (adj.) bog: Wax is soft, when warmed - Ta kere bog, tra t'ee er ny chiow. JJK idiom; boggyr; glass; meen, meein, meeinagh; meeley: Will you have it hard or soft ? - Bee eh eu creoi ny meeley? JJK idiom; meddey, mettey; nesh; tash; meiygh; dy kiune, dy rea

Inexact matches:

soft bark (n.) boogh

Soft Bottoms (npl.) Toinnaghyn Boggey

soft brush (n.) skeaban vog

soft clover (n.) shamrag vog

soft coral (n.) meir y dooinney marroo

soft drink (n.) jough ghlass

Soft Drinks (n.) Joughyn Neu-lajer

Soft Half (n.) Lieh Bog

soft hat (n.) edd bog

soft sawder beeal bane

soft tack (n.) arran

soft tongue (n.) chengey veeley

soft yelp boogh

boogh pl. booghyn bulge, pommel, protrusion, protuberance; (of ship) bow; bow oar; (of sail) bunt; soft bark, soft yelp

beeal bane soft sawder

jough ghlass (f.) soft drink

Joughyn Neu-lajer Soft Drinks

Lieh Bog Soft Half

meddey (=Ir. meata) soft, tender, delicate

meeinagh emollient, tameable, soft

nesh sissyish; soft

shamrag vog (f.) soft clover

skeaban vog (f.) soft brush

Toinnaghyn Boggey Soft Bottoms

soft-boiled (adj.) bog-vroiet

soft-hearted bog; meiygh-chreeagh

soft-heartedness meiyghid cree

soft-mouthed bog-veeallagh

soft-sawder (v.) cur y beeal bane da

soft-spoken kiune-vreearagh; meeley

bog-veeallagh soft-mouthed

bog-vroiet soft-boiled

kiune-vreearagh soft-spoken

meiyghid cree kind-heartedness, soft-heartedness

boggyr soft: dy yannoo boggyr ayns ushtey JK

cur y beeal bane da soft-sawder

edd bog soft hat, squash hat

meir y dooinney marroo soft coral

chengey veeley (f.) soft tongue: ta chengey veeley brishey eer craueyn Bible

dy rea evenly, soft, steadily: Ta'n jeshaght lostey dy rea. DF

warmed chiowit, chiowt; (v.) hiow; (er ny) chiow: Wax is soft, when warmed - Ta kere bog, tra t'ee er ny chiow. JJK idiom

wax1 aase, bishaghey, lhieeney, sholl; cur kere er; gloas lesh kere; kere: Wax is soft, when warmed - Ta kere bog, tra t'ee er ny chiow. JJK idiom; kerey

arran (=Ir. arán) bread, soft tack: As hug ee yn bee blaystal, as yn arran v'ee er n'aarlaghey Bible

bog (=Ir. bog) 1 easy, flabby, limp, mellow, melting, mild, moist, pulpy, slack, soft, soft-hearted, tender a: Cha bog as eeym DF; 2 (of youth) callow; 3 (of cough) loose

dy kiune quietly, soft, softly: Agh ny-yeih sheign maynrys Phargys 'aagail son ny ta jeant ayd, shen vees aym jeh dt'aill; ymmyrk dy kiune nish ny ta Jee er harey, son sheign dooys dt'akin goll magh roym veih'n gharey. PC

meein 1 (pain) assuage; 2 bland, clement, fine, gentle, Halcyon days, meek, mild, pet, silky, smooth, soft a: vroo eh eh cha meein as joan Bible; 3 small ground; 4 (not wild) tame; 5 sedate [O.Ir. mín]

meeley bland, delicate, gentle, mangling, moisten, silky, smooth, soft, soft-spoken, yielding: Ta ansoor meeley meeinaghey corree Bible; (to touch) fine; sedate

meen bland, darling, dear, meek, mild, patient, pet, quiet, soft, sweet: son ta mee meen as imlee ayns cree Bible

meiygh approving, benign, indulgent, sentimental; soft, tender: Son ta Jee jannoo my chree meiygh Bible; sedate

meiygh-chreeagh kind-hearted, soft-hearted: As bee-jee dooie yn derrey yeh da'n jeh elley, meiygh-chreeagh Bible

tash clammy, damp, dank, humid, moist, soft, soggy, sweating: Ta soar tash er y chamyr. DF

glass (=Ir. glas) pl. glassey (adj.) pale, verdant: ta'n vee-chrauee glass myr y faiyr Bible; unfledged, raw; (of youth) callow; pasty, sappy, soft; (colour) ashen; (of nature) green; (of animal) grey; (f.) stream; (n.) pl. glish pl. glassyn bond, iron, lock, trigger: Hug my ghraih e laue stiagh er glass y dorrys Bible; grisled [O.Ir. glas]

mettey boneless, faint-hearted, shaky, supine, weak-minded, yellow: cha bee oo ny smoo enmyssit seyr as mettey Bible; delicate, prim, soft, tender: Yn ven seyr as mettey ny mast' eu nagh jinnagh e cass y choyrt er y laare son moyrn as mettey-ys Bible; frivolous


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