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soar gooillian; gooillian seose

soar pl. soaraghyn aroma, bouquet, breath, odour, pong, scent, sense of smell, smell, sniff: Ta ny mandrakeyn cur soar millish Bible

Inexact matches:

boteil soar (f.) smelling bottle

gyn soar inodorous, odourless, scentless

soar breinn stink: va soar breinn jeu fud y cheer Bible

soar greddee hot smell

soar magher smell of a field: ta soar my vac myr soar magher, tan Chiarn er vannaghey. Bible

soar mie sweet smell

soar millish sweet smell: agh cha bee ad er nyn lostey er yn altar, son soar millish. Bible; incense; sweet savour:

soar oor blazing scent

soar trome 1 strong smell, stink a: Ta soar trome jeh my lhottyn, as tad breinn Bible

soar villish (f.) fragrance

sollan soar smelling salts

goaill y soar jeh deodorize

sweet smell (n.) soar mie, soar millish

scent (n.) rah: Bottle of scent - Boteil rah. DF idiom; soar: Blazing scent - Soar oor. DF idiom; (v.) soaraghey, soaral

stink (v.) breinaghey, jannoo smoghan; (n.) smoghan; torcan: Stink out - Cur magh lesh torcan. DF idiom; soar breinn, soar trome

aroma (n.) soar

blazing scent (n.) soar oor

bouquet (n.) doss; soar

fragrance (n.) cooraght, soar villish

hot smell (n.) soar greddee

inodorous (adj.) gyn soar

odour (n.) soar

odourless (adj.) gyn soar; neusoaral

pong (n.) soar; (v.) soaral

scentless (adj.) gyn soar

smell soar: This smell is pleasant, that one is unpleasant - Ta'n soar shoh taitnyssagh, t'eh shen neuhaitnyssagh. JJK idiom; soaraghey; soaral; soarey

smelling bottle (n.) boteil soar

smelling salts (n.) sollan soar

sniff soar; stronnaghey

sweet savour: (n.) soar millish

aroma therapy (n.) lheihys-soar

lheihys-soar aroma therapy

soar-millish perfume

deodorize (v.) goaill y soar jeh, jee-hoaranaghey

sense of smell (n.) keeall soaral, soar, soaral

smell of a field (n.) soar magher

strong smell (n.) smoghan, soar trome, torcan

biljyn-feeyney vines: ta ny biljyn-feeyney lesh nyn merrishyn meiygh ceau soar millish Bible

moain (=Ir. moin) (f.) pl. moaintyn peat, turf: Soar garg ny moain. DF

acrid (adj.) garg: The acrid smell of turf - Soar garg ny moaney. DF idiom; geyre; sharroo; gort

breath (n.) ennal: There's not a breath of air - Cha nel ennal aer ayn. JJK idiom; ennalagh; soar

damp meayllaghey; mooghey; tash: The room smells damp - Ta soar tash er y chamyr. DF idiom; tashid; tashtaghey; tashtey

of turf (gen.) moaney: The acrid smell of turf - Soar garg ny moaney. DF idiom; (dy) voain: Heating quality of turf - Foays chioee dy voain. DF idiom

peat (n.) moain: The acrid smell of peat - Soar garg ny moain. DF idiom

pleasant (adj.) ennoil, eunyssagh; pleasal; taitnyssagh: This smell is pleasant, that one is unpleasant - Ta'n soar shoh taitnyssagh, t'eh shen neuhaitnyssagh. JJK idiom; s'taitnyssagh

smelling soaraghey; soaral: I am smelling a smell - Ta mee soaral soar. DF idiom; soarey; stroinaghey

unpleasant (adj.) neuhaitnysagh: This smell is pleasant, that one is unpleasant - Ta'n soar shoh taitnyssagh, t'eh shen neuhaitnyssagh. JJK idiom

asslayntagh bad health, diseased, infirm, invalid, sick, sick person: nagh bee yn jaagh ta cheet voish dy foandagh losht ny stroit, ny my nee eh cur rish keird ny obbyr erbee nee jannoo soar brein ny asslayntagh Coraa

breinn (=Ir. brean.) foetid, loathsome, malodorous, mephitic, nasty, offensive, pestilential, putrid, rancid, rotten, smelly, stinking: va soar breinn jeu fud y cheer Bible; (putrid) foul; (as film) blue [O.Ir. brén]

breinnid dirtiness, foetidness, foulness, rancidity, rankness, taint: ayns ynnyd soar millish, dy bee breinnid Bible; nastiness

dashyn heaps: As ren ad chaglym ad cooidjagh ayns dashyn, as va soar breinn jeu fud y cheer. Bible

gooillian (as bird) climb, soar: Rish shoh va Satan gooillian lesh y ghrian, ny goullyn sollys n'oi e vaaish soilshean, as ayns shoh v'echey oyr dy yindys mooar PC; glide

gooillian seose soar: dooisht reesht, cha vaik eh'n shilley fooar eh roie, er-lesh dy row e chronney sthill feer chreoi gys ren ish gooillian seose veih'n chibbyr ghlen raad chum'r ee gindys er e jalloo hene PC

lhottyn wounds: Ta soar trome jeh my lhottyn, as tad breinn: trooid my ommijys Bible

millish1 balmy, darling, dulcet, fruity, honeyed, luscious, sugary, sweet: nee shiu chebbal oural-losht, son soar millish Bible

sailjys (f.) saltness, brackishness, salinity, saltiness: Ta soar y sailjys jeh. DF; plain fare: Ta sailjys feer vie lurg y Nollick. DF

spice pl. spiceyn spice: as soar millish dty ennal roish bree dy chooilley spice s'blaystal Bible

tash clammy, damp, dank, humid, moist, soft, soggy, sweating: Ta soar tash er y chamyr. DF

incense (v.) brasnaghey; brasney; fargaghey; thooishey; (n.) incense: he burnt incense upon the altar - losht eh incense er yn altar Bible; oural-millish: And thou shalt make an altar to burn incense upon - As nee oo altar dy lostey oural-millish er Bible; soar millish; thooish

perfume (v.) cooraghey; (n.) coorane, perfume; soar-millish: This flower has a nice perfume - Ta'n blaa shoh soaral dy-millish. JJK idiom

sour1 gear: Sweet and sour - Gear as millish. DF idiom; geayr; geayraghey: The heat has turned the milk sour - Ta'n chiass er n'ghearaghey y bainney. DF idiom; geyre: It smells sour - Ta soar geyre jeh. DF idiom; gyere; sharroo: Sour-lime - Theiley sharroo. DF idiom; soor: Sour milk - Bainney soor. DF idiom; sooraghey

keainid kindness, natural affection, tenderheartedness: Liorish soar-villish ny roseyn, as y traagh oor-giarrit, liorish greim-ghoarn jeh carrey firrinagh, as keainid paag ny mayrey Coraa; tenderness; (of memory) tenderness; dearness; easiness


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