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snow (v.) ceau sniaghtey; (n.) sniaghtey: The snow is melting - Ta'n sniaghtey tenniu. JJK idiom

Inexact matches:

driven snow (n.) sniaghtey sheebit

of snow sniaghtee: Shower of snow - Frass sniaghtee. DF idiom

snow boots (npl.) braagyn sniaghtee; braagyn sniaghtey

snow bunting (n.) gialag vagher, pompee niaghtee

snow cloud (n.) bodjal sniaghtee

snow flurry (n.) ceau sniaghtee

snow goose (n.) guiy sniaghtee

snow leopard (n.) lepard sniaghtee

snow line (n.) ardjid sheer-niaghtagh; ardjid sheer-niaghtee

Snow Mountain (n.) Snae Fell

Snow Pigeon (n.) Calmane sniaghtee

snow shower (n.) frass sniaghtee

fall of snow ceau sniaghtee

snow in flakes (n.) sniaghtey floagagh, sniaghtey meein

ceau sniaghtee fall of snow, snow flurry, snowstorm

ardjid sheer-niaghtagh snow line

ardjid sheer-niaghtee snow line

bodjal sniaghtee snow cloud

braagyn sniaghtee (f.) snow boots

braagyn sniaghtey (f.) snow boots

Calmane sniaghtee Snow Pigeon

gialag vagher snow bunting

guiy sniaghtee snow goose

pompee niaghtee (f.) snow bunting

snow-blind doal ec yn snaightey

snow-blindness (n.) dellid sniaghtey

snow-capped (adj.) fo vrat sniaghtee

snow-slide (n.) shliawinane sniaghtee

snow-white (adj.) cha gial as sniaghtey

dellid sniaghtey snow-blindness

fo vrat sniaghtee snow-capped

lepard sniaghtee ounce, snow leopard

shliawinane sniaghtee snow-slide

sniaghtey floagagh snow in flakes

sniaghtey meein snow in flakes

doal ec yn snaightey snow-blind

frass sniaghtee hail shower, snow shower

Snae Fell See Sniaul Snow Mountain [Scand]

ceau sniaghtey snow: Veagh eh cha mie ceau sniaghtey er yn aile. DF

sniaghtee of snow: Ta fowan as chiass chyrmaghey seose ny ushtaghyn sniaghtee Bible

sniaghtey (=Ir. sneachta, Sc.G. sneachd) snow: va e gharmad gial myr sniaghtey Bible [O.Ir. snechta]

deep diunid: That river is twenty feet deep - Ta'n awin feed trie er diunid. JJK idiom; trome; dowiney; dowin: The snow lies very deep - Ta'n sniaghtey ny lhie feer dowin. JJK idiom

hedge cleigh: The wind blew the snow against the hedge - Heid y gheay y sniaghtey ayns sheebey noi'n cleigh. DF idiom; (n.) cleiy; faal: Quickest hedge - Faal bio. DF idiom; shaghnys; (v.) cur gial er gagh cheu

melting bog; lheie; lheieagh; tenniu, theinniu: The snow is melting - Ta'n sniaghtey tenniu. JJK idiom; theinniuagh

thaw (v.) theinniu: The north wind's thaw, more snow - Theinniu ny geay twoaie, tooilley sniaghtey. DF idiom

thick1 chiu, choo: The ink is too thick - Ta'n doo ro hiu. JJK idiom; er cheeid, mea, neuhoiggaltagh, vooar rish y cheilley; roauyr: The snow fell thick - Huitt y sniaghtey roauyr. DF idiom

sniaghtey sheebit driven snow: ny myr y sniaghtey sheebit lesh niart geayee, ny floagyn streeu nyn vud oc hene quoi sleaie lhieenys y coan, ny getlagh er dagh laue dy phlooghey'n troailtagh PC

covered1 cloagit: Covered with snow - Cloagit lesh sniaghtey. DF idiom; coodit; (v.) choadee, choodee: She took a veil and covered her face - Ghow ee breid as choodee ee e heddin. DF idiom; vreid: She covered her face - Vreid ee e heddin. DF idiom

ice (v.) cur rio ayn, cur rio-hugyr er, cur rioeeaght er, riojaghey; (n.) rio: Which are blackish by reason of the ice and wherein the snow is hid - Ta jeeaghyn doo lesh y rio; as ayndoo tan sniaghtey follit Bible; (n.) riojey: Get me a bucket of ice cream to make ice creams - Fow lane-chruick dy chey riojey dou dy yannoo riojagyn. DF idiom; (n.) riojag

many1 (adj.) mooaran; mooarane: I have a great many recommendations to you - Ta mooarane moyllaghtyn aym diu. JJK idiom; ram; shimmey; shymmey; ymmodee: Many sheep were lost in the snow - Va ymmodee kirree er nyn goayl 'sy sniaghtey. JJK idiom

cha gial as sniaghtey snow-white: Va e chione as e olt bane myr ollan, cha gial as sniaghtey; as va e hooillyn myr lossey dy aile Bible


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