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snaie geaysh mohair

snaie line, thread, yarn, worm: vrish eh ad jeh e roihaghyn myr snaie Bible; netting

Inexact matches:

earroo snaie count

scrod snaie worm

snaie aanrit linen yarn: van snaie aanrit er ny chreck rish marchannyn y ree. Bible

snaie airhey gold thread

snaie cadee sewing cotton

snaie cast twine

snaie glonney glass wool

snaie innee weft, weft-yarn

snaie kennipey hemp, pack-thread

snaie kereagh waxed thread

snaie lhieggit dropped thread

snaie lieen linen thread, linen yarn: As va ec Solomon cabbil veih Egypt as snaie lieen Bible

snaie oashyragh worsted yarn

snaie olley knitting wool, woollen yarn

snaie resh thread of life, vital thread

snaie sheeidey sewing silk, silk thread

snaie smooinaght train of thought

snaie staillinagh steel wire

snaie whaalee sewing thread

snaie yiarn wire

cur er snaie thread

cur snaie ayn thread as needle

cur snaie er thread as screw

goaill yn snaie ass unthread

gow yn snaie ass (impv) unthread

lus y snaie (f.) dodder

snaie daa cheayrt over

snaie ny himleig umbilical cord

snaie 'sy choigee abb

snaie yn vea thread of life

linen yarn (n.) snaie aanrit, snaie lieen

thread of life (n.) snaie resh, snaie yn vea

unthread (v.) goaill yn snaie ass; gow yn snaie ass; jee-scrod; jee-scroddey

thread1 (n.) snaie: Haven't they had any thread? - Nagh vel snaie erbee er ve oc? JJK idiom; snaih

snaie-barree thread of tow: As vrish eh ny slattyn, myr snaie-barree Bible

abb (n.) snaie 'sy choigee

dropped thread snaie lhieggit

glass wool (n.) snaie glonney

gold thread (n.) snaie airhey

hemp (n.) kennip, snaie kennipey

knitting wool (n.) snaie olley

linen thread (n.) snaie lieen

mohair (n.) snaie geaysh

netting cuirr ingagh, jannoo jeebin, tayrn eeast ayns ingagh; lieen; mogglys; snaie: Our netting is eaten by the dogfish - Ta'n snaie ain eeit ec y ghobbag. DF idiom

pack-thread (n.) snaie kennipey

sewing cotton (n.) snaie cadee

sewing silk (n.) snaie sheeidey

sewing thread (n.) snaie whaalee

silk thread (n.) snaie sheeidey

steel wire (n.) snaie staillinagh

vital thread (n.) snaie resh

waxed thread (n.) snaie kereagh

weft (n.) innagh, snaie innee

weft-yarn snaie innee

woollen yarn (n.) snaie olley

worm2 (n.) scrod snaie

worsted yarn snaie oashyragh

yarn (n.) skeeal, snaie

dodder (v.) craa; (n.) lus y snaie

thread2 (v.) (as beads) cur er snaie, strengaghey

train of thought (n.) snaie smooinaght

twine1 carral; lhoobey; snaie cast

thread as needle (v.) cur snaie ayn

thread as screw (v.) cur snaie er

thread of tow (n.) cuishley; snaie-barree

whaalee of sewing: Snaie whaalee. DF

umbilical cord (n.) coyrd yn vea; snaie ny himleig; streng ny himleig

braagey (gen.) of a shoe: eer veih snaie gys strap-braagey Bible

marchannyn merchants: van snaie aanrit er ny chreck rish marchannyn y ree Bible

strap-braagey shoelatchet: Nagh goym nhee erbee, eer veih snaie gys strap-braagey Bible

count1 co-earroo: He took the count - Ren ad yn co-earroo er. DF idiom; coontey: To keep count of it - Dy reayll coontey jeh. DF idiom; coontys; earroo snaie; poynt; coontee

dogfish (n.) caillagh vreck; gobbag: Our netting is eaten by the dogfish - Ta'n snaie ain eeit ec y ghobbag. DF idiom

over breish; coar; ec kione; erskyn; harrish: Praise the bridge as you go over it - Moyll y droghad myr hed oo harrish. JJK idiom; noal; noon; snaie daa cheayrt

wire (v.) cur ayns streng-skeeal, cur streng rish, kiangley lesh streng, strengaghey; (n.) snaie yiarn, wier; streng: The wire is alive - Ta'n streng bio. DF idiom

barree tows; of tows: myr snaie-barree ec yn aile Bible

ben reaylt (f.) midwife, religious: ghow'n ven-reaylt, as chiangle ee er y laue echey snaie scarleod Bible; religious woman

strap pl. strappyn line, strap, sling, string: Nagh goym nhee erbee, eer veih snaie gys strap-braagey Bible

line coyrd, skeog; craplag; keird; lineal; linney: Line that links up two towns - Linney ta ny kiangley eddyr daa valley. DF idiom; rann; rimmeigey; scheimmeig; scheimmeigey; sheeynag: Horizontal line - Sheeynag chochruinnagh. DF idiom; sliught; snaie; strane: Walk in line - Shooyl rere strane. DF idiom; strap; streng; tead; thow; line


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