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smooth jannoo rea; meein; meeley: Smooth ride - Markiagh meeley. DF idiom; rea; reajagh; shliawin, shliawn; shliawinagh: Smooth customer - Fer shliawinagh. DF idiom; smoodal: Smooth over difficulties - Doilleeidyn y smoodal. DF idiom; stroogey

Inexact matches:

smooth bore (n.) barryl rea

smooth hound (n.) bock glass

smooth-leaved elm (n.) lhiouan duillag rea

smooth out (v.) smoodal magh

smooth over (v.) smoodal

Smooth Pool (n.) Poyll Rea

smooth talk blaaderys; goan bane brynnagh

smoodal calender, iron, ironing, smooth, smoothing: Vel yn smoodal jeant? DF; smooth over: Doilleeidyn y smoodal. DF

barryl rea smooth bore

bock glass smooth hound

Poyll Rea Smooth Pool

smoodal magh smooth out

smooth-chinned glen-vaarit; gyn faasaag

smooth-faced (adj.) shliawin

smooth-running (adj.) so-ghleayshagh

smooth-spoken (adj.) so-loayrtagh

blaaderys babbling, blarney, smooth talk

glen-vaarit clean-shaven, smooth-chinned, whiskerless

goan bane brynnagh smooth talk

so-ghleayshagh biddable, malleable, smooth-running

so-loayrtagh smooth-spoken

lhiouan duillag rea smooth-leaved elm

gyn faasaag bare-faced, beardless, smooth-chinned, whiskerless, barefaced

shliawn smooth, slippery: ta mish noi phadeyryn y chengey shliawn Bible

stroogey See strugey pet, smooth, stroke; (feet) trail: V'eh stroogey ny cassyn echey. DF

jannoo rea level, level up, sleek, smooth: Er y chiaghtin cheddin hooar shin fys dy row ny Barrantee jannoo rea rish yn fo-leigh. Carn

meein 1 (pain) assuage; 2 bland, clement, fine, gentle, Halcyon days, meek, mild, pet, silky, smooth, soft a: vroo eh eh cha meein as joan Bible; 3 small ground; 4 (not wild) tame; 5 sedate [O.Ir. mín]

meeley bland, delicate, gentle, mangling, moisten, silky, smooth, soft, soft-spoken, yielding: Ta ansoor meeley meeinaghey corree Bible; (to touch) fine; sedate

rea (=Ir. réidh) (adj.) 1 even, facile, flat, horizontal, level, plain, plane, sleek, smooth, steady a: ren eh cummal ayns cheer rea Mamre Bible; 2 (as water) clear; 3 (of manner) easy; 4 (adv.) continuously, regularly; 5 (n.) pl. reaghyn male sheep, ram, tup: rea three bleeaney dy eash Bible; 6 flatness [O.Ir. réid]

reajagh correct, orderly, smooth; discreet: Va'n stashoon niart ushtey-lectraghys shoh keillit dy reajagh ayns ny biljyn. Dhoor

shliawin (=Ir. sleamhuioghadh) insidious, lubricated, skiddy, sleek, slippery, sly, smooth, smooth-faced, soapy: Bee'n raad oc dorraghey as shliawin as nee ainle y Chiarn ad y imman Bible; greasy

shliawinagh insinuating, smooth: v'eh orrin lhiemmey magh er yn "Clett", carrickyn coodit lesh famlagh feer shliawinagh raad va ymmodee raunteeyn nyn lhie jeeaghyn orrin. Carn


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