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small (adj.) beg: We must have a small garden - Shegin ve garey beg ain. JJK idiom; beggey; keyl; myn; dy myn; keylley

Inexact matches:

small arms (npl.) armyn eddrym, myn-armyn

small beer (n.) lhune eddrym

small bit (n.) sleig

small broom (n.) skeaban

small cataract (n.) easan

small change (n.) argid laue, argid ullee, brishey, myn-argid

small cloth (n.) clooidjag

small clothes (npl.) breechyn glioonagh

small cluster (n.) dossan

Small Copper (n.) Cobbrag Veg

small craft (npl.) siyn beggey

small ditch (n.) jeeigane

small ear (n.) jeeassag

small eater (n.) dendeaysagh

Small Enclosure (n.) Close Beg

small end (n.) kione keyl

small farmer (n.) puckler

small fishes (npl.) eeastyn mynney

small flame (n.) lossag

small fry (npl.) myn-gheiney; reddyn beggey

small game (n.) feieys beg, myn-feiys

small glen (n.) coan, couan, gliontan

small ground meein; myn

small heap (n.) buttag; peishteig

Small Heath (n.) Freoaghane Beg

small herb (n.) lussan

Small Hill (n.) Nappan

small hill (n.) crongan, cronkan

Small Hollow (n.) Glaick

small hump (n.) dronnan

small income cheet stiagh keyl

small investor (n.) myn-hoieder

small knife (n.) skynnag

Small Lake (n.) Loughan

small lake (n.) loghan

small lamp (n.) cressad

small-leaved elm (n.) lhiouan duillag veg

small letter (n.) lettyr beg

small lick (n.) shlieeaig

small line (n.) linnag

small mare (n.) laaireen

small meadow (n.) lheeannag

small peak (n.) speekeen

small person (n.) burdoge, fer beg, minniag

small piece (n.) beggan

small pile (n.) dash, pellag, pollag

small pipe (n.) piobeen

small potsherd (n.) geiy gaih, shlig chraie

small road (n.) bayreen

Small Rocks (npl.) Creggyn Minney

small rod (n.) slattag

small rooster (n.) kellaghan

small sheaf (n.) skebbag

small shock (n.) sheeig

small shop (n.) bwaag

small shot (n.) grine meein

small spire (n.) speekeen

small stack (n.) eek, eekad

small stalk (n.) frauaig

small stick (n.) slattag

small stock (n.) sthockan

small stone (n.) claghan

small stump (n.) stappan

small switch (n.) slattag

small sword (n.) cliwe keyl

small table (n.) boayrd beg, boayrdeen

small talk (gen.) mynloayrtys

small thing fardalagh

small-toothed comb (n.) kere veein

Small Tortoiseshell (n.) Ruyag Veg

small tower (n.) tooran

small valley (n.) glionnan

small waterfall (n.) easanyn, spooyt

small whirlpool (n.) lhingey chassee

Small White (n.) Baneag Veg

small wine (n.) feeyn eddrym

small wood (npl.) (for fire) brasnagyn

too small (adj.) ro veg: You write too large, too small, too close - T'ou screeu ro vooar, ro veg, ro hionn. JJK idiom

as small as dust cha myn as joan; meein as joan: even until it was as small as dust - derrey ve eer cha meein as joan Bible

of small value anchlaghtagh

on a small scale er beggan

small bramble bush (n.) dressag

small grain powder (n.) poodyr meein

small hill on a hill (n.) stuggey

small mass bell (n.) kiaullane erin

small of the back (n.) keylid ny drommey

small of the leg (n.) mwannal y chass

small of the neck (n.) keylid y wannal

small piece of land (n.) stuggey

small piece of peat (n.) kionnan

Small Round Rocky Hill (n.) Creggan y Cor

small round thing (n.) grine beg runt

small scale military action (n.) caggeeaght

small sea rock (n.) skellig, skerrane

small silver coin (n.) cribbaghan

small sod of turf (n.) cramman moaney

Small Stacks Ridge (n.) Dreeym ny Sheeig

small stinging nettle undaagagh rangagh

small tear drop (n.) jeirneen

small tenant farmer (n.) cotler

Small White Ferny Place (n.) Rhennee Vane Veg

Tom's Small Pool Part (n.) Ayrn Poyllan Thom

very small cockerel (n.) kellaghan

very small man (n.) dooinneen; fereen

very small person (n.) burdoge

very small piece (n.) minniag

very small wisp (n.) sappag

slattag (=Ir. slatag) (f.) 1 pl. slattagyn (for bird) perch; 2 small rod, small stick, small switch, stripe, swizzle stick, twig a: va slattag Aaron fud ny slattyn elley Bible; 3 written accent

burdoge (f.) shrimp, very small person; small person

kellaghan small rooster, very small cockerel

speekeen (f.) small peak, small spire

armyn eddrym small arms

Baneag Veg Small White

bayreen small road

boayrd beg small table

boayrdeen small table, trapezium

clooidjag (f.) small cloth

Cobbrag Veg Small Copper

Creggyn Minney Small Rocks

cribbaghan small silver coin

dressag (f.) small bramble bush

dronnan rise, small hump

easan small cataract

easanyn small waterfall

eek (f.) rick, small stack

feieys beg small game

Freoaghane Beg Small Heath

geiy gaih (f.) small potsherd

Glaick Small Hollow

gliontan small glen

grine meein small shot

jeeassag small ear

jeirneen small tear drop

laaireen (f.) small mare

lettyr beg small letter

lheeannag small meadow

lhingey chassee (f.) small whirlpool

lhune eddrym small beer

linnag (f.) small line

lussan small herb

minniag (f.) nip, pinch, twinge: Ta minniag ayns my vair. DF; (of insect) bite; diminutive person, small person, tiny person; cookie, very small piece; scrap

myn pl. mynney 1 minuscule, small, mini, micro a: Son t'eh jannoo myn ny bineyn ushtey Bible; 2 small ground a: As hig eh dy ve joan myn ayns ooilley cheer Egypt Bible; 3 detailed

myn-armyn small arms

myn-feiys small game

myn-gheiney small fry

myn-hoieder small investor

mynloayrtys small talk

pellag (f.) small pile

piobeen small pipe

puckler small farmer, truckler

Ruyag Veg Small Tortoiseshell

sappag (f.) very small wisp

sheeig (f.) (of hay) cock; small shock

shlieeaig small lick

shlig chraie (f.) small potsherd

siyn beggey small craft

skebbag (f.) small sheaf

skynnag (f.) small knife

stappan small stump

sthockan (f.) body, small stock

stuggey lump, lumper; half grown girl: Stuggey dy ghoodee. DF; lad, stoutling; small hill on a hill; small piece of land

small-calibred beg-howshanagh

small-minded (adj.) beg-aignagh

small-toothed (adj.) myneeacklagh

anchlaghtagh of small value, unsubstantial

beg-aignagh small-minded

beg-howshanagh small-calibred

cheet stiagh keyl small income

cliwe keyl rapier, small sword

cressad oil lamp, small lamp

cronkan hillock, knoll, small hill

fereen manikin, very small man

frauaig (f.) fibre, pedicle, small stalk

Loughan Lakelet, Pond, Small Lake

myneeacklagh small-toothed

poodyr meein small grain powder


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