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smaghtey castigate, chasten, chastening, check, checking, control, curb, discipline, manage, master, repression, suppress: agh ta'n Chiarn smaghtey adsyn ta tayrn er-gerrey da, son dy chur ayns kiarail ad. Apoc

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castigate (v.) kerraghey, smaghtey

manage (v.) reirey, smaghtey, stiurey

repression (n.) smaghtey

checking (v.) jannoo lhiettalys; scrutaghey; smaghtey

controllability (n.) stiurey, yn-smaghtey

controllable (adj.) yn-smaghtey; yn-stiurey; yn-streeaney

correctable (adj.) so-chiartaghey; so-lhiasaghey; so-smaghtey

repressible yn-chastey; yn-smaghtey

uncontrollable1 (adj.) do-smaghtey, neusmaghtee

do-smaghtey intractable, uncontrollable

so-smaghtey correctable

yn-smaghtey controllability, controllable, repressible

chastening kerraghey; kerree; smaghtaghey; smaghtee; smaghtey; kerragh

intractable (adj.) do-smaghtey; gyn smaght; neulhoobagh; neusmaghtagh

curb clagh oirragh; cribban; cribbey; cur cribban er; smaghtey; streean; streeaney

discipline (n.) biallys; keird; smaght; (v.) cur fo smaght, smaghtaghey, smaghtey

suppress (v.) castey, cur fo chosh, cur sheese, keiltyn, mooghey, smaghtey

check (n.) aanrit breck; coontag; (v.) castey, cur streean er, glockey, smaghtaghey, smaghtey, shickyraghey, streeaney; lhiettalys; oght; screeuyn coontee; tarmestey; jannoo lhiettalys er: That will check them! - Nee shen jannoo lhiettallys orroo! DF idiom

control1 gurneil; cramman; smaght; niart-stiuree; (v.) jean gurneil, freayll fo, smaghtey, streeaney; stiurey: Under government control - Fo stiurey yn reiltys. DF idiom

master (n.) fer ynsee, fer-ynsee, mainshtyr, mainstyr; mainshter: Make haste, the master will be here presently - Jean siyr, bee yn mainstyr aynshoh ny sheyn. JJK idiom; (voc.) Vainshter; mainshtyragh; (v.) smaghtaghey, smaghtey, ynsaghey

chasten (v.) kerraghey, smaghtey, custey; smaghtee: neither chasten me in thy displeasure - chamoo smaghtee mee ayns dty yymmoose Bible; smaghtagh: I will chasten him with the rod of men - neems smaghtagh eh lesh slatt gheiney Bible; smaghtaghey: neither chasten me in thy heavy displeasure - chamoo jean my smaghtaghey ayns dty yymmoose hrome


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