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smaghtagh afflicting, authoritarian, castigatory, correction, disciplinarian, masterful, restraining, restrictive, subduer, tameable, victor; (v.) chasten: neem's smaghtagh eh lesh slatt gheiney Bible

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ooilley smaghtagh totalitarian

chastisement (n.) custhym, smaght; smaghtagh: His fatherly chastisement - E smaghtagh ayroil. DF idiom; smaghtaghey

authoritarian (n., adj.) smaghtagh

castigatory (adj.) smaghtagh

disciplinarian (n.) smaghtagh, smaghteyr

masterful (adj.) smaghtagh

restraining (v.) smaghtagh; streeanagh

restrictive (adj.) lhiettalagh; smaghtagh

subduer (n.) smaghtagh

tameable (adj.) meeinagh, smaghtagh

totalitarian (n., adj.) ooilley smaghtagh

chasten (v.) kerraghey, smaghtey, custey; smaghtee: neither chasten me in thy displeasure - chamoo smaghtee mee ayns dty yymmoose Bible; smaghtagh: I will chasten him with the rod of men - neems smaghtagh eh lesh slatt gheiney Bible; smaghtaghey: neither chasten me in thy heavy displeasure - chamoo jean my smaghtaghey ayns dty yymmoose hrome

dictatorial (adj.) ard-reillagh, ard-smaghtagh

ard-smaghtagh dictatorial

afflicting (v.) douyr; douyragh; lheittrimagh; seaghnagh; smaghtagh; smeihagh

victor (n.) barriaghtagh, barrialtagh, fer ny barriaght, geayltagh, smaghtagh

correction (n.) kerraghey, kiartaghey, lhiasaghey, lhiasaghey bea, smaght, smaghtagh; kerragh

fatherly (adj.) ayroil: His fatherly chastisement - E smaghtagh ayroil DF idiom

Cre'n oyr (interrog.) why: Cre'n oyr ta son smaghtagh yn eill? CS

currit gys sent: V'eh currit gys scoill smaghtagh. DF

cloan gheiney (f.) mankind: neem's smaghtagh eh lesh slatt gheiney, as lesh buillaghyn cloan gheiney Bible

deiney mooinjer kinsmen: My ta deiney mooinjer ain, she bannaght ad veih Jee; as my ta noidjyn ain, tad slattyn ayns e laue dy smaghtagh shin, er-nonney dy chur orrin ve kiarailagh jeh nyn raai CS; cousins; friends

dy foayroil approvingly, favourably: dy foayroil clashtyn rish dt'accanyn dt'ymyrçh y yannoo magh, dt'obbraghyn mie y eeck, as dty ghrogh ymmyrkey y smaghtagh. CS

goaill boggey jubilate, rejoice, rejoicing: gowee oo rish e aigney mie, tra t'eh smaghtagh chammah as tra t'eh goaill boggey jeed. CS

meechoardailys clashing, disagreeableness, disagreement, discord, dissent, incompatibility, variance: sleih er nyn shirrey erreish da bing ardwhaiyllagh sy Reeriaght Unnaneyssit v'er resooney dy row yn fendeilys leighagh jeh 'smaghtagh resoonagh' ayns meechoardailys rish Conaant ny h-Ashoonyn Unnaneyssit cour Cairyn ny Paitçhyn. BS


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