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smaght (=Ir. smacht) castigation, chastisement, command, control, correction, discipline, empire, good order, restraint, restriction, subjection: Ny freill smaght veih'n lhiannoo Bible

Inexact matches:

erskyn smaght irresistible; impossible: T'ou erskyn smaght! DF

fer smaght proctor

fo smaght cowed, curbed, downtrodden, under control, under suspension: Agh ta mee ginjillaghey mannym, as freayll eh fo smaght, myr lhiannoo ter ny harbaa veih e voir Bible

gyn smaght intractable, unchecked, undisciplined, wayward: My smooinaghtyn, rouail cha keoie, Gyn smaght voish aggle, ny voish graih. LH

scoill smaght (f.) borstal

cur ard smaght er browbeat

cur fo smaght bring under, discipline, repress, subject: Cha nee agh jannoo caggey ayns fendeilys ny moir-cheerey fodmayd cur fo smaght as fo chosh ny kied- wuillteyryn as cosney seyrsnys nyn jeer. GB

currit fo smaght repressed: she sorch dy red eh shoh vees cur siyr er y laa tra choaylys Tinvaal e pooar as e ardcheim, tra vees ny Manninee currit fo smaght ny Sostnee, dy slane; as ta sooillyn ny Sostnee chyndaait rooin dy neu-ymmyrchagh. Carn

cur smaght er cow, govern: Cur smaght er ny paitchyn chelleeragh. Dhoor

fo smaght foddey veih remote controlled, remotely operated

freayll fo smaght keep under

freayll smaght er hold down

smaght er hene self-command, self-discipline, self-restraint

discipline (n.) biallys; keird; smaght; (v.) cur fo smaght, smaghtaghey, smaghtey

bondage (n.) bondeeys; bondiaght; cappeeys; deyrsnys; geuleydys; geulys; fo bondiaght; fo smaght: To be in bondage to someone - Dy ve fo smaght pheiagh ennagh. DF idiom; deyrsnagh

borstal (n.) scoill smaght

castigation (n.) smaght, smaghtaghey

cowed (v.) fo smaght; smaghtit

irresistible (adj.) erskyn smaght, neuhassooagh-noi

proctor (n.) fer smaght

restraint (n.) lhiettalys; smaght; streeanaght

restriction (n.) lhiettalys; smaght; teorey

self-command (n.) smaght er hene

self-discipline (n.) smaght er hene

self-restraint (n.) smaght er hene

under suspension fo smaght

command (n.) anney, mainshtyraght; sarey: He disregarded the command - Cha dug eh geill da'n sarey. DF idiom; smaght: He had complete command over himself - Va lane smaght echey er e hene. DF idiom; kioneys: The High Command - Yn ard chioneys. DF idiom; (v.) cur sarey da, goardaghey, oardaghey, stiurey; (impv) oardee

disciplinary tribunal (n.) binsh-smaght

downtrodden (adj.) broojit fo-chosh, fo smaght

snap-lock (n.) smaght-ghlass

subjection (n.) deyrsnys; injillaght; injilley; injillid; fo bondiaght: and brought them into subjection for servants - as dy gholl fo bondiaght son sharvaantyn Bible; biallys: Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection - Lhig dan ven gynsaghey dy feagh lesh slane biallys Bible; smaght: having his children in subjection with all gravity - as e chloan fo smaght lesh slane sheeltys Bible

undisciplined1 (adj.) gyn oardagh; gyn smaght

binsh-smaght disciplinary tribunal

smaght-ghlass snap-lock

bring under (v.) cur fo smaght, cur lesh fo

browbeat (v.) broojey fo chosh; cur ard smaght er

curbed cribbit; fo smaght; oirrit; smaghtit; streeanit

govern (v.) cur smaght er, gurneil, reill, smaghtaghey

intractable (adj.) do-smaghtey; gyn smaght; neulhoobagh; neusmaghtagh

remote controlled (adj.) fo smaght foddey veih; foddey-stiurit

remotely operated fo smaght foddey veih

repress (v.) cur fo smaght, cur haart, streeanaghey

repressed castit; currit fo smaght; streeanit

unchecked1 (adj.) gyn castey; gyn glockey; gyn smaght

under control fo smaght; fo stiurey

wayward (adj.) do-choyrlagh, gyn smaght, kione-daaney; roonagh, granganagh, colgagh

correction (n.) kerraghey, kiartaghey, lhiasaghey, lhiasaghey bea, smaght, smaghtagh; kerragh

hold down (v.) croymmey; cummal ny lhie; cummal sheese; freayll smaght er

keep under freayll fo; freayll fo smaght; tannaghtyn fo

buillaghyn scourges, stripes: Ta smaght as buillaghyn lhiasaghey olk Bible; blows

feodagh disgusting, foul: Ta smaght feodagh dasyn ta treigeil y raad Bible

chastisement (n.) custhym, smaght; smaghtagh: His fatherly chastisement - E smaghtagh ayroil. DF idiom; smaghtaghey

control1 gurneil; cramman; smaght; niart-stiuree; (v.) jean gurneil, freayll fo, smaghtey, streeaney; stiurey: Under government control - Fo stiurey yn reiltys. DF idiom

cow (n.) booa, bwoirrinagh, ollagh; (the); (y) vooa; wooa: It's not the cow that lows the most that gives the most milk - Cha nee yn wooa smoo eieys smoo vlieaunys. JJK idiom; (v.) cur smaght er

empire (n.) impiraght: The empire was dismembered - Hie yn impiraght er rheynn. DF idiom; mainshtyraght; smaght

good order mayn; smaght; stayd mie: They are all in good order - T'ad ooilley ayns stayd mie. DF idiom

impossible (n., adj.) neuyannooagh, neuchredjallagh; neu phossible; neuyantagh: It's impossible for me to learn my lesson - Te neuyantagh dou dy ynsagh my lessoon. JJK idiom; erskyn smaght

breimmey fart: Foddee nagh vel Dalyell boirit dy row (as dy vel) wheesh smaght ec Sostnee er Albinee nagh vod ny Albinee breimmey gyn kied veih Lunnin. Carn

bwoid pl. bwid membrum virile, penis, phallus: Bleaystan çhesh- veanagh, shen smaght, pooar, niart as bwoid mooar. Dhoor; cock, tool

carrey (=Ir. cara, caraid) pl. caarjyn well-wisher, friend: S'firrinagh ta smaght carrey Bible; stone pillar [L. car-us]

colliar pl. colliaryn collar, necklet: Ta quing as colliar freayll yn mwannal fo smaght, shen myr ta torchaghyn as greddyn yn drogh-harvaant. Apoc

cultooroil cultural: Ga nagh vel Mannin dy jeeragh fo smaght Hostyn cha nod oo gra dy vel Mannin seyr, erskyn ooilley ayns cooishyn cultooroil. Carn

cur cooney da succour: Ta reiltys Lunnin cur cooney da ny myn-çhengaghyn fo'n smaght echey. Dhoor

dyn y wooise da despite: Dyn y wooise da'n smaght v'ad currit fo, ny foddee kindagh rish Coraa

fadeyraght (f.) prophecy: bee kiarkyl y clane theihll fo nyn smaght" coardail rish fadeyraght hug ben-jee da Brutus. Dhoor

Frangee (Ny) French: Er lhimmey jeh'n chooid smoo jeh ny Yernee, ta ny Celtiee dy bollagh fo smaght ny Sostnee as ny Frangee. Carn

Germaanee Germans: Va ny Frangee eer ny s'dewiley ny ny Germaanee tra v'ad cur cultoor fo smaght yn aght va paart dy Vritaanee greinnit dy co-obbragh maroo. Carn

Loghlynn (f.) Norway: Myr sampleyr, va Loghlynn fo smaght ny Danvargee sy cheead shoh chaie as va Loghlynnish cheet dy ve ny s'Danvargee gagh laa. Carn

meenee explanatory: smaght yn voyrn oc, meenee yn ghoanlys oc, as cur mow ny  croutyn oc PB1765

mie ynsit well-educated: Cha nel reiltys Hostyn laccal y theay ta fo'n smaght oc ve mie ynsit ta shen ro ghaueagh, ghooinney. Carn

neuchialgys simplicity: V'eh shirrey er neuchialgys, skeealeraght, rheynn, gloo-pharteeaght, smooinaght ashlishagh as, trooid Creest nyn Jiarn, yn graih feayslee jeh mraane as adsyn fo smaght. Dhoor

neuymmyrchagh inessential, needlessness, redundant, unnecessary: tra vees ny Manninee currit fo smaght ny Sostnee, dy slane; as ta sooillyn ny Sostnee chyndaait rooin dy neu-ymmyrchagh. Carn

shinsharagh (rank) senior: Vrish caggey focklagh magh y hiaghtin shoh tra va smaght er offishear shinsharagh er ny hroggal. BS

shottal shooting: Ta ard-veoir-shee ayns Mannin er ve loayrt mychione smaght er gunnaghyn, lurg da kuse dy leih v'er ngoll er shottal sy Reeriaght Unnaneyssit er y gherrid. BS

skeealeraght (f.) communicativeness, talebearing, tattle, tattling: V'eh shirrey er neuchialgys, skeealeraght, rheynn, gloo-pharteeaght, smooinaght ashlishagh as, trooid Creest nyn Jiarn, yn graih feayslee jeh mraane as adsyn fo smaght. Dhoor

speeikear (pl -yn) spy: Tra haink Oldfield stiagh dy "chooney lesh" Atkins, s'cosoylagh dy dooar yn shenn speeikear barrantys follit dy noddagh eh cur Atkins fo smaght dy by vie lesh. Carn

loving canjel; cur graih da; graihagh: and thy loving correction shall make me great - as nee dty smaght graihagh mish y yannoo mooar Bible; graihoil; jannoo graih; dooie: The Lord is loving unto every man - Tan Chiarn dooie da dy chooilley ghooinney Bible

subject biallagh, biallagh da, fo-reill da, fo-viallys da: I beg you to give the subject a moment's consideration - Ta mee guee erriu dy chur da'n chooish geill shallid. JJK idiom; kione y raa; theay; (v.) cur fo smaght, injillaghey, smaghtaghey; cooish: I beg you to give the subject a moment's consideration - Ta mee guee erriu dy chur da'n chooish geill shallid. JJK idiom


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