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sling clibbag hroggee; croghtane; strap; streng orraghey; sling; orraghey, tilgey

sling (f.) weaver's reed; sling: ad shen nee eh tilgey magh, myr clagh ass mean sling Bible

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sling cart (n.) cairt ghunn-vooar

sling out (v.) slingal

sling fidderagh (f.) slay

weaver's reed (n.) sling

cairt ghunn-vooar (f.) sling cart

clibbag hroggee (f.) sling

croghtane sling

streng orraghey (f.) sling

hair1 (n.) folt: Her hair is tinted - Ta'n folt eck mynghaahit. DF idiom; gruag; renaig: every one could sling stones at an hair breadth, and not miss - dy voddagh dagh fer jeu clagh y hilgey ass sling, gys lheead renaig, gyn missal Bible; rinneig: was an hair of their head singed - chamoo va rinneig jeh nyn ghing daahjit Bible; fynney: and the hair thereof be not turned white - as nagh vel y fynney echey er jyndaa bane Bible; (gen.) fuilt: Her wealth of hair - E cooid fuilt. DF idiom

sling-dog (n.) cribbagyn troggee

cribbagyn troggee sling-dog

tilgey (=Ir. teilg) 1 cast, cast off, chuck, discharge, disgorge, fling, hurl, launch, pitch, plunge, pot, precipitate, project, shoot, sling, throw, throwing, toss, tossing a: ad shen nee eh tilgey magh, myr clagh ass mean sling Bible; 2 void, vomit: bee tilgey naareydagh er dty ghloyr Bible; 3 (coin) toss up; 4 abort, miscarry; 5 (as metal) found

missal miss: clagh y hilgey ass sling, gys lheead renaig, gyn missal Bible

slingal sling out: neem's cummaltee yn cheer y slingal magh 'sy tullogh Bible

clagh (=Ir. cloch, Sc.G. clach) (f.) pl. claghyn 1 stone, stone monument a: dy voddagh dagh fer jeu clagh y hilgey ass sling Bible; 2 testicle [O.Ir. cloch]

clagh chostal (f.) precious stone: Myr eh ta ceau clagh chostal lesh sling myr shen t'eshyn ver ooashley da'n yiare cheeayllagh. Bible; gem

gour e vullee headlong: ghow eh clagh ass, as sling eh eh, as woaill eh yn Philistine ayns glaare e eddin, dy ren y chlagh sinkeil ayns glaare e eddin; as huitt eh gour e vullee gys y thalloo. Bible

harryn over us: agh ny-yeih hie ny sling harryn mygeayrt-y-mysh, as woaill ad eh. Bible As dooyrt eshyn, Quoi ren uss dty phrince as dty vriw harryn? Bible

jesh lesh y laue chiare left-handed: va shiaght cheead reih deiney cha jesh lesh y laue chiare dy voddagh dagh fer jeu clagh y hilgey ass sling, gys lheead renaig, gyn missal Bible

orraghey bolt, charge, round of ammunition, shot; cast, discharge, sling, throw, flight; (at fair) shy; stroke: cur twoaie nagh bee oo goit ersooyl lesh orraghey baaish Bible

strap pl. strappyn line, strap, sling, string: Nagh goym nhee erbee, eer veih snaie gys strap-braagey Bible

slay (v.) cur gy baase, marroo; marr: Slay my two sons, if I bring him not to thee - Marr my ghaa vac, mannagh derym Bible; mar: Bring these men home, and slay - Cur lhiat ny deiney shoh thie as mar-jee Bible; stroie; (n.) sling fidderagh

subdue (v.) cur fo chosh: I will subdue all thine enemies - neems myrgeddin ooilley dty noidyn y choyrt fo-chosh Bible; cur sheese: He shall subdue the peoples under us - Ver eh sheese y pobble foin Bible; goaill yn varriaght: and subdue with sling stones - as yiow ad yn varriaght lesh claghyn-sling Bible; injillaghey: to subdue nations before him - dy injillaghey ashoonyn kiongoyrt rish Bible; reill: replenish the earth, and subdue it - jean-jee yn seihll magh lesh cummaltee, as reill-jee harrish Bible

coau (f.) chaffer; chaff: Cre ta'n coau ayns soyllaghey da'n churnaght Bible; stubble: cha vel claghyn-sling huggeysyn agh myr coau Bible


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