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slayntoil (=Ir. sláintiúil) genial, healthy, salubrious, sane, sanitary, sound, wholesome: Ghow mee foddeeaght son dty haualtys slayntoil Bible

Inexact matches:

coadey slayntoil sanitary towel

jannoo slayntoil sanify

healthy (adj.) follan; slayntoil; sunt

salubrious (adj.) slayntoil

sanify jannoo slayntoil

sanitary (adj.) slayntoil

wholesome (adj.) follan; slayntoil

genial (adj.) follan, gennal, lossanagh, slayntoil

sane (adj.) er e cheeayll, slane, slayntoil, sunt

sanitary towel (n.) coadey slayntoil, toval ben

aspickyn bishops: Cur neose er ny Aspickyn as ny Shirveishee ain, as er dy chooilley Heshaght t'er ny choyrt fo'n churrym oc, yn Spyrryd slayntoil jeh dty ghrayse PB1765; overseers

foddeeaght (f.) See foddiaght distance, fervent desire, hankering, homesickness, longing, nostalgia: Ghow mee foddeeaght son dty haualtys slayntoil Bible

pargys paradise: Jeeagh, shoh ny ooylyn slayntoil millish v'aym dhyt's son jinnnair, dy voddagh oo goll lhiam 3765 gys maynrys smoo na ta ain ayns Pargys, raad ta ny ainleyn chebbal nyn shirveish. PC

sound cayrnal; eaishtagh rish; feeam; feiyr; feiyral; follan: He is as sound as a bell - T'eh cha follan as breck. DF idiom; hellym: The sound of the trumpet - Hellym y chayrn. DF idiom; keyllys: They used to swim the cattle across the Sound - Boallagh ad cur er yn ollagh dy naue harrish y Cheyllys. DF idiom; lajer; lane; sheean: Empty vessels make the most sound - Siyn folmey smoo sheean nee. JJK idiom; sheeanal; sheeaney; sheidey; slayntoil; sunt; suntal; sunteil; sonn; (adj.) keyn; breeoil


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