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skeym scheme: Taishbynys jeh Skeym Iris as yn aght t'eh goll er oi sy jiass, v'eh er ny chummal ayns Purt le Moirrey riyr. BS

Inexact matches:

Skeym-Pohlldal Siyn-Eeastee Fishing Vessel Support Scheme

Skeym Eeckys Leah Early Payment Scheme

Skeym Eeckyssyn Leah Early Payments Scheme

Skeym Kianglee Sthie Ellan Raad Road Island Inner Link Scheme

Skeym-lhiasee ny Lhiaghteyderyn Depositors' Compensation Scheme

Skeym Cour Cooney Lesh Y Chaghlaa Switchover Help Scheme

scheme cummey; skeim, skeym

skeim See skeym scheme

Scheme of Arrangement (n.) Skeym-reaghee

Skeym-reaghee Scheme of Arrangement

Depositors' Compensation Scheme (n.) Skeym-lhiasee ny Lhiaghteyderyn

Early Payment Scheme (n.) Skeym Eeckys Leah

Early Payments Scheme (n.) Skeym Eeckyssyn Leah

Fishing Vessel Support Scheme (n.) Skeym-Pohlldal Siyn-Eeastee

Road Island Inner Link Scheme (n.) Skeym Kianglee Sthie Ellan Raad

Switchover Help Scheme (n.) Skeym Cour Cooney Lesh Y Chaghlaa

drogh-reirey ill-management, misdirection, mismanagement: Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed son Rosien, Phil Gawne, t'eh gaggyrt dy vel drogh-reirey er chumrail er skeym cour ocsyn ta laccal kionnaghey thie son y chied cheayrt. BS

margeeys marketing: V'eh inshit da Sheshaght Margeeys Bainney ny smoo na kiare bleeaney er dy henney nagh dod ad geddyn rey rish meaig liorish skeym IRIS. BS

oolaghyn fines: Agh cha nel skeym erbee ry hoi jannoo yn peer ass y noa goit stiagh ayns oolaghyn y Reiltys. BS

treishtagh confident, fiduciary, trusting: T'eh gra dy vel eh feer treishtagh dy vow yn skeym kied-plannal. BS

unnidyn units: Ta'n skeym cheddin cour thieys coadit neesht, as bee kiare unnidyn jeig ayn ooilley cooidjagh. BS

sornaigys sewage, sewerage: Dooyrt Mainshtyr Harrison dy vel obbyr yn çheshaght echey foast lane ymmyrçhagh, ga dy jean y skeym-sornaigys feiy yn Ellan leodaghey sollaghey dy mooar. BS


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