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skellal 1 die away, disappearance: Marish yn chengey va palchey dy arraneyn skellal ersooyl, dy-jarroo ta chengey undin jeh kiaull as persoonaght ashoonagh. Carn; 2 (dy); (to) glisten; 3 (dy); (to) beam a: coodagh dy hoilshey sollys v'er e skyn as goullyn greiney skellal magh veih 'vun PC

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skellal roish 1 disappear, vanish a: Ren eh skellal roish mygeayrt y chorneil. Bible; 2 (as speed) whip

skellal gyn eeck (bookmaker) welsh

die away skellal

disappear (v.) lheie, skellal roish

disappearance (n.) skellal, skelley

welsh (v.) (bookmaker) skellal gyn eeck

whip5 (as speed) skellal roish

glisten glistral; glistree; lonraghey; (to); (dy) skellal

beam1 (n.) beam; caabyr; cheu: On the weather beam - Er cheu ny geayee. DF idiom; darrag; garmin: Weak place in a beam - Boayl faase ayns garmin. DF idiom; goull; trasnane; (v.) (to); (dy) skellal

happiness (n.) maynrys: All happiness will have vanished - Bee maynrys ooilley er skellal roish. JJK idiom

vanish1 (v.) skellal roish, cherraghtyn; goll naardey: What time they wax warm, they vanish - Lesh y bree-hiass tad goll naardey Bible

aalican fine weather, great calm, halcyon: Nish y ghrian vannee skellal magh e phooar chemmal y dor'ghys t'ayns y diunid wooar, as Satan shiaulley ayns yn aalican, goaill taitnys mooar ayns goullyn gial y ghrian PC


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