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skeaylley1 breed, cast loose, diffract, diffuse, disband, discharge, dismiss, dispel, disseminate, dissipate, dissolve, draw apart, drop away, leakage, release, resolution, resolve, run out, scatter, scattering, scramble, slacken, slackening, slip, spread, spreading, spring, sprinkle, sprinkling, undoing, unfix, unfurl, unfurling, liquidate: Er shoh ren y Chiarn skeaylley ad magh veih shen harrish slane eaghtyr y thallooin Bible; diffusion, dissipation, dissolution, looseness

skeaylley2 (dy); (to) come loose: : As shegin da ve palchey shiunyn ayd dy skeaylley er y laare, vel shiu er chymsagh ad foast? Coraa

Inexact matches:

glenney skeaylley liquidation

lus skeaylley (f.) purple loosestrife

skeaylley cliaghtey practice-firing

skeaylley colught liquidate

skeaylley eoylley scattering dung

skeaylley er bestrew: : As shegin da ve palchey shiunyn ayd dy skeaylley er y laare, vel shiu er chymsagh ad foast? Coraa

skeaylley magh extend, put down, set down, spread out, untuck: Drappal er yn 'aal, cassaghey as skeaylley magh, geiyrt er y ghrian. Dhoor

skeaylley sidooryn demobilization

skeaylley skian wingspan

skeaylley boanlagh er litter

skeaylley gas caggee gas

Skeaylley ny Gaeil Highland Clearances

skeaylley tooilley er flood

skeaylley yn credjue evangelize

cast loose (v.) feasley; skeaylley

come loose (v.) (to); (dy) skeaylley

demobilization (n.) jee-hymney; skeaylley sidooryn

diffract (v.) skeayll-vrishey, skeaylley

disband (v.) scaalheaney, skeaylley

dispel (v.) imman ersooyl, skeaylley

disseminate (v.) cuirr, skeaylley

dissolution (n.) lheie; skeaylley

drop away (v.) lhaggaghey, skeaylley

liquidation (n.) glenney skeaylley; marroo

practice-firing skeaylley cliaghtey

purple loosestrife (n.) lus skeaylley

scattering reeayllagh; scaalhean; skeaylley

scattering dung (v.) skeaylley eoylley

slacken (v.) laggaghey, skeaylley; lhaggee

slackening1 laggagh; skeaylley

sprinkling skeaylley; spreihagh

unfix (v.) feaysley er, skeaylley

unfurl (v.) neufilley, skeaylley

unfurling skeaylley

bestrew (v.) craa harrish, skeaylley er

dissipate (v.) jummal, lheie, skeaylley, stroie

dissipation (n.) jummal, lheie, skeaylley, stroie

spreading skeaylley; skeaylt; slaa; lheanee

transmission (n.) pooar-hoyrt, toyrt, ym-skeaylley

wingspan (n.) reaish skian, skeaylley skian

ym-skeaylley broadcast, transmission, transmit

diffuse focklagh; scaalheaney; scaalheanit; skeaylley; eddyrskeayl; eddyrskeaylley

diffusion (n.) skeaylley; goll er fud; eddyrskeaylley

draw apart (v.) scarrey, skeaylley, tayrn veih my cheilley

Highland Clearances (n.) Skeayley ny Gaeil; Skeaylley ny Gaeil

leakage (n.) faarney, lhiggey magh, lhiggey stiagh, skeaylley

liquidate (v.) glen feeaghyn, skeaylley colught; marroo

release aa-eaysley; feaysley er; seyrey; skeaylley

run out (v.) ceau; roie magh; skeaylley

scatter roie er chea, skeayley; scaalheaney; skeaylley; scah

scramble (v.) bwoalley; jannoo mestey vestey jeh; skeaylley

spread out skeaylley magh; skeaylt magh

transmit (v.) creealey, sheeyney hug, ym-skeaylley

breed aalaght; clein, fuilleeaght, kynney; (v.) geddyn sluight, goaill toshiaght, troggal, sheelraghey; sheelrey; skeaylley

broadcast creeley; scaalhean; scaalheaney; scaalheanit; ym-skeaylley; ym-skeaylt

evangelize (v.) cur lesh gys credjue; jannoo sushtallagh; skeaylley yn credjue; sushtallaghey

resolution (n.) aigney jeean, daanys, jeeskeaylley, kiarail, rheynn, skeaylley; cruinnys

resolve cur jerrey er; kiarail; kiarail red y yannoo; rheynn; skeaylley

slip duillagan; fo-ghooyn; jannoo marran; lhiggey; marran; roie; skeaylley; skyrraghtyn; skyrraghtys; skyrrey; slap

untuck lhig neose; lhiggey neose; neuchryslaghey; neuchryslee; neufill; neufilley; skeayl magh; skeaylley magh

bulladyn bullets: Bulladyn y skeaylley rish y noid. DF

bullets (npl.) bulladyn: Pepper the enemy with bullets - Bulladyn y skeaylley rish y noid. DF idiom

discharge ceau magh: Discharge ballast - Ballast y cheau magh. DF idiom; cur ersooyl; cur sheese; eeck glenney; folmaghey; glenney; glenney magh; jee-lughtaghey; jee-lughtey; lhiggey; lhiggey magh; neulaadey; neulughtaghey; neulughtey; orraghey; seyrey; sheeley; skeaylley; tilgey

dismiss (v.) brishey, ceau magh, cur ersooyl, jiooldey, lhiggey ersooyl, seyrey, skeaylley; ceau voish: Let us dismiss the subject - Ceaumayd voin y chooish. DF idiom

dung (n.) cugh, gaerr, keck, taa; eoylley: Spreading dung - Skeaylley eoylley. DF idiom; (v.) eoyllaghey, jannoo keck, keckey, lhiasaghey, taarey, toarey, toarrey

extend (v.) cur roshtyn er; lheanaghey; mooadaghey; niartaghey; reirey; sheeyn magh; sheeyney magh; skeaylley magh

flood baih; baihghey; lhieeney rour; skeaylley tooilley er; thooilley: The river is in flood - Ta thooilley 'syn awin. DF idiom

gas (n.) gas: In our house we have electric and gas fires - Ayns y thie ainyn ta aileyn gas as electragh ain. JJK idiom; (v.) cur gas da, gassaghey, mooghey lesh gas, skeaylley gas caggee

litter aailagh, boanlagh; aal; coonlagh lhiabbagh, lhiabbee; brey, cur fud y cheilley, skeaylley boanlagh er; faiyragh, orchal; ortch; seiy: Pup of the first litter - Quallian jeh'n chied seiy. DF idiom

looseness (n.) anhickyrys, buinnaght, feayslaght, feaysley builg, feaysley er, laggid, neuhickyrys, scooirey, skeaylley, skeayltaght, skittyr

set down (v.) skeaylley magh; lhig neose: He set down on him - Lhig eh neose er. DF idiom

spread cur mygeayrt, skeayl, skeayll; lheaney; lheead; scarrey; sheeyney; skeaylley; slaa; skeaylit; skeayley: Who has spread this false report? - Quoi t'er skeayley yn fou foalsey shoh? JJK idiom

spring arree; chibbyr, chibbyragh, chibbyrt, farane, farrane, farraneagh, geill, moir ny hawin; clishtey; clist, clistal, clistey; croghey er lheimaghanyn; lheim; lheimaghan; lheimmey; lheimyragh; ribbey; skeaylley

sprinkle breckey; craa; skeaylley; spreih: Aaron's sons shall sprinkle the blood thereof round about upon the altar - nee mec Aaron yn uill echey y spreih mygeayrt er yn altar Bible

undoing rassey; skeaylley; cragh: That was his undoing! - Va shen yn chragh echey! DF idiom; craght

bossan lesser reed mace, wort: Yn boayl ta bossan, luss as blaa Nyn soaral millish skeaylley lhean. Coraa; penis; protrusion

neuyerkit unexpected, unrehearsed: myr shen dy chooilley cheayrt, ta my heshey veen foostyrey er y toght noa, ta tonnyn thalloo-chraagh neuyerkit skeaylley magh voish y chesh vean. Dhoor

dissolve (v.) boggaghey, cur ass bree; heose-lhag, heose-lhaggaghey; skeaylley: thou, whole Palestina, art dissolved - tou uss slane Palestina er dty skeayley Bible; lheie: the earth is clean dissolved - tan ooir dy glen er lheïe ersooyl Bible; lhieggal: and the palace shall be dissolved - as bee yn phlaase er ny lhieggal Bible


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