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skeaban folt hairbrush

skeaban (f.) brush, small broom: T'eh lauee lesh skeaban peint DF; fly-whisk, fly whisk

Inexact matches:

cass skeaban (f.) broom handle

cummeyder skeaban brush-holder

skeaban aer air-brush

skeaban braagey shoe brush

skeaban buitch witches' broom

skeaban clooie feather duster

skeaban daah paint brush

skeaban eaddagh (f.) clothes brush

skeaban feeackle toothbrush

skeaban fuilt hairbrush

skeaban ingey (f.) nailbrush

skeaban lajer stiff brush

skeaban laue hand brush

skeaban scooiree scratch brush

skeaban shynnee foxtail

skeaban sooie flue brush

skeaban terrey tar brush

skeaban vaaree (f.) shaving brush

skeaban vog (f.) soft brush

skeaban voteil (f.) bottle brush

skeaban brat laare carpet broom

hairbrush (n.) skeaban folt, skeaban fuilt

air-brush (n.) skeaban aer

bottle brush (n.) skeaban voteil

brush (n.) skeaban: Whose brush is this? - Quoi s'lesh y skeaban shoh? JJK idiom; (v.) skeabey: You have to brush your clothes - Shegin diu skeabey nyn eaddeeyn. JJK idiom

brush-holder (n.) cummeyder skeaban

clothes brush (n.) skeaban eaddagh

flue brush (n.) skeaban sooie

fly whisk (n.) skeaban

fly-whisk skeaban

hand brush (n.) skeaban laue

nailbrush (n.) skeaban ingey

scratch brush (n.) skeaban scooiree

shaving brush (n.) skeaban vaaree

shoe brush (n.) skeaban braagey

small broom (n.) skeaban

soft brush (n.) skeaban vog

stiff brush (n.) skeaban lajer

tar brush (n.) skeaban terrey

toothbrush (n.) skeaban feeackle

witches' broom (n.) skeaban buitch

carpet broom (n.) skeaban brat laare

comb-brush (n.) kere-skeaban

paint brush (n.) skeaban daah; skeaban-slaa

kere-skeaban (f.) comb-brush

skeaban-slaa paint brush

broom handle (n.) cass skeaban, maidjey skeab

feather duster (n.) fedjag ghlennee, skeaban clooie

foxtail (n.) arbyl shynnee, faiyr shynnee, famman shynnee, skeab shynnee, skeaban shynnee

useful (adj.) lauee: He is useful with a paintbrush - T'eh lauee lesh skeaban peint. DF idiom; ymmydoil: It's a very useful language - T'eh ny chengey feer ymmydoil. JJK idiom; ymmydagh; shirveishagh; femoil; vondeishagh; saasagh

lauee dexterous, handy, useful, versatile: T'eh lauee lesh skeaban peint. DF; handed, of the hand; manual


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