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siyragh cursory, expeditious, hastening, hasty, hurried, impetuous, passion, prompt, rash: Ny bee siyragh dy gholl ass e hilley: Bible; speedy

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dy siyragh accelerando; hastily, suddenly: As loayr y Chiarn dy siyragh rish Moses, as rish Aaron, as rish Miriam, Tar-jee magh nyn droor gys y chabbane agglish. Bible

accelerando dy siyragh

cursory (adj.) siyragh, slydagh

expeditious (adj.) siyragh

hasty (adj.) gaskeydagh; joltee; siyragh: Seldom is a hasty man out of trouble - S'tiark ta dooinney siyragh ass seaghyn. JJK idiom; tappee

hurried (adj.) siyragh

impetuous (adj.) brash, raghtal, siyragh

rash1 dyn tort, gyn tort: The heart also of the rash shall understand knowledge - Nee yn cree ocsyn myrgeddin ta gyn tort toiggal tushtey Bible; joltee; raghtal; siyragh: Be not rash with thy mouth - Ny bee siyragh lesh dty veeal Bible

hastening (v.) goll dy gribbeydey; kirtagh; siyragh; siyraghey

hastily (adv.) beeal freayn; dy gribbeydey; dy jeean; dy joltee; dy siyragh; dy leah

speedy (adj.) chionn, gastey, tappee; siyragh, bieau, bioyral, er finnue

out of trouble ass seaghyn: Seldom is a hasty man out of trouble - S'tiark ta dooinney siyragh ass seaghyn. JJK idiom

passion (n.) cannid finnue, cheh, fargagh, fergagh, irree, mian, ouyl, paish, siyragh; ferg: He was in a passion - Va ferg erskyn insh er. DF idiom

prompt (v.) cur ayns kione feanish, cur yn fockle 'sy veeal, greinnaghey; (adj.) dy traaoil, er builley ny hoor, er y traa, siyragh, leah; (n.) fys jeh'n ockle

suddenly (adv.) doaltattym, doaltattymagh; dy doaltattym: I awoke suddenly - Ghooisht mee dy-doaltattym. JJK idiom; dy jeean; dy siyragh

insh 1 (v.) announce, communicate, declare, divulge, narrate, report, reporting, tell, telling a: As roie yn ven dy siyragh dy insh shoh da e sheshey Bible; 2 (as joke) crack; 3 (n.) communication, divulgation, utterance, coverage, narration, speech; 4 (f.) island; 5 shew


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