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silver argid: He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth - Rug eh lesh spain argid ny veeal. JJK idiom; argid glass; argidagh; argidaghey; cheet dy ve lheeah; cur cooyl argid er; lheeah

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nickel silver (n.) argid nicklagh, argid nickylagh

ruby silver (n.) argid roobeenagh

silver birch (n.) beih argid

silver coin (n.) peesh argid

silver coins (npl.) peeshyn argid

Silver Enclosure (n.) Close yn Argid

silver foil (n.) scroggyl argid

silver fox (n.) shynnagh gial

silver money (n.) argid gial, argid glass

silver nitrate (n.) clagh ghorrym

silver pine (n.) juys Frangagh

silver plate (v.) argidaghey; (n.) plait argid

silver print coip argid

silver ring (n.) fainey argid

Silver Stream (n.) Awin Argid

silver wedding (n.) queigoo feailley vleeaney

silver weed (n.) lus y chorran

Silver Well (n.) Chibbyr yn Argid

Rushen Silver Band (n.) Bann Argid Rushen

small silver coin (n.) cribbaghan

argidaghey silver, silver plate

argid glass silver, silver money

jewels (npl.) jewelyn: And the servant brought forth jewels of silver - As hug y stiurt magh jewelyn argid Bible; jewellyn: jewels of silver, and jewels of gold - jewellyn argid, as jewellyn airh Bible

argid gial silver money

argid nicklagh nickel silver

argid nickylagh nickel silver

argid roobeenagh ruby silver

clagh ghorrym (f.) silver nitrate

coip argid (f.) silver print

cribbaghan small silver coin

fainey argid (f.) silver ring

juys Frangagh silver pine

peesh argid (f.) silver coin

plait argid silver plate

scroggyl argid silver foil

shynnagh gial silver fox

silver-gilt argid airhit; d'argid airhit

silver-haired (adj.) gial-lheeah

silver-mine (n.) meain argid

silver-mounted festit rish argid

silver-plate (n.) siyn argid

silver-plated argidit

silver-tongued (adj.) jesh-loayrtagh

silver-work obbyr argid

argid airhit silver-gilt

argidit silvered, silver-plated

cheet dy ve lheeah silver

Chibbyr yn Argid Silver Well

Close yn Argid Silver Enclosure

cur cooyl argid er silver

d'argid airhit silver-gilt

festit rish argid silver-mounted

gial-lheeah silver-haired, silvery

jesh-loayrtagh articulate, fair-spoken, silver-tongued

meain argid (f.) silver-mine

obbyr argid (f.) silver-work

queigoo feailley vleeaney silver wedding

Bann Argid Rushen Rushen Silver Band

beih argid (f.) birch tree, silver birch

lus y chorran (f.) silver weed, sneezewort, spurry

foxes (npl.) shynnee: He breeds silver foxes - T'eh troggal shynnee yial. DF idiom

peeshyn argid (f.) silver coins: hug ad da three-feed as jeih peeshyn argid Bible

carry away (v.) cur lesh ersooyl: to carry away silver and gold - dy chur lhiat ersooyl argid as airh Bible; ymmyrk ersooyl

chariot (n.) fainagh: And a chariot came up and went out of Egypt for six hundred shekels of silver - As va fainagh er ny choyrt lesh veih Egypt son shey cheead shekel dy argid Bible; chariot

covenanted conaanit; choard: And they covenanted with him for thirty pieces of silver - As choard ad rish son jeih peeshyn as feed dy argid Bible

gold airh: Gold and silver cannot make men happy - Cha nod airh as argid jannoo deiney maynrey. JJK idiom; oar

I will pay eeck-ym; eeck-yms: I will pay ten thousand talents of silver - as eeck-yms jeih thousane talent dy argid Bible

jubilee (n.) blein feayslee, traa ardvoggey; jubilee: Silver jubilee - Jubilee queig bleeaney as feed. DF idiom

make1 jannoo: Gold and silver cannot make men happy - Cha nod airh as argid jannoo deiney maynrey. JJK idiom; jantys; keint; kiartaghey; slanaghey; (y) yannoo: He can do that without me - Foddee eh shen y yannoo m'egooish. JJK idiom

vein (n.) cuishlin; meayn: Surely there is a vein for the silver - Son shickyrys ta meayn ayn son yn argid Bible; (v.) cur daah cuishlinagh er

argid (=Ir. airgiott ; lat. argentum.) coinage, exchequer, finance, money, silver, wages: son wheesh dy argid as sheeagh eh ver eh dou eh Bible; cash [L. argentum]

argidagh (adj.) fiscal, moneyed: Ta chengey elley cheet stiagh ec sleih t'er chosney barriaght ennagh (cultooragh, argidagh, sidooragh). Carn; (n.) financier; (the) rich; silver, silvered, silvery; argent

lheeah grey, grey-haired, grey-headed, hoary, mould, musty, silver, white-haired: ta mish shenn, as my chione lheeah Bible

siyn argid silver-plate: hug Joram lesh mârish siyn argid Bible

cannot cha nod: Gold and silver cannot make men happy - Cha nod airh as argid jannoo deiney maynrey. JJK idiom; cha vod: He who doesn't respect his father cannot be a good man - Eshyn nagh vel cur arrym da e ayr, cha vod eh ve ny ghooinney mie. JJK idiom

dross (n.) dross: Son of man, the house of Israel is to me become dross - Vac y dooinney, ta thie Israel er jeet dy ve dross Bible; leoie, mergid, scoodin, saill, scroig; kesh: Thou puttest away all the ungodly of the earth like dross - Tou sheebey ersooyl ooilley mee-chrauee yn thallooin myr kesh Bible; trustyr: Thy silver is become dross - Ta dty argid er ny hyndaa gys trustyr Bible

plenteous (adj.) palchagh, soogh; palchey: And the king made silver and gold at Jerusalem as plenteous as stones - As hug y ree er argid as airh ec Jerusalem dy ve cha palchey as claghyn Bible; feoilt: long-suffering, plenteous in goodness and truth - surranse-foddey, feoilt ayns mieys as firrinys. Bible

stubble (n.) giare-choonlagh: Behold, they shall be as stubble - Cur-my-ner, bee ad myr y yiare-choonlagh Bible; stubble: and wilt thou pursue the dry stubble? - as jed oo geiyrt er y stubble chirrym? Bible; stubbyl: gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, stubble - airh, argid, claghyn costal, fuygh, traagh, stubbyl Bible; coau: and the whirlwind shall take them away as stubble - as gowee yn gheay-chassee ersooyl ad myr y coau Bible


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