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sidoor failtagh mercenary

sidoor pl. sidooryn campaigner, pawn, private, soldier, soldier man: gymmyrkey oo-hene myr sidoor mie Bible [M.E. sondiour]

Inexact matches:

shenn sidoor old trooper, old warhorse, veteran: Ta shenn sidoor Manninagh kiarail jannoo jesh-chliaghtey jeh Laa yn Varriaght sy Chapaan. BS

sidoor aer airman, paratroop

sidoor cabbil cavalryman, dragoon, trooper

sidoor cadjin ranker

sidoor cheerey territorial

sidoor coshey foot-soldier, infantryman, unmounted soldier

sidoor doo ascari

sidoor faarkee marine

sidoor faillee soldier of fortune

sidoor goaldagh gallowglass

sidoor Injinagh sepoy

sidoor jiarg redcoat

sidoor keylley bush-fighter, guerilla

sidoor kianglt regular

sidoor marrey marine

sidoor noa recruit

sidoor shingoil private soldier

sidoor ynnydagh territorial

thie sidoor barrack

sidoor jeh'n ghardey corp lifeguardsman

sidoor ny croshey crusader

sidoor ny gunnaghyn artilleryman

marine (adj.) faarkagh, mooiroil; (n.) sidoor faarkee, sidoor marrey

territorial (n.) sidoor cheerey; sidoor ynnydagh; (adj.) thallooinagh

private (adj.) cleagh, persoonagh, preevaadjagh; follit: Private place - Boayl follit. DF idiom; (n.) sidoor: Private soldier - Sidoor shingoil. DF idiom

airman (n.) sidoor aer

ascari (n.) sidoor doo

bush-fighter (n.) sidoor keylley

campaigner (n.) sidoor, troddanagh

dragoon (n.) dragoon, sidoor cabbil

foot-soldier (n.) sidoor coshey

gallowglass (n.) goal-aeglagh, sidoor goaldagh

guerilla (n.) sidoor keylley

infantryman (n.) kearnagh; sidoor coshey

old trooper (n.) shenn sidoor

old warhorse (n.) shenn sidoor

paratroop (n.) paratroopey, sidoor aer

private soldier (n.) sidoor shingoil

ranker (n.) rhenkeyr; sidoor cadjin

redcoat (n.) sidoor jiarg

sepoy (n.) sidoor Injinagh

soldier man (n.) sidoor

trooper (n.) sidoor cabbil

unmounted soldier (n.) sidoor coshey

artilleryman (n.) gunneyder; sidoor ny gunnaghyn

cavalryman (n.) markiagh armee, sidoor cabbil

crusader (n.) croshaidagh, sidoor ny croshey

lifeguardsman (n.) sidoor jeh'n ghardey corp

marauder (n.) maarliagh; sidoor-roosteyragh

soldier of fortune (n.) sidoor faillee

sidoor-roosteyragh marauder

barrack (n.) barrick, thie sidoor; (v.) troggal musthaa, yllagh er

mercenary (adj.) sayntagh, sondagh; (n.) sondeyr, sidoor failtagh

recruit (v.) listal, troggal sidooryn; (n.) noanee, sidoor noa

soldier (v.) jannoo sidooraght, sidooraghey; (n.) kern, sidoor

pawn (n.) blebbin; gioal; kern; sidoor; (v.) cur fo ghioal, gioaltaghey; cur gioal

veteran1 (adj.) shenn; (n.) shenn 'eniagh, shenn sidoor; shenn ayns caggey

chaghteraghtyn messages, dispatches: Va'n sidoor shoh imraait ayns ny chaghteraghtyn. DF

imraait mentioned: Va'n sidoor shoh imraait ayns ny chaghteraghtyn. DF

regular1 (adj.) feer; kinjagh; (n.) fer kinjagh, sidoor kianglt; reiltagh: Placed at regular intervals - Soit ayns buill reiltagh. DF idiom

serving shirveish: Serving soldier - Sidoor er shirveish. DF idiom; shirveishagh; (v.) tendeil; lheim er: Stallion serving the mare - Collagh lheim er y laair. DF idiom; lheimmey: Stallion serving the mare - Collagh lheimmey y laair. DF idiom

fir vooinjerey men servants: deie eh er jees jeh ny fir vooinjerey echey as er sidoor crauee jeusyn va dy kinjagh mygeayrt-y-mysh Bible

kern pawn; pl. kernyn soldier, yeoman: Ta kern yn fockle kiart son "soldier" as eshyn, T'ad gra 'sidoor' nish agh cha nee kiart eh. JC


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