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shynnagh (=Ir. sionnagh) pl. shynnee fox, varmint: hie Samson as haare eh three cheead shynnagh Bible

Inexact matches:

brockeyr shynnagh fox terrier

coo shynnagh foxhound

Cronk Shynnagh Fox Hill

Eairy Shynnagh Ronague

Eary Shynnagh Fox Shieling

shelgeyr shynnagh fox-hunter

shelg shynnagh fox-hunt, fox-hunting

shynnagh arctagh arctic fox

shynnagh bane arctic fox

shynnagh bwoirrin (f.) she-fox, vixen

shynnagh bwoirryn (f.) she-fox, vixen

shynnagh firryn dog-fox

shynnagh gial silver fox

shynnagh marrey thresher

Lough ny Shynnagh Fox Lake

arctic fox (n.) shynnagh arctagh, shynnagh bane

she-fox (n.) shynnagh bwoirrin; shynnagh bwoirryn

vixen (n.) gaddee dy ven, shynnagh bwoirrin, shynnagh bwoirryn, spittag

dog-fox (n.) shynnagh firryn

fox1 shynnagh: It's a poor fox that has but one hole - She shynnagh boght nagh vel ny smoo na un towl echey. JJK idiom; (n.) fynney shynnee, fer shliawin; (v.) molley; lhiggey, lhiggey er

Fox Hill (n.) Cronk Shynnagh

foxhound (n.) coo shynnagh

fox-hunt (n.) shelg shynnagh

fox-hunter (n.) shelgeyr shynnagh

fox-hunting (v.) shelg shynnagh

Fox Shieling (n.) Eary Shynnagh

fox terrier (n.) brockeyr shynnagh

silver fox (n.) shynnagh gial

varmint (n.) shynnagh

Fox Lake (n.) Lough ny Shynnagh

thresher (n.) bwoalleyder; shynnagh marrey; taster

Ronague (n.) Eairy Shynnagh, Eairee Shynnee; Ronnag

Ooig (f.) (Yn) Wick: Shynnagh y chur ass e ooig. DF

aal (f.) nest, sitting of eggs: Aal y chur fo kiark. DF; litter; (of animals) young: Yn shynnagh as e aal. DF; pl. aalyn See aall fork

brockeyryn terriers: agh va'n ayr ec Ealish feer vie lesh ny moddee, er yn oyr dy boallagh eh troggal brockeyryn shynnagh guaragh. CL

guaragh wire-haired, wiry: agh va'n ayr ec Ealish feer vie lesh ny moddee, er yn oyr dy boallagh eh troggal brockeyryn shynnagh guaragh. CL

quaillanyn whelps: Soie ribbey son ny shynnee, son ny quaillanyn shynnagh ta mhilley ny biljyn-feeyney Bible

saasaghey contrive: ren yn shynnagh leeideil yn assyl gys ooig dowin, as ren eh saasaghey dy jinnagh yn assyl lhieggey sheese ayns shen. EF; remedy, satisfy

torchyn firebrands: hie Samson as haare eh three cheead shynnagh, as ghow eh torchyn, as hyndaa eh ad famman ry amman, as hug eh ny torchynsy vean eddyr y daa amman Bible


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