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short beg: Will you take a short walk? - Jean shiu walkal beg? JJK idiom; giare: Has not the time for sleep been short ? - Nagh vel traa yn chadlee er ve giare? JJK idiom; giare-chiarklaghey; giare-chiarkyl; giare-scannane; goan; goun; stuggagh; tiark

Inexact matches:

cut short (v.) giarrey; (adj.) cuttagh

fall short (v.) failleil

in short (adv.) gyn arragh y raa, gyn arragh y ghra; ayns focklyn giarrey; ayns beggan focklyn: I'll tell you in short - Inshym dhyt ayns beggan focklyn. DF idiom

short armed giare-roihagh

short arms (npl.) gunnyn giarey

short-billed dowitcher (n.) dowuitçher gob-giare

short circuit giare-hymshal

short coat (n.) jaggad

Short Croft (n.) Croit Giare

short cut aagherrid

short-eared owl (n.) hullad ghiare-chleayshagh, hullad ny gurreeyn

Short Farm (n.) Balley Giare

short furrow (n.) bhuttag

short jacket (n.) giare-chooat, jirkin, perree

Short life (intj) Giare dy heill

short loan (n.) eeasaght yiare

short measure (n.) towse giare

short pastry (n.) teayst brishalagh

short price corrillagh beg

short rations (n.) goan cooid

short respite aash veg

Short Road (n.) Bayr Giare

short sleep (n.) snap

short storm (n.) rag

short story (n.) skeeal giare

short time (n.) fhyt, gerrid, traa giare; tammylt beg: For a short time - Rish tammylt beg. DF idiom

Short-toed Eagle (n.) Urley mair-ghiare

short-toed lark (n.) ushag vair-ghiare

short-toed treecreeper (n.) snaueyder mair-ghiare

short ton (n.) thunney giare

short trousers (n.) troosyn giarey

short verse (n.) versicle

short wave (n.) tonn ghiare

short-winded person (n.) reeanagh

too short ro ghiare: Will the time have been too short? - Bee yn traa er ve ro ghiare? JJK idiom

in the short term sy çharrym giare

lesser short-toed lark (n.) ushag vair-ghiare veg

lodger for short time (n.) jiulean

long and short of it bun as baare jeh

on short time er paart-hraa

short fat person (n.) puttag

short of breath reeanagh

Short Ridge Hill (n.) Cronk Sumark

very short time (n.) thurrick; tootch; tootchey

Balley Giare Short Farm

Bayr Giare Short Road

bhuttag (f.) gusset; short furrow

corrillagh beg short price

Croit Giare Short Croft

eeasaght yiare (f.) short loan

giare-chiarklaghey short

giare-chiarkyl short

giare-chooat short jacket

giare-hymshal short circuit

giare-roihagh short-armed, short armed

giare-scannane short

goan cooid short rations

goun scarce; short

gunnyn giarey short arms

jirkin short jacket

puttag (f.) short fat person

rag short storm; stiff

stuggagh (=Ir. stucach) short; stiff

teayst brishalagh short pastry

thunney giare short ton

tonn ghiare (f.) short wave

tootch very short time

troosyn giarey short trousers

short-armed giare-roihagh

short-breathed giare-ennallagh

short-eared (adj.) giare-chleayshagh

short-footed giare-chassagh

short-handled (adj.) giare-chassagh

short-headed (adj.) giare-chlaiginagh

short-legged giare-chassagh; giare-lurgagh

short-lived (adj.) giare-heillagh, giare-heiltagh, neuveayn

short-necked (adj.) giare-wannalagh

short-range (adj.) giare-orraghey

short-sighted giare-vriwnyssagh

short-sightedness shilley faggys

short-snouted (adj.) smuttagh

short-term (adj.) giare-charrymagh, giare-hraa

short-waisted (adj.) giare-vouinagh

short-winded (adj.) giare-ennallagh

dowuitçher gob-giare short-billed dowitcher

er paart-hraa on short time

giare-charrymagh short-term

giare-chassagh short-footed, short-handled, short-legged

giare-chlaiginagh short-headed

giare-chleayshagh short-eared

Giare dy heill (intj) Short life

giare-ennallagh short-breathed, short-winded

giare-heillagh short-lived

giare-hraa short-term

giare-lurgagh short-legged

giare-orraghey short-range

giare-vouinagh short-waisted

giare-vriwnyssagh short-sighted; shortsighted

giare-wannalagh short-necked

hullad ghiare-chleayshagh (f.) short-eared owl

smuttagh flat-nosed, pug-nosed, short-snouted

snaueyder mair-ghiare short-toed treecreeper

Urley mair-ghiare Short-toed Eagle

ushag vair-ghiare (f.) short-toed lark

necked (adj.) mwannalagh: Short necked - Giare-wannalagh. DF idiom

gyn arragh y raa in short

hullad ny gurreeyn (f.) short-eared owl

reeanagh asthmatic, short of breath; short-winded person

shilley faggys myopia, short-sightedness; shortsightedness

sy çharrym giare in the short term

thurrick (f.) moment, second, very short time

ushag vair-ghiare veg (f.) lesser short-toed lark

aash veg (f.) breather, short respite: Nagh gow shiu aash veg? JJK

gyn arragh y ghra in short, without saying anymore

jaggad (=Ir. seacéad) (f.) coat, jacket, short coat: Cha row jaggad aym. JJK

ro ghiare too short: Bee yn traa er ve ro ghiare? JJK

tootchey second, very short time: Cha beeym tootchey. DF

courtship (n.) sooree: Short courtship is the best courtship - Sooree ghiare yn tooree share. DF idiom

stopped cummit; scuirrit; stappit; scuirr: He stopped short - Scuirr eh er y chooyl. DF idiom; stap: He stopped dead - Stap eh dy bollagh. DF idiom; sthap: I stopped the cheque - Sthap mee y sheck. DF idiom

time am, em; earish, emshyr, emshir, lhing, tammylt; traa: Time is short: Eternity is long - S'giare traa: S'foddey beaynid. JJK idiom; keayrt: I'll stay longer next time - Tanneeym ny sodjey yn keayrt sniessey. JJK idiom; (v.) towse

aagherrid abbreviation, brief abstract, epitome; short cut: Hie eh dys shen liorish aagherrid. JJK

ayns beggan focklyn briefly, in brief, in short: Loayr eh ayns beggan focklyn. DF

ayns focklyn giarrey in brief, in short, in summary: Ta mee hannah er n'insh dhyt nagh vod eh ve, nagh nhegin da ve; ayns focklyn giarrey, cha lhiggym da. JJK

beg (=Ir. beag) dwarf, few, miniature, minor, model, narrow, poky, quiet, short, slight, small, unsubstantial: ren ee beg y hoiagh jee'm Bible [O.Ir. bec]

bun as baare jeh long and short of it: Ta'n argid bun as baare jeh gagh olk. DF

cuttagh abrupt: T'ou dy-kinjagh cuttagh. JJK; bobbed, brief, cut short, docked, runt, runty, shortened; curtailed

fhyt fit: Tra cheayll e ven y naight  shoh, haink fhyt urree as ren ee tuittym sheese shiartanse dy ghreeishyn. Dhoor; short time

gerrid (f.) brevity, imminence, short time, while: Agh ayns traa gerrid dirree geay dowil doirrinagh nyn 'oi enmyssit Euroclydon Bible

giare (=Ir. gairid) abbreviated, abridged, abrupt, brief, brusque, compact, concise, curt, laconic, short, summary: Vel my laue cha giare shen, nagh voddym livrey? Bible; mortal; (of persons) undersized; (of things) undersized; curtailed [O.Ir. gerr]

giare-heiltagh ephemeral, evanescent, fleeting, of few days, short-lived: t'eh giare-heihltagh, as lane dy hreihys. Bible

goan (=Ir. gann) (words) address; expression, utterance: as ny lhig daue coyrt geill da goan fardalagh. Bible; (speech) words; meagre, rare, scant, scarce, short, slender, spare, sparse: cha vel y vooinjer ynrick agh goan mastey cloan gheiney. Bible; (of hair) thin; (of money) tight

jiulean cotler, husbandman, lodger for short time, temporary resident, vassal, sojourner: myr sharvaant failt, as myr jiulean vees eh mayrt Bible

neuveayn ephemeral, fluid, impermanent, non-durable, passing, short-lived, temporary, transient, transitory, unlasting, unsteadfast: Cooinaghtyn neuveayn. DF

perree short jacket, vest, waistcoat: Hie Perree Bane son yn chied cheayrt dys An Orient. Carn; jerkin

skeeal giare short story: ta screeudeyr ny banglane Manninagh er vriaght jeem dy insh skeeal giare mychione immeeaght ny Ghaelgey rish yn laa t'ayn jiu as er-lheh yn Cheshaght Ghailckagh. Carn

snap nap, short sleep, snooze: hie Saul stiagh dy ghoaill snap dy chadley: Bible

tiark few, rare, scanty, scarce, short, sparse, sporadic: Son shimmey t'er nyn eam, agh s'tiark t'er nyn reih. Bible; (of money) tight

towse giare under-dose, scant measure, short measure: Vel foast ny tashtaghyn dy vee-chairys ayns thie ny mee-chairal, as yn towse giare ta feodagh ? Bible

traa giare short time: Agh ta mee treishteil ayns y Chiarn, dy jig-yms mee hene myrgeddin ayns traa giare. Bible

versicle short verse; versicle: yn versikyl. O hiarn na jean ruiniyn nyrg nan bekaghyn. PB1610

anger (n.) corree: His anger was of short duration - Cha row eh corree foddey. JJK idiom; farg: I can sense the anger in the room - Ta mee gennaghtyn yn farg 'sy chamyr. DF idiom; ferg: He did it in anger - Ass ferg ren eh eh. DF idiom; elgys, fargys, jymmoose

giarrey1 (=Ir. gearradh) abbreviate, abridge, axe, beat out, carve, castrate, circumcise, cleave, clip, condense, cut, cut away, cut back, cut short, cut up, disconnect, dissect, erupt, flux, gash, hack, hew, incise, intersect, lance, levy, lop, mark out, prune, sever, shear, sink, slash, slicing, slit, snip; cut off: Ny jean-jee giarrey jeh sluight kynney ny Kohathiteyn, veih mastey ny Leviteyn Bible; (as words) clip: Nagh vaik oo dy vel dy chooilley hushtey ymmyrçhagh soit sheese ayns focklyn giarrey? CS; (as tail) crop; curtailment; diarrhoea; abridging, condensing, nicking, pruning, reaping; section [O.Ir. gerraid]

tammylt beg short time: Nish va fys ec Yeesey dy row ad aignagh dy enaght jeh, as dooyrt eh roo, Vel shiu briaght nyn mast' eu hene, er-y-fa dy dooyrt mee, Tammylt beg, as cha vaik shiu mee: as reesht, tammylt beg as hee shiu mee? Bible; shortly


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