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shlig (=Ir. slig) (f.) (pl -yn) body, scale, scale pan, shell, test: As ghow eh shlig chrockan dy screebey eh-hene; Bible; splinter

Inexact matches:

shlig chassee (f.) helix

shlig chayrnagh (f.) trumpet-shell

shlig chloaie (f.) ammonite

shlig chraie (f.) small potsherd

shlig ooastyragh (f.) oyster-shell

shlig phorslyn (f.) porcelain-shell

shlig roagan (f.) scallop-shell

shlig screebee (f.) shell of horse mussel

shlig vaarnagh (f.) limpet-shell

shlig varrey (f.) sea-shell

ammonite (n.) shlig chloaie

helix (n.) shlig chassee

limpet-shell (n.) shlig vaarnagh

oyster-shell (n.) shlig ooastyragh

porcelain-shell (n.) shlig phorslyn

scale pan (n.) bass, shlig

scallop-shell (n.) shlig roagan

sea-shell (n.) shlig varrey

trumpet-shell (n.) shlig chayrnagh

ashtray (n.) leoireydane; shlig-leoie

concholoagist shlig-oayllee

conchologist (n.) shlig-oayllee

conchology (n.) shlig-oaylleeaght

potshot (n.) orraghey roie, shlig-craie

shlig-craie potshot; potsherd

shlig-leoie (f.) ashtray

shlig-oayllee (f.) concholoagist, conchologist

shlig-oaylleeaght (f.) conchology

shell of horse mussel (n.) shlig screebee

small potsherd (n.) geiy gaih, shlig chraie

potsherd (n.) pash, pash craie; peesh dy chrockan; shlig-craie

splinter (v.) skeiltey; (n.) skirrag, speilt, spollag, shlig, breid, skeltag, speeineig

test (v., n.) prowal; (adj.) prowallagh; (n.); prowaltys: Eye-sight test - Prowaltys-hilley. DF idiom; shlig

body1 (n.) bleayst, colught, mean, sthockan; callin: The resurrection of the body - Irree seose reesht y challin. DF idiom; colb; corp: Commit a body to the deep - Corp y cheau harrish boayrd. DF idiom; corpane; shlig

scale (n.) aarey; crottyl; meih; scailley, scaailley; scraa; scroig; shlig; (v.) drappal; glenney; jannoo er scaailley

shell1 bleayst: The chicken is breaking the shell - Ta'n eean scolbey yn bleayst. DF idiom; bleaystan; coodagh; finneig; shlig; shliggan; bleaystaghey, bleaystaney, skilley

screebey abrade, abrasion, chafe, claw, dress, friction, grate, graze, itch, rasp, scrape, scratch, scrawl, scuffle, stridulate: ghow eh shlig chrockan dy screebey eh-hene Bible; clawing, scraping, scratching, striking [O.Ir. scrípaid]

shligyn-craie potsherds: Lhig da'n shlig-craie streeu rish shligyn-craie y thallooin. Bible


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