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shleiy eeastee (f.) fish spear

shleiy (f.) pl. shleiyghyn javelin, pike, spear: Jeeagh-jee shoh shleiy yn ree! Bible

Inexact matches:

cass shleiy (f.) pikestaff, spear shaft

deiney shleiy spearmen: Tra ta shessaght ny dene slaey, as ymmydi dy geney laidjer er nan skaely er liaed masky baein yn phobyl marshen gy vel ayd gy hishyil toyrt lieu pisyn d'argyd : as nar t'e er skae Psalm1610

mark-hidoor shleiy uhlan

mergey shleiy banderole

shleiy chollee (f.) boar spear

shleiy vadran (f.) sun-pillar

shleiy varrey (f.) harpoon

cur shleiy marrey ayn harpoon

cur shleiy trooid spear

seiy jeh shleiy spear thrust

harpoon (v.) cur shleiy marrey ayn; (n.) shleiy varrey

spear (v.) cur gob neese, cur shleiy trooid, sleeaney; (n.) lister, shleiy, sleean

banderole (n.) mergey shleiy

boar spear (n.) shleiy chollee

javelin (n.) barb, mannys, shleiy

pike (n.) beinn, gaddys, shleiy

pikestaff (n.) cass shleiy

spearmen (npl.) deiney shleiy

spear shaft (n.) cass shleiy

sun-pillar (n.) shleiy vadran

uhlan (n.) mark-hidoor shleiy

spear thrust seiy jeh shleiy

fish spear (n.) lister, listyr, shleiy eeastee

bolg-side (=Ir. bolgan-saghaid) quiver: Tan bolg-side feiyral n, yn shleiy sollys as yn eilley-caggee Bible

ghlack plucked: ghlack eh yn shleiy ass laue yn Egyptian Bible

jeeagh look, see: nish jeeagh cre vel shleiy yn ree Bible; shew

cloie lesh toying with, play with: as ren David cloie lesh e laue, myr bollagh eh: as va shleiy ayns laue Saul. Bible

croan lhuingey ship's mast: as myr croan lhuingey va'n shleiy v'ayns e laue dy chooney lesh dy heet ny sniessey daue PC

garmin cross beam: ayns laue yn Egyptian va shleiy myr garmin fidderagh Bible; beam

saagh ushtey 1 confutement; 2 cruse a: As nish jeeagh cre vel shleiy yn ree, as y saagh ushtey vec e chione. Bible

soilsheanagh beaming, brilliant, glistening, glowing, lit up, luminous, lustrous, radiant, shiny, splendid, vivid: ec soilshey dty hideyn ren ad getlagh as ec sollyssid dty shleiy soilsheanagh. Bible

tayrn magh 1 drag out, draw out, elicit, evoke, extract, extraction, pluck out, pull out, rip out, withdrawal a: Tayrn magh y shleiy Bible; 2 (as money) withdraw

treishteil ayns trust in: t'ad treishteil ayns scape, as shleiy, as bow, as shling Apoc

cass (=Ir. cos, Sc.G. cas) (f.) pl. cassyn See kass bottom, foot, leg, peg: As woaill eh ad rass as cass Bible; (of feather) barrel; (of river) meander, mouth, outlet: Cass ny hawin. DF; (of pipe) stem; (of whip) crop; handle, hilt, shaft, stalk: shegin da ve êillit lesh yiarn, as cass shleiy Bible [O.Ir. cos]


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