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ship (v.) cheet er boayrd, shiaulley, troggal er boayrd; (n.) lhong: Can't you perceive the ship in the distance? - Nagh leayr dhyt y lhong foddey jeh? JJK idiom; saagh

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cable ship (n.) lhong chaabil

capital ship (n.) kione-lhong

coffin ship (n.) lhong neuhauchey

depot ship (n.) lhong stoyr

fire ship (n.) lhong lostee

ghost ship (n.) lhong shee

guard ship lhong arrey

hospital ship (n.) lhong lheihys

merchant ship (n.) lhong hraghtee; saagh traghtee

pirate ship (n.) lhong spooillee

prison ship (n.) lhong charchyr

sailing ship (n.) lhong hiauill, saagh shiauill

ship boards (npl.) buird lhuingey

ship breaker (n.) brisheyder lhong

ship broker (n.) brokeyr lhong

ship chandler (n.) cainleyder lhong

ship owner (n.) shellooder lhong; shellooder-lhuingey

ship registry (n.) recortys-lhong; recortys-lhuingys

Ship Ridge (n.) Skibrick

ship worm (n.) crooag lhuingey

training ship (n.) lhong ynsee

treasure ship (n.) lhong hashtee

turret ship (n.) lhong hooran

Big Ship Creek (n.) Balley Skaig Mooar

cripple as ship (v.) cur ass ymmyd

fisheries research ship (n.) lhong ronsee eeastagh

Little Ship Creek Farm (n.) Balley Skaig Beg

of a ship (gen.) lhuingey

Rock of the Ship (n.) Creg y Lhong

Ship Creek Farm (n.) Balley Skipavik

Ship Creek Farm Field (n.) Magher Valley Skeig

Ship Creek Farm Head (n.) Howe Ballaskeig

Ship Creek Farm Scrub (n.) Garee Valley Skeig

Ship Creek Headland (n.) Balley Skaig Howe

tackling of the ship (npl.) greïnyn ny lhuingey

trim of ship co-hrimmid

upper works of ship (n.) eaghtyr lhuingey

Director of the Isle of Man Ship Registry (n.) Stureyder Recortys-lhong Ellan Vannin

brisheyder lhong ship breaker

brokeyr lhong ship broker

cainleyder lhong ship chandler

crooag lhuingey (f.) ship worm

kione-lhong capital ship

lhong arrey (f.) guard ship

lhong chaabil (f.) cable ship

lhong charchyr (f.) prison ship

lhong hashtee (f.) treasure ship

lhong hiauill (f.) sailing ship

lhong hooran (f.) turret ship

lhong lheihys (f.) hospital ship

lhong lostee (f.) fire ship

lhong neuhauchey (f.) coffin ship

lhong shee (f.) ghost ship

lhong spooillee (f.) pirate ship

lhong stoyr (f.) depot ship

lhong ynsee (f.) training ship

recortys-lhong ship registry

saagh shiauill sailing ship

saagh traghtee merchant ship

shellooder lhong ship owner

shellooder-lhuingey ship owner

Skibrick Ship Ridge [Scand]

headmistress-ship (n.) ard-venainshtyraght

trans-ship1 (v.) caghlaa dys lhong elley

trans-ship2 (v.) (passenger) maylartey lhong

ard-venainshtyraght (f.) headmistress-ship

Balley Skipavik Ship Creek Farm

maylartey lhong (passenger) trans-ship

troggal er boayrd ship, shipment

Balley Skaig Beg Little Ship Creek Farm

Balley Skaig Howe Ship Creek Headland

Balley Skaig Mooar Big Ship Creek

caghlaa dys lhong elley trans-ship

co-hrimmid balance, equivalence, trim of ship

Creg y Lhong Rock of the Ship

cur ass ymmyd cripple as ship, luxation

eaghtyr lhuingey upper works of ship

Garee Valley Skeig Ship Creek Farm Scrub

greïnyn ny lhuingey tackling of the ship

Howe Ballaskeig Ship Creek Farm Head

lhong hraghtee (f.) freighter, merchantman, merchant ship, tramp steamer

lhong ronsee eeastagh fisheries research ship

Magher Valley Skeig Ship Creek Farm Field

built troggit: Manx built ship - Lhong troggit ayns Mannin. DF idiom

hailing from ass: Ship hailing from London - Lhong ass Lunnin. DF idiom

cheet er boayrd ship: Va tonnyn mooarey cheet er boayrd urree. DF

lhuingey of a ship: bee eh son purt lhuingey Bible; of a pool

Stureyder Recortys-lhong Ellan Vannin Director of the Isle of Man Ship Registry

abandoned ( faagit, treigit; hreig: They abandoned the ship - Hreig ad y lhong. DF idiom; (adj.) jiarg

bay1 baie, baïe: The ship went down in Douglas Bay - Hie y lhong fo ayns Baie Ghoolish. DF idiom; (n.) cooan, poyll; bay; co-hamyryn; (adj.) dhone-ruy, doyn; (v.) gullal, gullarnee

bound1 (v.) cagliaghey, kianglit; goll lesh: Ship bound for England - Lhong goll lesh Sostyn. DF idiom; lheim: With one bound - Lesh un lheim. DF idiom; kianlt; chiangle; fo bree

broached barnit; broachit; currit er bher; currit hug y geay; foslit; lhiggit; towlit; saiht hug y gheay: The ship broached - Ren y lhong saih hug y gheay. DF idiom

captain1 (n.) ard-leeideilagh, captan glass, captan lhuingey, captan marrey, kiannoort; captan: Ship under command of Captain Watterson - Lhong fo kioneys Captan Kodhere. DF idiom

cargo (n.) laad; lught: The ship is taking on cargo - Ta'n lhong cur er boayrd lught. DF idiom

deck (n.) lout-eaghtyr, paggey; karraghey; lout: All hands on deck - Dagh ooilley pheiagh er y lout. DF idiom; laare: Deck a ship - Laare y chur er lhong. DF idiom

docked cuttagh; ec y cheiy; 'sy loghan; sniemmey stiagh: The capsule docked with the mother ship - Ren y finneig sniemmey stiagh er y voir-lhong. DF idiom

end to end (adj.) kione ry-cheilley; kione dys kione: From end to end of the ship - Veih kione dys kione jeh'n lhong. DF idiom

fully (adv.) dy slane; slane: I am fully alive to the danger - Ta lane fys aym er y danjeyr. DF idiom; lane: Fully laden ship - Lhong lane lughtit. DF idiom

gallant ard-voyrnagh: She is a gallant ship - T'ee ny lhong ard voyrnagh. DF idiom; cooyrteyr; gastoil; gialtagh

knots (npl.) cruint, khyr; meeilley faarkee: Sail at ten knots - Jeih meeilley faarkee 'syn oor y hiaulley. DF idiom; meeilley marrey: The ship is making twenty knots - Ta'n lhong goll feed meeilley marrey 'syn oor. DF idiom

laden laadit: I am heavily laden - Ta mee trome laadit. DF idiom; lughtit: Fully laden ship - Lhong lane lughtit. DF idiom

poop (n.) cashtal jerree: To poop a ship - Dy heet harrish y chashtal jerree. DF idiom

sinking goll fo: The ship is sinking - Ta'n lhong goll fo. DF idiom; goll sheese; sinkeil

slips (npl.) settyn; sthockyn: Ship on the slips - Lhong er ny sthockyn. DF idiom

straight ahead jeeragh roish: The ship was straight ahead of us - Va'n lhong jeeragh roin. DF idiom

buird lhuingey ship boards: T'ad er n'yannoo ooilley ny buird lhuingey ayd jeh biljyn-juys Senir Bible

fastyr beg evening just before dark: Va shen tra va mee gynsaghey Gaelg ayns 'The Ship' ayns Balley Cashtal, dagh fastyr beg Jerdein. Dhoor

jannoo turrys ply, make a journey: Va'n ventyr Americaanagh Space Ship One, ny Lhong Spoar Nane, speeideilagh as ee jannoo turrys tree minnid ayns spoar ren cosney moylley mooar. BS

lhong (=Ir. long) (f.) pl. lhongyn even keel, ship, vessel: va ny marrinnee mysh cosney ass y lhong Bible [O.Ir. long]

saagh (=Ir. soitheach) pl. siyn bowl: Roish my vees yn coyrd argid er ny eaysley, nyn saagh airh er ny vrishey Bible; container, feeder, holder, press, trough, utensil, vase, vessel, vial: va saagh er ny hoiaghey lane vinegar Bible; bushel; ship

shiaulley (=Ir. seoladh) boating, cruising, floating, float off, sailing, voyaging: Shen y raad ta ny lhongyn shiaulley Bible; boat, boat trip, cruise, sail, ship; navigation; shipment; clearance, crew, navigate, voyage; (on surface) flow

perceive (v.) ennaghtyn, toiggal; gennaghtyn; leayr: Can't you perceive the ship in the distance - Nagh leayr dhyt y lhong foddey jeh. JJK idiom; goaill baght; cronnaghey: Hast thou perceived the breadth of the earth? Vel oo er chronnaghey lheead y thalloo? Bible

stuck fest; festit; pohllit; lhiantyn: I have stuck unto thy testimonies - Ta mee er lhiantyn gys dty recortyssyn Bible; soit: they ran the ship aground; and the forepart stuck fast, and remained unmoveable - roie ad y lhong er grunt; as van toshiagh eck soit cha shickyr, nagh row ee scughey Bible


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