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sheshey brastyl classmate

sheshey (=Ir. seise) pl. sheshaghyn consort, fellow, husband, match, mate, partner, spouse; companion: Ta mee my vraar da dragonyn, as sheshey da hulladyn. Bible; cohort; colleague; goodman

Inexact matches:

dooinney sheshey husband: honnick eh neesht dy row eh ymmyrchagh dy beagh ec dooinney sheshey dooghyssagh. PC

gyn sheshey nonpareil; alone, without mate, Bible: As hooar Mahlon as Chilion nyn neesht baase, as va'n ven faagit gyn sheshey as gyn cloan. Bible

sheshey caggee comrade

sheshey cloie playmate

sheshey coonee helpmate

sheshey graih love match

sheshey iu drinking pal

sheshey mie boon companion

sheshey obbree (=Ir. seisoibre) fellow worker

sheshey poost husband

Sheshey Ronsee Research Fellow

gyn sheshey corrym unmatched

husband1 (n.) dooinney; dooinney poost; dooinney sheshey; sheshey: Her husband is young; his wife is happy - Ta e sheshey aeg; ta e ven maynrey. JJK idiom; sheshey poost; fer-poost

classmate (n.) sheshey brastyl

cohort (n.) sheshaght chaggee, sheshey

colleague (n.) co-obbree, sheshey

comrade (n.) cumraag, sheshey caggee

fellow worker (n.) sheshey obbree

helpmate (n.) sheshey coonee

love match (n.) sheshey graih

mate (n.) aavainshter, commyr, cumraag; sheshey: As black as the raven is he'll find a mate - Myr s'doo yn feeagh yiow eh sheshey. JJK idiom; (v.) cubblaghey, cur cooidjagh, jannoo colleeys, lheimmey

nonpareil (n., adj.) gyn sheshey; nomprayl

playmate (n.) sheshey cloie

Research Fellow (n.) Sheshey Ronsee

spouse (n.) sheshey

without mate gyn sheshey

boon companion sheer-heshey; sheshey mie

drinking pal (n.) co-iuder, sheshey iu

fellow citizens (npl.) co-heyraanee; sheshey-cummaltee

fellow member (n.) sheshey-oltey

gyn poosey celibate, unmarried, unwed: Ny lhig da'n ven ve er ny scarrey veih'n sheshey eck: Agh my t'ee son scarrey, lhig ee cummal gyn poosey reesht, er-nonney lhig ee ve coardit rish e sheshey: as ny lhig da'n dooinney cur ersooyl e ven. Bible

sheshey-cummaltee fellow citizens: Cha vel shin nish er-y-fa shen ny sodjey nyn yoarreeyn as jeh cheer whaagh, agh sheshey-cummaltee marish ny nooghyn, as jeh lught-thie Yee Bible

sheshey-oltey fellow member

sheshey-schoillar schoolfellow

sheshey-scollag schoolfellow

consort (v.) freayll sheshaght rish; (n.) sheshaght chiaullee; sheshey

unmatched (adj.) cor, correy, gyn sheshey corrym, neusoylit

match1 cheet jesh da, piyral; cloie; co-chloie; foaddan; keilley; mac-soylley; sheshey; soyllaghey; troddan

partner ayrniagh; coghaunseyr; commagh; leggad; paartee; parteeas; sheshey; (v.) jannoo commeeys rish

dragonyn dragons: Ta mee my vraar da dragonyn, as sheshey da hulladyn Bible

alone (adj., adv.) ynrican, ynrycan; gyn sheshey; (ny) lomarcan: Who knows? He alone - Quoi ec ta fys? Eshyn ny lomarcan. JJK idiom

companion cooidjaghtagh, co-heshey; cumraag: Fire is a good companion in this weather - Ta aile ny chumraag mie ayns lheid yn earish shoh. JJK idiom; greeish chabbaneagh; laue-lioar; sheshey

fellow (n.) co-oltey, cumraag, dooinney, e cheilley, mooidjeen, sheshey; fer: The silly fellow has fallen down - Ta'n fer tootagh er duittym sheese. JJK idiom

goodman (n.) eh hene; fer thie: say ye to the goodman of the house - abbyr-jee rish y fer-thie Bible; sheshey: For the goodman is not at home - Son cha vel my heshey ec y thie Bible

owls (npl.) hulladyn: I am a brother to dragons, and a companion to owls. - Ta mee my vraar da dragonyn, as sheshey da hulladyn Bible

raven (n.) feeagh: As black as the raven is he'll find a mate - Myr s'doo yn feeagh yiow eh sheshey. JJK idiom; feeagh mooar; (v.) hompsal, jannoo cragh

schoolfellow (n.) cumraag scoill, sheshey-scollag; sheshey-schoillar: He's a schoolfellow of ours - T'eh ny heshey-schoillar ainyn. JJK idiom

coardit intimate, pally, reconciled: lhig ee ve coardit rish e sheshey Bible; agreed, settled

drogh-imraa bad report, infamy: Yiow ish, ta ammyssagh da e sheshey, slane goo yn ven chreeney: agh hig faghid as drogh-imraa yn theihll urreeish ta craa e moyrn er. Apoc

dy graihagh fondly, lovingly: Desisht Jee dy graihagh rish ny v'eh er ghra, eh hene kiarail dy chroo foast sheshey da PC

ec y vunlaa at noon: Nish tra jimmee yn pobble roue ass y raad ec y vunlaa, hie Susanna ayns garey e sheshey dy walkal. Apoc

erskyn deiney superhuman: My ta e ymmyrkey, dooie, meen, as bannee, s'maynrey e sheshey erskyn deiney elley. Apoc; above men, over men

hyndaa er ash2 (dy); (to) turn round: Veeit sheshey Platt as yn meoir feiys oc, Murchadh MacRath, rhiu er y raad gys y cheyll as ren ben Platt guee orroo dy hyndaa er ash. NNS

insh 1 (v.) announce, communicate, declare, divulge, narrate, report, reporting, tell, telling a: As roie yn ven dy siyragh dy insh shoh da e sheshey Bible; 2 (as joke) crack; 3 (n.) communication, divulgation, utterance, coverage, narration, speech; 4 (f.) island; 5 shew

j'eeish of her: As hooar Jacob Joseph sheshey Voirrey, j'eeish ruggyr Yeesey, ta enmyssit Creest. Bible

jei2 (ny) after her: As hie e sheshey mâree keayney ny jeï chouds Bahurim Bible

kellit hid: dy bee shoh kellit veih sooillyn e sheshey, as freilt follit Bible

loayrt dy dooie speak friendly: As dirree e sheshey, as hie eh geiyrt urree dy loayrt dy dooie ree Bible

mee-reiltys (f.) anarchy, disloyalty, disorder, irregularity, lawlessness, misrule, turbulence, unruliness; unruly: Lheid as ta gyn foill, sheshey un ven, as e chloan crauee, nagh vel er ny chassid jeh rouanys ny meereiltys Bible

scarrit (=Ir. scarithe) detached, disconnected, disengaged, distinguished, disunited, divorced, parted, separated, spaced, sundry: chamoo nee ad goaill ben ta scarrit veih e sheshey Bible

Sulby Soli's Farm: Va bwoirrinagh baghey ayns Sulby mârish e sheshey as laa dy row hooar eh baase, as cha row ee son eshyn y oanluckey agh dy ve loshtit syn aile ec y chrematorium ayns Doolish. GB [Scand]

vulturyn vultures: shen y raad vees ny vulturyn myrgeddin er nyn jaglym cooidjagh, dagh unnane marish e sheshey Bible

damsel (n.) ben aeg: And the damsel was very fair to look upon - As van ven aeg feer aalin dy yeeaghyn urree Bible; caillin; caillin aeg; doodee; inneen; inney-veyl; moidyn: If a damsel that is a virgin be betrothed unto an husband - My vees ben aeg ta ny moidyn nasht rish sheshey bible


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