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shelg 1 (v.) hunting: myr fer ta shelg kiark-rheinnee er ny sleityn Bible; 2 (f.) chase, hunt, milt, prey, prowl, pursuit, quarry, run, shoot, spleen, venery a: Cha vel yn er-liastey gaarlagh shen, ghow eh ayns shelg: agh ta cooid dooinney frioosagh bannaght da Bible; 3 (the) field [Ir. sealg]

Inexact matches:

boayl shelg hunting ground

cayrn shelg hunting horn

eeanlee shelg wild fowl, wing game

grianane shelg shooting lodge

kiedoonys shelg game licence

lepard shelg cheetah

mainshtyr shelg hunt-master

moddey shelg hunting dog

possan shelg shooting party

shelg er track

shelg feeaihee (f.) stag-hunting

shelg kiark-rheinnee partridge hunting: son ta ree Israel er jeet magh dy hirrey jargan, myr fer ta shelg kiark-rheinnee er ny sleityn. Bible

shelg lurg seek after: Bee ad er nyn gastey, as er nyn goyrt gys nearey, ta shelg lurg m'annym Bible

shelg mucyn pigsticking

shelg muick (f.) boar-hunting

shelg mygeayrt scrounge

shelg pabyragh paper-chase, paper chase

shelg quallianyn cub-hunting

shelg rauney (f.) seal hunt

shelg raunyn sealing

shelg shynnagh fox-hunt, fox-hunting

thalloo shelg chase, shoot

Laa'l Shelg yn Drean Boxing Day

shelg lesh ferrad ferret

shelg lesh kayt ny giark ferreting

shelg lesh ribbaghyn trap

Shelg yn Drean Hunt the Wren: Va guillyn Shelg yn Drean aynshoh noght. DF

shelg yn veeyl vooar (f.) whaling

shelg yn vuc varrey whale

shoot1 ceau; glackey; gunneragh; lhiggey; shelg; shliawinane; skinney; sthole; tilgey; (n.) thalloo shelg; eas

hunting shelgagh; shelgeraght; shelgeyragh; shelg: Hunting in the bush - Shelg 'sy cheyll. DF idiom

boar-hunting shelg muick

cheetah (n.) lepard shelg

cub-hunting shelg quallianyn

field3 (n.) (the) shelg

fox-hunt (n.) shelg shynnagh

fox-hunting (v.) shelg shynnagh

game licence (n.) kiedoonys shelg

hunt1 feieaght; lught y chelg; shelg: To run with the hare and hunt with the hounds - Roie marish y waagh as shelg marish ny coin. JJK idiom

hunting dog (n.) moddey shelg

hunting ground (n.) boayl shelg

hunting horn (n.) cayrn shelg

hunt-master (n.) mainshtyr shelg

paper chase (n.) shelg pabyragh

paper-chase (n.) shelg pabyragh

partridge hunting (v.) shelg kiark-rheinnee

scrounge (v.) shelg mygeayrt

shooting lodge (n.) grianane shelg

shooting party (n.) possan shelg

spleen (n.) ahlea; shelg

stag-hunting shelg feeaihee

venery (n.) comyssey; shelg, shelgeyrys

wing game (npl.) eeanlee shelg

chase cloh, cloghey: If you chase two hares you will catch neither - My chloys oo daa waagh cha dayr oo unnane jeu. JJK idiom; cur sthoo da; eiyrt er; grainnaghey; magher; shelg: They are coming from the chase - T'ad cheet veih'n chelg. DF idiom; sthoo; thalloo shelg

pigsticking saih mucyn; shelg mucyn

quarry (v.) cleiy; shelg; quarral; quarree

seal hunt raunagh, shelg rauney

seek after (v.) geiyr er; geiyrt da: and have such pleasure in vanity, and seek after lying - as goaill lheid y taitnys ayns coyrleyn fardalagh as geiyrt da breagyn Bible; (impv) eiyr- jee er: neither seek after wizards, to be defiled by them - chamoo eiyr-jee er fir-obbee, dy ve cleaynit lioroo Bible; shirrey lurg: to see if there were any that would understand, and seek after God - dy akin row veg jeu yinnagh toiggal, as shirrey lurg Jee Bible; shelg lurg: Let them be confounded, and put to shame, that seek after my soul - Bee ad er nyn gastey, as er nyn goyrt gys nearey, ta shelg lurg mannym Bible; jeeaghyn son: and the Greeks seek after wisdom - as ny Greekyn jeeaghyn son creenaght

whaling (v.) shelg yn veeyl vooar

Boxing Day (n.) Laa'l Shelg yn Drean; Laa'l Steoin

ferreting (v.) shelg lesh kayt ny giark

Hunt the Wren Shelg yn Drean

milt (n.) aalieh, ahlea, molg, shelg; (v.) molgaghey

wild fowl (npl.) eeanlee shelg, eeanlee ushtey

ferret (n.) ferrad, ferret, kayt ny giark; (v.) marroo lesh ferrad, shelg lesh ferrad

whale (n.) meeyl mooar, muc varrey, whale; (v.) shelg yn vuc varrey

adultrinagh adulterer, adulterous: nee ben adultrinagh shelg son y vioys mooar-leagh. Bible

ben adultrinagh (f.) adulteress: nee ben adultrinagh shelg son y vioys mooar-leagh Bible

kiark-rheinnee partridge: myr fer ta shelg kiark-rheinnee er ny sleityn Bible

hounds (npl.) coyin: Master of hounds - Meoir ny goyin. DF idiom; coin: To run with the hare and hunt with the hounds - Roie marish y waagh as shelg marish ny coin. JJK idiom

prowl rouail; rouailley; shelg: To go on the prowl - Dy gholl er y chelg. DF idiom

run (n.) aber; straih; turrys; jerrey lhuingey; (v.) cur er e hoshiaght; cur ny roie; goll seose; ratch; roie; roit; sheeley; shelg

sealing (adj.) sealagh; (v.) sealal: So they went, and made the sepulchre sure, sealing the stone - Myr shen hie ad, as ren ad yn oaie shickyr, sealal y chlagh Bible; (v.) shelg raunyn

track1 (n.) lorg, rane; raad: On the right track - Er y raad kiart. DF idiom; (v.) lorgey, shelg er

trap goaill ayns ribbey, gow fo chosh, shelg lesh ribbaghyn; bac; ribbey; ribbey lugh; trap

wren (n.) dreain, drean: The Hunt the Wren Boys were here tonight - Va guillyn shelg yn Drean aynshoh noght. DF idiom

craidit mocked: Choud as va Finn as Oshin shelg va Orry craidit ec inneenyn yn thie. Coraa

druaightagh charmer, charming, druid, druidic, druidical, magician, occult: Shelg Muickey Druaightagh Aonghus-an-Bhrogha heeagh shin Garraidh o Fhormaoil Gorry veih Formaoil. Coraa

jesheenit decorated, got up, set off: Laa'l Steaoin yn laa v'ad Shelg yn Dreean ayns Mannin as Nerin, as va ny guillyn goll mygeayrt lurg daue feddyn drean as marroo eh, as yn corp er croan jesheenit. Dhoor

Laa'l Steoin Boxing Day: Ren possanyn dy hradishoonee Vanninagh goaill soylley jeh'n chliaghtey Shelg y Drean Laa'l Steoin. BS

mooar-leagh valuable; precious: Son liorish drogh-ven ta dooinney tayrnit sheese gys boghtynid: as nee ben adultrinagh shelg son y vioys mooar-leagh. Bible

orraghit shot: Va ooilley ny deiney lesh gunnyn goll shelg er y hon as 'syn astyr cheayll shin dy row yn moddey goit ayns corneil as orraghit marroo. JG

shellooder (pl -yn) holder, owner, possessor, proprietor: Ta shellooderyn ennagh cosney argid mooar trooid shelg, spooyrt-gunn as yeeastagh er nyn dhalloo. Carn; (of cheque) bearer

precious (adj.) braew, ennoil, leagh mooar, leaghar, leagharagh; costal: he gave also to her brother and to her mother precious things - hug eh myrgeddin dan vraar as y voir eck cowraghyn costal Bible; goaun: And the word of the Lord was precious in those days - As va goon Chiarn goaun ayns ny laghyn shen Bible; deyr: because my soul was precious in thine eyes this day - er-yn-oyr dy row my vioys deyr ayns dty hilley er y laa shoh Bible; costalagh, costallagh: with the precious stones - marish ny claghyn costalagh Bible; mooar-leagh: and the adultress will hunt for the precious life - as nee ben adultrinagh shelg son y vioys mooar-leagh Bible

prey cragh: he shall not lie down until he eat of the prey - cha lhie eh sheese, derrey vees eh er nee jehn chragh Bible; olmys; shelg; spooilley: Judah is a lion's whelp: from the prey - Ta Judah myr quaillan y lion; veihn spooilley Bible

pursuit (n.) cloh, keird, shalee, shelg; eiyrt: We are in pursuit of them - Ta shin er nyn eiyrt. DF idiom; eiyrtys: They are in pursuit of my soul - T'ad jannoo eiyrtys er my annym. DF idiom; lorgey: In pursuit of happiness - Lorgey maynrys. DF idiom


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