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sheeynt at full stretch, dilated, drawn out, extended, flat out, laid out, low-pitched, outstretched, procumbent, prolonged, prostrate, prostrated, rakish, sprained, sprawling, spread-eagled, strained, stretched, stretched out, tense, widespread, spreadeagled: hug oo lhiat magh liorish dty phooar niartal, as lesh dty roih sheeynt magh Bible

Inexact matches:

abane sheeynt strained ankle

duillag sheeynt (f.) spreadsheet

eeckyn sheeynt easy terms

juntyn sheeynt sprained joints

lhie sheeynt (ny) procumbent, recumbent: As va Judith faagit ny lomarcan 'sy chabbane, as va Holofernes ny lhie sheeynt er e lhiabbee: son v'eh lhome-lane dy feeyn. Apoc

lurgey yn-sheeynt (f.) telescopic leg

sheeynt magh attenuated, distended; streched out: As cooinee, dy row hene dty harvaant ayns cheer Egypt, as dy dug y Chiarn dty Yee lesh oo magh veih shen, lesh laue niartal, as lesh roih sheeynt magh Bible

sheeynt rish adjoining: Cassan ta sheeynt rish oirr yn eaynnee. DF

sheeynt ry-cheilley adjacent

sheeynt er y dreeym supine

procumbent (adj.) (ny) lhie sheeynt; sheeynt

at full stretch sheeynt

dilated bolgit; lheanit; sheeynt

distended attit; sheeynt magh

easy terms eeckyn sheeynt

extended sheeynt

low-pitched (adj.) dowin, injil, sheeynt

outstretched (adj.) sheeynt

prolonged sheeynt

recumbent (adj.) (ny) lhie sheeynt

sprained lheanit; sheeynt

sprained joints juntyn sheeynt

sprawling sheeynt; surlley

spreadeagled (adj.) sheeynt

spread-eagled sheeynt

strained chionnt; sheelit; sheeynt

strained ankle (n.) abane sheeynt

streched out sheeynt magh

tense2 (of moment) sheeynt

widespread (adj.) lheeadagh; sheeynt

attenuated (adj.) keyl, sheeynt magh, thanney

spreadsheet (n.) duillag scarree; duillag sheeynt

stretched out sheeynit; sheeynt; spretit

telescopic leg (n.) lurgey yn-sheeynt

adjoining (v.) cheualagh; colhiantagh; quaiyltagh; sheeynt rish

drawn out (adj.) keyl, liauyr, sheeynt, tayrnit magh

flat out (adv.) sheeynt, tappee erskyn insh

laid out (v.) aarloo da'n oaye; sheeynt

prostrate lhie nane; sheeyney; sheeynt; sleaghtaghey; sleaghtit

prostrated er troggloo; lhie nane; sheeynt; sleaghit

rakish (adj.) cleaynt, raistylagh, sheeynt, cam, cleaynt sheear

supine (adj.) mettey, sheeynt er y dreeym

adjacent (adj.) cheu ry heu; faare; faggys; sheeynt ry-cheilley; sniessey: The adjacent house to us - Yn thie sniessey dooin. DF idiom

road3 (n.) (country) bayr: Road that runs along the river - Bayr ta sheeynt rish yn awin. DF idiom

stretched sheeynit, sheeynt; (v.) heeyn: He stretched forth his hand - Heeyn eh magh e laue. DF idiom

cliwe loamrit drawn sword: honnick eh ainle y Chiarn ny hassoo eddyr niau as y thalloo, lesh cliwe loamrit ny laue sheeynt magh harrish Jerusalem: Bible

coyrdyn cords: Raad va curtanyn baney, geayney, as gorrym, sheeynt er coyrdyn dy heeidey purple Bible

liuraghey lengthen, lengthening, prolong, prolongation: Va Andreays custhit as kianlt sheeynt da crosh, yn angaaish atchimagh y liuraghey. Dhoor

loop 1 coupled a: as ny queig curtanyn elley loop eh dy cheilley Bible; 2 ring: sheeynt er coyrdyn dy heeidey purple, lesh loopyn argid Bible

loopyn rings: Raad va curtanyn baney, geayney, as gorrym, sheeynt er coyrdyn dy heeidey purple, lesh loopyn argid, as pillaryn marble Bible

greatness (n.) ardys, mooarid; modiyght; mooadys: For the greatness of thy mercy reacheth unto the heavens; mooads: according unto the greatness of thy mercy - cordail rish mooads dty vyghin Bible; pooar: his greatness, his mighty hand, and his stretched out arm - e phooar, e laue niartal, as e roih sheeynt magh Bible


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