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sheeyney laue baksheesh

sheeyney elongate, give, hand, increase, lengthen, lengthening, marry, pass, produce, prostrate, range, rick, spin out, sprain, spraining, spread, strain, stretch, stretching, stretch out, uncoil: cha jinnin sheeyney magh my laue Bible; dilation, extension, production, prolongation, prostration, tension; stretches

Inexact matches:

sheeyney caglieeyn extension

sheeyney hug pass over, point, transmit

sheeyney lesh border; in contiguity

sheeyney magh attenuate, attenuation, distend, distension, expand, expansion, extend, fork out, hold out, lengthen, pass round, prolong, protract, protraction, push out, put out, reach, stretch out: nee eh sheeyney magh e laue noi yn twoaie Bible; (as landscape) unfold

sheeyney meir (of the finger) point

sheeyney mwannallagh rick

sheeyney rish run along, verges; in contiguity

sheeyney ry-cheilley abut, adjoin, contiguous, marry

sheeyney sooilley eye strain

gyn sheeyney magh unextended

sheeyney er ash lie back

sheeyney magh gys extend to: Stayd ta sheeyney magh gys yn aarkey. DF

in contiguity sheeyney lesh, sheeyney rish

marry (v.) poose, poosey; (to); (dy) phoosey; sheeyney, sheeyney ry-cheilley; (teaddyn) cubblaghey

stretch out lhiuraghey; sheeyney; sheeyney magh; (to); (dy) heeyney magh

lengthen (v.) beaynaghey, cheet ny s'liurey, liauyrey, liuraghey, sheeyney, sheeyney magh

rick creaghag; eeckey; eek; eekad; ruck; sheeyney; sheeyney mwannallagh

lengthening liuraghey; sheeyney: The days are lengthening - Ta ny laghyn sheeyney. DF idiom

stretch lheanaghey magh, sheeyn; reamsey; sheeyney: Stretch of the arm - Sheeyney ny laue. DF idiom

stretches heeynys: The valley stretches westward - Ta'n ghlion sheeyney sheear. DF idiom; sheeyney

adjoin (v.) lhiattaghey; sheeyney ry-cheilley

baksheesh (n.) sheeyney laue

dilation (n.) bolgey, lheanaghey, sheeyney

distend (v.) sheeyney magh

elongate (v.) lhiuraghey, sheeyney

extension2 (boundary) sheeyney

extension3 (of boundaries) sheeyney caglieeyn

eye strain sheeyney sooilley

fork out (v.) sheeyney magh

hold out (v.) cummal magh; shassoo; sheeyney magh: the king shall hold out the golden sceptre - nee yn ree sheeyney magh yn lorg airh reeoil Bible

point1 (v.) (of the finger) sheeyney meir

point3 (v.) (of hound) sheeyney hug

prolongation (n.) lhiuraghey, liuraghey, sheeyney

run along (v.) sheeyney rish

spin out (v.) sheeyney

sprain lheanaghey; lheaney; sheeyney

spraining lheaney; sheeyney

stretching lhiuraghey; sheeyney

tension (n.) (n.) chennid, chionnid; (v.) sheeyney

uncoil (v.) sheeyney

unfold3 (v.) (as landscape) sheeyney magh

verges sheeyney rish

attenuate keylagh; sheeyney magh; thannaghey

attenuation (n.) keylagh; sheeyney magh; thannid

dilatable (adj.) yn-lheanaghey; yn-sheeyney

distension (n.) att, sheeyney magh, sheidey

ductile (adj.) so-ghleashagh, yn-sheeyney

ductility (n.) so-ghleashaght, yn-sheeyney

expanding (v.) yn-sheeyney

extend to (v.) sheeyney magh gys

extensible (adj.) yn-sheeyney

lie back (v.) sheeyney er ash

transmit (v.) creealey, sheeyney hug, ym-skeaylley

unextended (adj.) gyn sheeyney magh, neuheeynt

sheeyney-hraa extension

so-sheeyney elastic

yn-sheeyney dilatable, ductile, ductility, expanding, extensible

abut (v.) cochagliaghey, sheeyn ry-cheilley, sheeyney ry-cheilley

contiguous (adj.) bentyn; faggys da; sheeyney ry-cheilley; faggys

expand (v.) bishaghey; lheanaghey; mooadaghey; sheeyney magh

expansion (n.) bishaghey; lheanaghey; mooadaghey; sheeyney magh

pass round (v.) goll mygeayrt, sheeyney magh

prolong (v.) liuraghey, sheeyney magh, beaynaghey, shaghey

prostrate lhie nane; sheeyney; sheeynt; sleaghtaghey; sleaghtit

prostration (n.) er trogglooid, sheeyney, sleaghtaght, sleaghtys

protract (v.) lhiuraghey, sheeyney magh, tayrn rere scailley

protraction (n.) sheeyney magh, tayrn rere scailley

push out (v.) seiy magh, sheeyney magh

extension1 (n.) fo-linney, lhiuraghey, lheanaghey, mooadaghey, sheeyney-hraa, sheeyntaght, sheeyntagh

strain1 (n.) carr, chionnid; chennid: Heart strain - Chennid chree. DF idiom; (v.) chionney, sheeyney

calloo breakwater, bulwark, column, landing stage: Ta'n calloo sheeyney magh 'sy cheayn. DF

rule rule: Ta'n seyir sheeyney magh e rule Bible

border boarder, border; chemmal: Herbaceous border - Chemmal lussagh. DF idiom; creeagh; joarey; oirr; sheeyney lesh; slyst: The Scottish Border - Slyst ny Halbey. DF idiom; clyst; (v.) cur chemmal er

couches (npl.) lhiaghtyn: and stretch themselves upon their couches - as sheeyney ad-hene er nyn lhiaghtyn Bible

elastic (adj.) so-chaghlaa: I am very elastic - Ta mee so-chaghlaa. DF idiom; so-lhoobey; so-sheeyney

empty place (n.) feaynid; feaynid vooar: He stretcheth out the north over the empty place - Teh sheeyney magh yn twoaie harrish y feaynid vooar Bible

extend (v.) cur roshtyn er; lheanaghey; mooadaghey; niartaghey; reirey; sheeyn magh; sheeyney magh; skeaylley magh

give1 coyrt: Silence gives consent - Ta tostid coyrt cochoardailys. JJK idiom; cur: Give a piece to the raven and he'll come again - Cur meer da'n feeagh as hig eh reesht. JJK idiom; sheeyney; toyr

habitations (npl.) ynnydyn-vaghee: let them stretch forth the curtains of thine habitations - lhig daue sheeyney magh curtanyn dty ynnydyn-vaghee Bible; cummallyn

hand1 (n.) laue: From hand to mouth - Voish y laue gys y veeal. JJK idiom; croot; (v.) sheeyney

increase1 aavooadaghey, ardjaghey, bishaghey, cur seose, sheeyney; brash; mooadys; mooadaghey: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow - as eshyn ta mooadaghey tushtey, teh mooadaghey deinys DF idiom

pass barney, cherraghtyn; berraghtyn er; ceau; cheet lesh; cur mygeayrt; cur stiagh; keyllys; kied; shagheydey; sheeyney; goll shaghey: I've seen him pass twice during the day - Ta mee er n'akin eh goll shaghey daa cheayrt feiy'n laa. JJK idiom

pass over (v.) (to); (dy) gholl harrish: To pass over a river - Dy gholl harrish awin. DF idiom; (to); (dy) gholl noon; cur da, sheeyn noal, sheeyney hug

produce brey; gientyn; gymmyrkey magh; jannoo: They produce films - T'ad jannoo scannaneyn. DF idiom; sheeyney; taishbyney; toarey; yeeillym; ymmyrk magh; (n.) troar: Farm produce - Troar ny thallooin. DF idiom

production (n.) obbragh, gientyn, sheeyney, taishbyney, troarey; jeeillaght: Production of a country - Jeeillaght cheerey. DF idiom; jannoo: Cost of production - Costys jannoo. DF idiom

put out callit; cur ass; cur magh: He put out his tongue - Hug eh magh e hengey. DF idiom; sheeyney magh; currit ass

range1 (n.) aber; rheamys; cleeauraght, fodjeeaght; sorn; roie: He has free range of the house - Ta roie yn thie echey. DF idiom; straih; (v.) cur ayns straih, roie harrish, sheeyney, shooyl harrish, reaynal

reach reirey: Reach of a river - Reirey awin. DF idiom; rosh; roshtyn; roshtynys; sheeyney magh; roshys; sheeyn: Reach me the hammer - Sheeyn dou yn oard. DF idiom

spread cur mygeayrt, skeayl, skeayll; lheaney; lheead; scarrey; sheeyney; skeaylley; slaa; skeaylit; skeayley: Who has spread this false report? - Quoi t'er skeayley yn fou foalsey shoh? JJK idiom

feaynid (f.) abyss, desert, empty place, expanse, expansiveness, extent, space, vagueness, wild: T'eh sheeyney magh yn twoaie harrish y feaynid vooar, as t'eh cummal seose yn seihll er y folmid Bible

feaynid vooar (f.) empty place: t'eh sheeyney magh yn twoaie harrish y feaynid vooar Bible

hilgey harrish (dy); (to) overturn: Teh sheeyney magh e laue er y chreg; teh dy hilgey harrish ny sleityn bun-ry-skyn Bible

hraartys (dy) of emptiness: nee eh sheeyney magh er yn line dy hoyrt-mow, as yn level dy hraartys Bible

jeeaghyn roish look forward: T'eh jeeaghyn roish sheeyney magh jeh ny cummaltee ynnydagh as seyraadyn da skibbyltee boghtey. Carn

keoieid craziness, fierceness, frenzy, furiousness, insanity, madness, mania, rage, savageness, viciousness: deie yn ree lesh sooillyn ard-lossey magh ass y chione echey lesh keoieid, sheeyney magh e vair dys yn droyn va ny lhie fo'n chleiy. GB; (of persons) wildness

lhuishag (f.) blanket: As magh ass y roortys shoh, haink kuse dy ghaanyn beggey 'sy Ghaelg, myr shen, slane feeu va'n roortys Sheeyney ass shilley: Lhuishag chayeeagh gorrym er laare ny keylley. Dhoor

planeyn planes: Ta'n seyir sheeyney magh e rule, t'eh markal magh eh lesh line, t'eh kiartaghey eh lesh planeyn, as goaill towshan lesh y chombaase Bible

seyir 1 (n.) carpenter, joiner a: Ta'n seyir sheeyney magh e rule, t'eh markal magh eh lesh line Bible; 2 (npl.) carpenters: hug ad eh da ny seyir as ny masoonee dy ve baarit ayns obbyr thien Chiarn Bible

snaid (f.) 1 index, indicator, needle, pointer, style a: Ta'n snaid dy kinjagh sheeyney lesh yn twoaie. DF; 2 mouse pointer; 3 (of barometer) hand

sthole (f.) shoot: va cuirrey orroo smooinaghtyn mychione y luss shen, woish rass 'syn ooir; fraueyn gaase; sthole broddey seose as sheeyney magh; as foddee lesh duillagyn as blaaghyn ayn. Dhoor; stole; stool

by myself lhiam pene; liorym pene: By myself have I sworn - Liorym pene ta mee er vreearrey Bible; rhym pene: I pour out my heart by myself - ta mee deayrtey magh my chree rhym pene Bible; mish mee hene: that spreadeth abroad the earth by myself - mish mee hene ta sheeyney magh yn thalloo Bible; my lieh hene: For I know nothing by myself - Son ga nagh voddym coyrt nhee erbee gys my lieh hene Bible


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