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sheese (=Ir. síos) COMPARE heese (in motion) below; down, downward, downwards: huit ad sheese 'syn enish echey Bible

Inexact matches:

argid sheese cash price, spot cash

boayrdey sheese plank down

brishey sheese analyse, analysis; break down, beat down, rend: Agh nish t'ad brishey sheese ooilley yn obbyr grainnit eck: lesh teighyn as oardyn. Bible

brisht sheese broken down: ta voalley Yerusalem myrgeddin brisht sheese Bible

broojey sheese depress, press down

broo sheese depress, press down

bwoalley sheese 1 beat down, break down, hammer down, smite down a: nee eh bwoalley sheese ny tooryn ayd Bible

cassey sheese delve

ceau sheese depress, throw down: Gow dty lorg, as ceau sheese eh fenish Pharaoh Bible

co-chleaynt sheese synclinal

croghey sheese hang down: s nee towse cubit er y derrey heu, as cubit er y cheu elley, jeh ny ta harrish ayns lhiurid curtanyn y chabbane, croghey sheese harrish lhiatteeyn y chabbane, er dagh cheu, dy choodaghey eh. Bible

croymmit sheese doubled up

crubbit sheese bowed down: va mee crubbit sheese ec clashtyn eh Bible

cummal sheese hold down

currit sheese downed; brought down: bee mooaralys deiney currit sheese dy injil Bible

cur sheese confound, lower, put down, send down, subdue, suppress: Ny marr ad, er-aggle dy jarrood my phobble eh: agh skeayl ad dy lhean mastey'n pobble, as cur sheese ad, O Hiarn, nyn vendeilagh. Bible; book, deposit, depress, discharge, give in, lay, prescribe, salt

eam sheese call down

filley sheese double down

freayll sheese keep down: agh ta fys ain er un red, bee curnaght voish ny cheernyn mooie lieeney stiagh orrin, as freayll sheese price yn arroo myr boallagh eh. Dhoor

giarey sheese cut down: Shen-y-fa nish cur uss sarey dy jean ad giarey sheese dooys biljyn-cedar ayns Lebanon Bible

goll sheese decline, descending, descent, fall away, go down, pass down, sinking: Ta ny cassyn eck goll sheese gys yn oaie Bible

greim sheese stick down

jeeaghyn sheese look down: Derrey neen Chiarn jeeaghyn sheese

keim sheese (f.) degradation, demotion: Hug eh keim sheese ny ghaa eh. DF; take down

kiangley sheese peg down

laadey sheese download

lhieggit sheese broken down; brought down: Ta dty voyrn lhieggit sheese gys yn oaie Bible

lhie sheese lay down, lie down: Nee ad lhie sheese co-laik 'sy joan Bible

lhiggey sheese droop, lower: lhig dooin lhiggey sheese yn use shoh. Bible; (a person) retire

lhig sheese let down: S'lioar eh, lhig sheese nish dty laue. Bible

pioban sheese downpipe

roie sheese run down, sweep down: lhig da briwnys roie sheese myr ushtaghyn Bible

screeu sheese (as letter) take down; minute, write down: Dy screeu sheese e smooinaghtyn. DF

scroddey sheese screw down

sheese lesh (intj) down the hatch; down with: Cooinee er cloan Edom, O Hiarn, ayns laa Yerusalem: kys dooyrt ad, Sheese lesh, sheese lesh, corrym rish y thalloo. Bible

skirrey sheese slide down

sluggey sheese drink off, gobble, polish off, quaff, swallow up, wolf: ren lorg Aaron sluggey sheese ny luirg ocsyn. Bible

sodjey sheese downmost: Son ta aile er vrishey magh ayns my yymmoose, nee lostey gys y diunid sodjey sheese Bible

soie sheese settle, sit down: As dooyrt ad rish, Soie sheese nish, as lhaih dooin eh. Bible

tayrn sheese drag down

tilgey sheese depress; cast down, overthrow: Teh leeideil princeyn ersooyl spooillit as tilgey sheese y vooinjer niartal Bible

tilgit sheese down-hearted, cast down, downhearted: Jee, ta gerjaghey adsyn ta tilgit sheese Bible

tuittym sheese fall off: O tar-jee, lhig dooin ooashley y choyrt, as tuittym sheese: as gliooney kiongoyrt rish y Chiarn y Fer ren shin. Bible

cheu heose sheese upside-down

creck er argid sheese cash sale

cur ballast sheese ballast

cur keim sheese demote

cur lesh sheese carry down; bring down; bringeth down

cur sheese da ascription; impute, refer

cur sheese ennym er egin conscribe

cur sheese er designate

cur sheese reesht re-lay

daunsey seose as sheese jigging

eeck argid sheese pay down

fer y chur sheese layer

goll neese sheese fluctuating

gyn dy ve scruit sheese off the record

leagh er argid sheese cash price

lhie sheese roish succumb: my ta ben lhie sheese roish baagh erbee, nee uss yn ven as y baagh y varroo Bible

lioar chur sheese (f.) reference book

meer goll sheese descender

raipey sheese er pabyr (as writing) toss off

ry-chur sheese da (to cause) chargeable

sheese ny greeishyn downstairs: Dy huittym sheese ny greeishyn. DF

sheese ny lhiargagh downhill: T'eh goll sheese ny lhiargagh. DF

sheese yn awin downstream

so-chur sheese da attributable

yn-churrit sheese da assignable

depress (v.) broo sheese, broojey sheese, ceau sheese, cur ass cree, cur sheese, injillaghey, lhaggaghey, tilgey sheese

bringeth down cur lesh sheese: For he bringeth down them that dwell on high - Son teh cur lesh sheese adsyn ta cummal dy ard Bible; coyrt lesh sheese: he bringeth down to the grave, and bringeth up - teh coyrt lesh sheese gys yn oaie, as troggal seose Bible

broken down ass ymmyd; brisht sheese: the wall of Jerusalem also is broken down - ta voalley Yerusalem myrgeddin brisht sheese Bible; lhoobit neose; tholtanagh; traartagh: like a city that is broken down - myr ard-valley traartagh Bible; lhieggit sheese: and all the cities thereof were broken down - as va ooilley ny ard-valjyn echey lhieggit sheese Bible

beat down1 (v.) brishey sheese, bwoalley sheese

break down (v.) brishey sheese; bwoalley sheese

brought down lhieggit sheese: Thy pomp is brought down to the grave - Ta dty voyrn lhieggit sheese gys yn oaie Bible; coyrt fo-chosh; currit sheese: And the mean man shall be brought down -

cash price (n.) argid sheese, leagh er argid sheese

press down (v.) broo sheese, broojey sheese

below2 (in motion) sheese: I am going below - Ta mee goll sheese. DF idiom

cast down (v.) lhieggal, lheiggal; tilgit sheese; tilgey sheese; lhag-chreeagh: He is cast down - T'eh lhag-chreeagh. DF idiom

downward (adj., adv.) neose; sheese: He is on the downward path - T'eh goll sheese ny lhiargagh. DF idiom

down with (v.) sheese lesh: Down with the capitalists - Sheese lesh ny bun-argidee. DF idiom

go down (v.) traih, tuittym; goll sheese: To go down a hill - Dy gholl sheese y chronk. DF idiom

stick down greim sheese: Stick down the envelope - Greim sheese y coodagh. DF idiom

bowed down crubbit sheese

carry down cur lesh neose; ymmyrk neose; cur lesh sheese: and carry down the man a present - as cur-jee lhieu gioot sheese dan dooinney Bible

chargeable4 (adj.) (to cause) ry-chur sheese da

cut down (v.) buinn, gastyrt, injillaghey; giarey sheese: And I will destroy your high places, and cut down - As neem stroie nyn ard-ynnydyn, as giarey sheese ny jallooyn eu Bible

demotion (n.) injillaghey; keim sheese

double down (v.) filley sheese

downhearted (adj.) lhag-chreeagh, tilgit sheese

down-hearted lhag-chreeagh, tilgit sheese

downstairs (adj., adv.) heese-greeishyn; neose ny greeishyn: To come downstairs - Dy heet neose ny greeishyn. DF idiom; sheese ny greeishyn: To go downstairs - Dy gholl sheese ny greeishyn. DF idiom

drag down (v.) tayrn sheese

drink off (v.) sluggey sheese

fall off (n.) treigeilys; (v.) tuittym sheese: Then the soldiers cut off the ropes of the boat, and let her fall off - Eisht ghiare ny sidooryn teddyn y vaatey, as lhig as jee tuittym sheese. Bible; tuittym

give in (v.) cur sheese

gobble1 (v.) sluggey sheese

look down (v.) jeeaghyn sheese

lower (v.) cur neose, cur sheese, lhieggal, lhiggey sheese, mooirjeenaghey; (adv.) inshley; s'inshley; s'injilley: A little lower down - Red beg ny s'injilley. JJK idiom; (pref.) fo-

peg down (v.) kiangley sheese

plank down (v.) boayrdey sheese

polish off (v.) sluggey sheese

quaff (v.) iu; sluggey sheese

re-lay (v.) cur sheese reesht

retire2 (v.) (a person) lhiggey sheese

screw down (v.) scroddey sheese

sit down (v.) soie sheese: Go and sit down on the form - Immee as soie sheese er y vink. JJK idiom

smite down (v.) bwoalley sheese

spot cash (n.) argid sheese

succumb (v.) lhie sheese roish

swallow up (v.) sluggey sheese

sweep down (v.) roie sheese

synclinal (adj.) co-chleaynt sheese

take down3 (v.) (as letter) screeu sheese

walnut tree (n.) billey galchro: Yesterday evening this large walnut tree fell down - Huitt yn billey-galchro mooar shoh sheese fastyr jea. - Huitt yn billey-galchro mooar shoh sheese fastyr jea. JJK idiom

quill (f.) fly, gnat, midge: Sheese lesh y doo-oallee dy ghoaill y quill shoh - Cha s'ayms er yn oyr slug ee sheese y quill shoh. Dhoor

reagheyder administrator, arbitrator, arranger, decider, editor, organiser, organizer, settler, umpire: Va e fockleyn currit sheese er recortysser rybbanagh as eisht screeuit sheese ec reagheyder. Carn

assignable (adj.) livreyagh; yn-churrit sheese da

bring down cur lesh sheese: thy servants shall bring down the gray hairs of thy servant - ver dty harvaantyn lhieu sheese kione lheeah dty harvaant Bible; cur lesh neose: and ye shall haste and bring down my father hither - as ver shiu lhieu neose my ayr gys shoh Bible

degradation (n.) crimmey, injillaghey, keim sheese

delve (v.) cassey sheese; cleiy; reuyrey

demote (v.) cur keim sheese; injillaghey

descender (n.) meer goll sheese; famman

down (n.) clooie: The chicken is like its kind before there is down on its head - Ta'n eean myr e ghooie my vel clooie er e chione. JJK idiom; branchlooie, clooie chayt, fynney; cloonagh; dreeym; dooagh; (adj.) neose: Down to recent times - Neose gys y traa t'ayn jiu. DF idiom; sheese: Down the river - Sheese yn awin. DF idiom; (static) heese: Her hair is down - Ta'n folt eck heese. DF idiom

downgrade graadaghey-sheese; ginjillaghey; injillaghey

downgrading (v.) graadaghey-sheese

downmost s'injley, s'inshley, sodjey sheese

downpipe (n.) pioban neose, pioban sheese

down the hatch (intj) sheese lesh

lie down (v.) lhie sheese, lhie

pass down (v.) chymnee; goll sheese

prescribe (v.) cur sheese, oardrail, sarey

subdue (v.) cur fo chosh: I will subdue all thine enemies - neems myrgeddin ooilley dty noidyn y choyrt fo-chosh Bible; cur sheese: He shall subdue the peoples under us - Ver eh sheese y pobble foin Bible; goaill yn varriaght: and subdue with sling stones - as yiow ad yn varriaght lesh claghyn-sling Bible; injillaghey: to subdue nations before him - dy injillaghey ashoonyn kiongoyrt rish Bible; reill: replenish the earth, and subdue it - jean-jee yn seihll magh lesh cummaltee, as reill-jee harrish Bible

graadaghey-sheese downgrade; downgrading

analyse (v.) myn-vrish, myn-vrishey, brishey sheese, bun-ronsaghey, mynscrutaghey, oltscarrey

analysis (n.) myn-vrishey, brishey sheese, bun-ronsaghey, mynscrutaghey, oltscarrey, scoltey

ascription (n.) cur gys lieh; cur sheese da; lhiassaghey

ballast1 ballast; (v.) cur ballast ayn, cur ballast sheese

call down (v.) eam neose; eam sheese

conscribe (v.) cur sheese ennym er egin

designate cur sheese er; enmys; enmyssit

doubled up (v.) croymmit sheese, fillit, lappit

downed currit neose, currit sheese, lhieggit; er thalloo

downhill heese; neose yn ughtagh; sheese ny lhiargagh

downstream (adj., adv.) lesh y trooan; sheese yn awin

hammer down (v.) broilley, bwoalley sheese, lheanaghey meain

hang down (v.) croghey neose, croghey sheese

jigging (v.) daunsey seose as sheese; skibbyltagh

keep down (v.) freayll sheese, tannaghtyn heese

lay down (v.) lhie sheese, lhie voish

minute (adj.) feer veg, myn-; (n.) minnid; mynimmeeaght; (v.) screeu sheese

pay down eeck argid sheese; eeck eearlys er

refer (v.) cheet er, cur sheese da

reference book (n.) jesheydane, lioar chur sheese, lioar fysseree

run down (adj.) follym; lhaggit; (v.) lhieggal, roie sheese

send down (v.) cur sheese; cur neose; eebyrt

slide down (v.) skirrey neose; skirrey sheese

take down1 (v.) goaill neose; (n.) keim sheese

throw down (v.) ceau neose; ceau sheese

toss off2 (v.) (as writing) raipey sheese er pabyr

write down (v.) lhaggaghey, lughtaghey, screeu sheese

chlistey (dy); (to) jig: Dy chlistey neese sheese. DF

attributable (adj.) so-chur ass lieh; so-chur gys leih; so-chur sheese da

cash sale (n.) creck er argid; creck er argid sheese

confound (v.) cur haart, cur naardey, cur sheese; coayl; (y) chraghey

descending (v.) cheet neose, goll my la'ee, goll sheese; (adj.) kione my laaee, lhargee

descent (n.) cheet neose, goll sheese, kynney fuilleeaght, lhargagh, tarlheim

download (n.) jeelaad; laad neose; (v.) jeelaadey, laadey neose, laadey sheese

droop (v.) goll my-laaee; lhiggey neose; lhiggey sheese; shymley; tuittym

fluctuating eddyr daa choyrle; goll neese sheese; kirkinagh; leaystey; lheaystagh

hold down (v.) croymmey; cummal ny lhie; cummal sheese; freayll smaght er

off the record (adv.) gyn dy ve scruit sheese, neuoikoil

petrol (n.) pedryl: It eats up petrol - T'eh sluggey sheese pedryl. DF idiom

rend (v.) brishey sheese, raipey, rassey, scaaney, scelpaghey, scoltey, scranshal, skeiltey, speiltey

suppress (v.) castey, cur fo chosh, cur sheese, keiltyn, mooghey, smaghtey

ard-ynnydyn high places: Agh cha row ny ard-ynnydyn er nyn goyrt sheese Bible

cashtallyn castles: hed ny cashtallyn lajer ayds sheese gys y thalloo Bible; forts

cedar pl. cedaryn cedar: giare-ym sheese e viljyn thollee cedar, Bible

clistey bounce, gambol, jerk, spring, starting: Dy clistey neese sheese. DF

cosaayl (f.) back-heel, hunkers: Hie ee sheese er e cosaayl. DF

dy aashagh easily, easy: stamp ad sheese ad dy aashagh Bible

dy injil sotto voce, low: Tayrnys e voyrn dooinney sheese dy injil Bible

eayin lambs: Ver-ym lhiam ad sheese myr eayin gys y skynn Bible

foin below us, under us: Ver eh sheese y pobble foin Bible

galchro walnut: Huitt yn billey-galchro mooar shoh sheese fastyr jea. JJK

giareit cut: va ny biljyn va liorish giareit sheese Bible

gioaldee pledged: t'ad hene lhie sheese er eaddagh gioaldee Bible

huit fell: huit ad sheese 'syn enish echey Bible

jing (f.) crush, ding, wedge: jing sheese ad, eer ee hene Bible

keylljyn forestry, groves, woods: yiare eh sheese ny keylljyn Bible; thickets

lhieg unship, upset: As lhieg ad sheese ny ard-valjyn oc Bible; (Windows) collapse

lhieggee shall bring down, shall destroy: lhieggee ad sheese ny tooryn eck Bible

lhuss-ny-moal-moirrey mallow: Ren ad lhuss-ny-moal-moirrey y yiarey sheese liorish ny tammagyn Bible


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