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Sheeley (f.) Julia

sheeley clarify, clear, distil, drain, extract, draw, dribble, drip, filter, gravitate, instil, percolate, refine: ren y pobble sheeley ersooyl voish er y laa shen gys yn ard-valley Bible; discharge, gutter, weep, trickle, seep, run, ooze, leach, flow; insemination; (as milk) soil; (off) strain, straining; instillation

Inexact matches:

cartoose sheeley filter cartridge

gyn sheeley unrefined

lughteyder sheeley trickle-charger

pabyr sheeley filter paper

poagey sheeley straining bag

sheeley ersooyl steal away: Ta'n thooilley scarrey cummaltee yn thallooin; eer ny ushtaghyn, raad nagh vel kesmad-coshey: t'ad er ny hyrmaghey seose, t'ad sheeley ersooyl veih deiney. Bible

sheeley lieh-yerrinagh penultimate

sheeley magh lolling, ooze

sheeley sooilley (of eyes) watering

sheeley ushtey wringing wet

thie sheeley refinery

unjin sheeley weeping ash

cur er sheeley drip

drip (v.) cur er sheeley, drigey, faarney, sheeley; (n.) drig

ooze bolgys; sheeley; sheeley magh

clarify2 (honey) sheeley

clear2 (of liquid) sheeley

distil (v.) drigey; sheeley

draw2 (off) sheeley

filter (v.) sheelaghey, sheeley; (n.) shollane

filter cartridge (n.) cartoose sheeley

filter paper (n.) pabyr sheeley

gravitate (v.) cleaynaghey; sheeley

gutter2 (v.) (of candle) sheeley

insemination (n.) sheeley

instil (v.) sheeley

Julia (n.) Sheeley

leach (v.) laistey; leetchey; sheeley

lolling (v.) leaystey; sheeley magh

penultimate (n., adj.) lieh-yerrinagh; sheeley lieh-yerrinagh

percolate (v.) sheeley

refine (v.) aaghlenney, sheelaghey, sheeley

seep (v.) sheeley

soil2 (v.) sheelaghey; (as milk) sheeley

steal away (v.) sheeley ersooyl

strain2 (off) jeeiganagh; sheelaghey, sheeley

straining (v.) sheeley

straining bag (n.) poagey sheeley

trickle sheeley, shilley

trickle-charger (n.) lughteyder sheeley

watering2 (f.) (of eyes) sheeley sooilley

weep2 (of sore) sheeley

weeping ash (n.) unjin sheeley

dribble (n.) jibraght, sheeleen; (v.) jibrey; sheeley

filterable (adj.) yn-sheeley

infusion (n.) yn-sheeley

refinery (n.) aaghlenneyder, sheelane, thie sheeley

yn-sheeley filterable, infusion

instillation (n.) cur smooinaght ayns kione, sheeley

wringing wet fliugh baiht; lane ushtey; sheeley ushtey

drain (v.) chirmaghey, folmaghey, jeeiganey, jeeigey, sheeley, teaumey; (n.) jeeig, piob-heelee, sornaig

extract (v.) asstayrn; jannoo soo jeh; sheeley; tayrn magh; (n.) meer; soo

unrefined (adj.) barb, barbagh, gyn aaghlenney, gyn sheeley, neuchooyrtoil, neuellynagh

glassreeyn greenery, green food, greens: Sheeley ny glassreeyn. DF

clear1 baghtal: That's clear enough - Ta shen baghtal dy liooar. DF idiom; cleeir, gial, glen, hollys, leayr, sollys, sullyr, chiarrey, rea, seyrey, seyr veih gioal, sheeley; neuvodjallit, sheelit; cur baght er, eeck custym, giallaghey; feayshlit

discharge ceau magh: Discharge ballast - Ballast y cheau magh. DF idiom; cur ersooyl; cur sheese; eeck glenney; folmaghey; glenney; glenney magh; jee-lughtaghey; jee-lughtey; lhiggey; lhiggey magh; neulaadey; neulughtaghey; neulughtey; orraghey; seyrey; sheeley; skeaylley; tilgey

flow1 lhieeney; roie: It doesn't flow well - Cha nel eh roie dy-mie. JJK idiom; sheeley; taaley; thooilley

run (n.) aber; straih; turrys; jerrey lhuingey; (v.) cur er e hoshiaght; cur ny roie; goll seose; ratch; roie; roit; sheeley; shelg

Shapaanagh Japanese: Ta cummey Shapaanagh dy ghaan ta sheeley smooinaghtyn er cooish liorish jannoo ymmyd jeh shiaght shillabyn jeig. Dhoor

sluggee gorging; will swallow: Shiuish leeideilee doal, ta sheeley veue yn char-chuilag, agh sluggee shiu camel Bible


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