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shayll (f.) bout, piece of work, rotating, share, spell, stint, trick, turn: Nish tra haink shayll dagh moidyn mygeayrt, dy gholl stiagh gys ree Ahasuerus Bible; (of work) bout; shift

Inexact matches:

ayns shayll order; in turn

shayll bass-voylley (f.) round of applause

shayll obbree (f.) shift

shayll oie (f.) nightshift

shayll sthie (f.) innings

shayll varrey (f.) time of tide ebb or flow

er shayll y cheilley succession

shift (v.) arraghey, jannoo arraghey, scughey; (n.) shayll obbree; shayll: Eight hour shift - Shayll hoght ooryn. DF idiom

bout2 (n.) (of work) garrey; grash; shayll

innings (n.) shayll sthie

in turn (adv.) reir garraghyn; ayns shayll: The servants go to church in turn - Ta ny sharvaantyn goll dys y cheeill ayns shayll. JJK idiom

piece of work (n.) shayll

rotating shall; shayll

spell garrey; grash; guess; lettraghey; oalys; pishag; shayll: Long spell of cold weather - Shayll liauyr jeh emshir feayr. DF idiom; tammylt; druight: The spell of the sea - Druiaght ny marrey. DF idiom

stint (n.) garrey, shayll; (v.) mooaraghey

round of applause (n.) shayll bass-voylley

succession (n.) cheet, eiraght; (ny) yei y cheilley: Two years in succession - Daa vlein ny yei y cheilley DF idiom; eiyrtyssaght; er mooin: They had a succession of victories - Va barriaght er mooin barriaght oc. DF idiom; er shayll y cheilley: In rapid succession - Dy chionn er shayll y cheilley. DF idiom

trick1 (n.) cleays, click, clink, garrey, geayshteig, spring; (v.) molley; shayll: Trick at the wheel - Shayll ec yn stiur. DF idiom; cluic: Take a trick with the king - Cluic y ghoaill lesh yn ree. DF idiom; sponnag: The first trick is allowed - Ta'n chied sponnag lowit. DF idiom; crout: Shabby trick - Crout ghraney. DF idiom; cluke

turn1 cassey; chyndaa; coorse; garrey; reir garraghyn; shayll: The servants go to church in turn - Ta ny sharvaantyn goll dys y cheeill ayns shayll. JJK idiom; hyndaa; turn: One good turn deserves another - Ta derrey turn mie toilchin turn elley. JJK idiom

nightshift (n.) garrey oie, lheiney ven, shayll oie

time of tide ebb or flow (n.) shayll varrey

applause (n.) bassey, builley bassyn, moylley; bass-voylley: Round of applause - Shayll bass-voylley. DF idiom

servants (npl.) mooinjer; sharvaantyn: The servants go to church in turn - Ta ny sharvaantyn goll dys y cheeill ayns shayll. JJK idiom

share ayrn: The smaller the company, the bigger share - Myr sloo yn cheshaght smoo yn ayrn. JJK idiom; cronney; rheynn; ronney; shayll; (plough) sock

trughaney complain, grumble, murmuring: va'n derrey ven lurg y ven elley gaccan as trughaney kyndagh rish, eisht fy-yerrey haink shayll y ven Yimmy e raa y gheddyn. Coraa

order ayns shayll, order, reaghey; cur ayns oardagh, cur sarey da, gra, oardaghey; dy lieragh; foaynoo; oardagh: It's out of order - Cha nel eh ayns oardagh. JJK idiom; oardrailys: Pecking order - Ordrailys spulgee. DF idiom; oardreilys; oardyr, ordyr; reajid; reajys; reill; reir; reirey; rere; rick; sarey; goardrail; oardee

the y: Has the shoemaker mended my shoes? - Vel y greasee er charraghey my vraaraghyn. JJK idiom; ny: The servants go to church in turn - Ta ny sharvaantyn goll dys y cheeill ayns shayll. JJK idiom; yn: The stepfather - Yn lhiass-ayr. JJK idiom


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