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sharvaant pl. sharvaantyn bearer, orderly, servant, valet, vassal: Cursit vees Canaan; sharvaant dy harvaantyn vees eh da e vraaraghyn. Bible

Inexact matches:

sharvaant failley hired servant

sharvaant keeilley verger

sharvaant Sheenagh coolie

sharvaant theayagh civil servant

servant (n.) geaman, shirveishagh, stuirt, fer-mooinjerey, mooinjer; sharvaant: Your most humble servant - Yn sharvaant s'imlee eu. JJK idiom

verger (n.) guilley, sharvaant keeilley

bearer1 (n.) erreyder; sharvaant; ymmyrkagh; fer-ymmyrkee

civil servant (n.) sharvaant theayagh; stait-harvaant

coolie (n.) obbree Injinagh, sharvaant Sheenagh

orderly (adj.) modoil, oardoil, reajagh; (n.) sharvaant

vassal (n.) bondagh, jiulean, sharvaant, shirveishagh

valet (n.) guilley shamyr, sharvaant; (v.) jannoo guilleydys shamyr

hired servant (n.) fer failt, fer mooinjer failley, fer ny faillee, sharvaant failley

Yamys (gen.) of James: Jude sharvaant Yeesey Creest, as braar Yamys Bible; (voc.) James

answer1 (n., v.) freggyrt: You ought to answer at once - Lhisagh shiu freggyrt er-y-chooyl. JJK idiom; (v.) cur ansoor da, gansoor; (n.) ansoor: The servant went away without waiting for an answer - Hie yn sharvaant roish dyn fuirragh rish ansoor. JJK idiom

chionnys 1 buy a: My chionnys oo sharvaant Hebrewnagh Bible; 2 compel: quoi-erbee chionnys ort dy gholl un veeley mârish Bible

faillagh hired: Cha jean oo tranlaase er sharvaant faillagh ta boght as ymmyrchagh Bible

jiulean cotler, husbandman, lodger for short time, temporary resident, vassal, sojourner: myr sharvaant failt, as myr jiulean vees eh mayrt Bible

whueig jeig See queig jeig (e); (his) fifteen: As va thousane dy gheiney Venjamin mârish, as Ziba sharvaant dy hie Saul, as e whueig mec jeig Bible

hitherto (adv.) choud shoh: Hitherto hath the Lord helped us - Choud shoh tan Chiarn er chooney lhien Bible; derrey nish: I have been thy father's servant hitherto - ta mee er ve sharvaant dtayrey derrey nish Bible; gys shoh: and what is my house, that thou hast brought me hitherto? - as cre ta my hie, dy vel oo er my hroggal gys shoh? Bible; derrey shoh: Who hitherto waited in the king's gate eastward - Ta freayll gard derrey shoh ec giat y ree, lesh y shiar Bible

jeh elley (yn); (the) other one: Cha vod sharvaant erbee daa vainshter y hirveish: son eddyr ver eh feoh da'n derrey yeh as graih da'n jeh elley; er nonney cummee eh gys y derrey yeh, as soie-ee eh beg jeh'n jeh elley. Bible

jerkal (=Ir. dearcáil) 1 expect, trust: bee'n jerkal eck ayns fardail Bible a: as nish t'ad aarloo, jerkal rish gialdyn y gheddyn voids. Bible; b: Er jerrey ooilley shegin da cooinaghtyn dy vel maishter echey ayns niau, da t'eh lhiastyn shirveish, as veih t'eh jerkal son faill sharvaant firrinagh. Bible

traa liauyr long-term: yn cubbyl dooie shoh ayns y theihll noa jeant veagh myr unnane fo Jee, ny ard-sharvaant; jeh shoh ayns traa liauyr dy jig ashoon mooar, faggys corrym rish ainleyn hene ayns gloy PC


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