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sharaghey (record) beat; improve: Smooinee Nóirín nagh ghiarr Lunnin yn argid kyndagh rish feoh noi'n chengey agh er y fa dy row Glór na nGael ro speeideilagh as ad sharaghey arrym-hene mastey sleih boght. Carn

Inexact matches:

sharaghey slaynt health promotion: Cha nel eh sharaghey slaynt y theay, red ta ny reiltyssyn geearree jannoo, t'ee gra. BS

Cheshaght cour Sharaghey Awinyn Vannin (yn); (the) Manx Rivers Improvement Association

crauelagh cour sharaghey slaynt framework for health improvement

Shirveish cour Sharaghey Ynsagh (f.) Education Improvement Service

beat2 (v.) (record) sharaghey

health promotion sharaghey slaynt

framework for health improvement (n.) crauelagh cour sharaghey slaynt

Education Improvement Service (n.) Shirveish Sharee Ynsagh, Shirveish cour Sharaghey Ynsagh

Manx Rivers Improvement Association (n.) (the); (yn) Cheshaght cour Sharaghey Awinyn Vannin

improve (v.) cheet my laue, couyral, jannoo foays da, lhiassaghey; sharaghey: Improve an offer - Cheb y haraghey. DF idiom

jeianaghey modernize; modernising, updating: t'eh gra dy bee livrey-ys shirveishyn theayagh as co-obbyr eddyr rheynnyn-reiltys er nyn sharaghey liorish jeianaghey faill sharvaantyn theayagh Vannin. BS

skedjal schedule: T'eh gra dy nhegin da reddyn sharaghey, agh t'eh jeant booiagh dy vel yn obbyr goll coardail rish y skedjal. BS

brick brick: ayns morter, as ayns brick Bible; trout: Ta'n Çheshaght Cour Sharaghey Awinyn Vannin er lunney shalee-ronsee vooar d'eddyn magh cre'n fa nagh vel whilleen dy vraddanyn as brick ayns awin Sulby as va paart dy vleeantyn er dy henney. BS


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