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shaghrynys (f.) pl. shaghrynyssyn aberration, absence, astray, bewilderment, deviousness, hallucination, maze, quibble; confusion, deviation: hug y Chiarn shaghrynys er glare ooilley yn seihll Bible; blunder, error, gaffe; truancy

Inexact matches:

shaghrynys aigney mind wandering

shaghrynys credjue heresy; sect: Ta shin er gheddyn yn dooinney shoh fer erskyn towse boiragh, as doostey anvea mastey ooilley ny Hewnyn er feaï-ny-cruinney, as ny ard-leeideilagh ayns shaghrynys credjue ny Nazarenee Bible

shaghrynys inchyn mental alienation

shaghrynys keeaylley derangement

cur shaghrynys er hallucinate; cast out, pervert, subvert, take away: T'eh jannoo gyn-bree glare ny fir-choyrlee, as cur shaghrynys er tushtey'n chenndeeaght. Bible; subverting

shaghrynys veihn chredjue heresy

heresy (n.) farchredjue; shaghrynys credjue, shaghrynys veihn chredjue

aberration (n.) shaghrynys

bewilderment (n.) shaghrynys

blunder1 (v.) lutchey; (n.) shaghrynys

deviousness (n.) rouailley, shaghrynys

gaffe (n.) marran, shaghrynys

hallucination (n.) branlaadys, shaghrynys

mental alienation (n.) shaghrynys inchyn

mind wandering shaghrynys aigney

subverting fo-my-cheilley: but to the subverting of the hearers - agh dy choyrt sleih fo-my-cheilley Bible; cur shaghrynys er: subverting your souls - cur shaghrynys er nyn anmeenyn Bible

truancy (n.) shaghrynys, trugg, trugganys

derangement (n.) baanrys, mee-oardagh, shaghrynys keeaylley

hallucinate (v.) branlaadee, cur shaghrynys er

sect (n.) sheshaght scarree; shaghrynys credjue

wandering1 rouail: He is wandering about - T'eh rouail mygeayrt. DF idiom As the bird by wandering, as the swallow by flying - Myr tan ushag ayns rouail, as y ghollan-gheayee ayns getlagh Bible; rouailtagh; shaghraneys; shaghranys; shaghrynagh; shaghrynys: Better is the sight of the eyes than the wandering of the desire - Ny share ta shen ta roish dty hooillyn, na shaghrynys yn yeearree; stravaagey: She is wandering about - T'ee stravaagey mygeayrt. DF idiom; wandreilagh; wandreilys; rouaillagh; er-shaghryn: he was wandering in the field - veh er-shaghryn fud y vagher Bible

cast out (v.) castey; cur shaghrynys er; chast

maze (n.) cartage, shaghrynys; (v.) cur fud y cheilley

quibble cabbaragh; loayrt dy shaghrynagh; shaghrynys

deviation (n.) shaghrynys, treigeil; cleayney: Sexual deviation - Cleayney keintyssagh. DF idiom

take away (v.) goaill ersooyl, cartey; scarr; cur shaghrynys er; skiolley

curstey damnable: ver lhieu stiagh dy follit shaghrynys curstey veih'n chredjue Bible

absence (n.) assaar; shaghrynys; assaaraght: We could not account for her absence - Cha dod shin cur oyr er e h-assaaraght. DF idiom

astray (adv.) chailjey; er shaghryn: Do not lead me astray - Ny chur er shaghryn mee. DF idiom; shaghrynys

confusion (n.) boirey, branlaadee, bun ry baare, corvaal, fud y cheilley, mestid, shaghrynys, tharmane; rouailley: It is unspeakable confusion! - Yn rouailley, cha nel insh er! DF idiom

damnable (adj.) custey; curstey: privily shall bring in damnable heresies - ver lhieu stiagh dy follit shaghrynys curstey Bible; imshee; mollaghtagh

error (n.) neuchiartys, shaghrynys, sponnag; marranys: Very popular error - Marranys feer chadjin. DF idiom; shaghryn

pervert (v.) cammaghey, cassey, chyndaa er shaghryn, cur gyn vree, cur shaghryn er, cur shaghrynys er; (n.) cleaynagh

variance (n.) meechoardailys, noidys, streeu; anvea: Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies - Ammys da jallooyn, obbeeys, dwoaie, anvea, goanlys, jymmoose, streeu, irree-magh, shaghrynys veihn chredjue Bible

coyrleyn counsels: cur er saaseyn croutagh y phobble dy ve gyn-ymmyd, as cur shaghrynys er coyrleyn ny princeyn Bible

drogh choyrlagh cooidjagh conspiracy: Vei gygh ully irri magh, as drogh ghorliagh kujaght falliit vei dygh ully ynsaghy fallssy, as shaghrynys kreidiu, vei kryoghys kri, as seiaghy begg dy tdy guys as dy hayre. PB1610

er e cheeayll sane; on his mind: Jymmoose as troo, seaghyn as anvea, aggle y vaaish, as corree, as streeu, as ayns traa ny fea er e lhiabbee, ta e chadley-oie cur shaghrynys er e cheeayll. Apoc

er e hon hene for himself: cha nee fegooish fuill, ren eh chebbal er e hon hene, as son shaghrynys y phobble. Bible

fo arkys straightened: As shoh va oyr shaghrynys y theihll: son deiney surranse fo arkys ny tranlaase erbee Apoc

giare-cheeayllagh halfwit, simple, simpleton, half-witted: T'eh cur shaghrynys er creenaght ny fir-choyrlee, as jannoo ny briwnyn giare-cheeayllagh. Bible

maihaghey absolve, amortization, amortize, condone, excuse, forgive, forgiving, let off, pardon, pardoning: Quoi ta ny Yee casley rhyt's, ta leih mee-chairys, as maih'ghey yn shaghrynys ocsyn ta er-mayrn ayns e eiraght? Bible

scarrey magh deploy, deployment: nagh jean shaghrynys erbee shin y scarrey magh woidsh, agh dy vod dty ghraih CS

tuittym ersooyl die out: cur-jee twoaie nagh jean shiuish myrgeddin, cleaynit lesh shaghrynys ny mee-chrauee, tuittym ersooyl veih'n shickyrys eu 'sy chredjue. Bible; fall away

subvert (v.) cleiy fo, cur fud y cheilley; cur shaghrynys er; cur trooid y cheilley: Whose mouths must be stopped, who subvert whole houses - Ny beeill oc sheign y yeigh, ta cur slane lughtyn-thie fo-my-cheilley Bible; cassey: To subvert a man in his cause, the Lord approveth not - Dy chassey dooinney ayns e chooish cha vel y Chiarn lowal jeh Bible

goaill ayns laue attempt, engage, undertake: Ta'n Chiarn er heaymey ny mast' oc spyrryd dy voirraneys: as t'ad er choyrt shaghrynys er Egypt ayns dy chooilley nhee t'ad goaill ayns laue, myr dooinney meshtal gymmylt ayns e skeay hene. Bible; (ply) treat


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