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shaghrynagh pl. shaghrynee 1 (n.) drifter, strayer, truant, turner a: cre'n-fa veign myr shaghrynagh mastey shioltaneyn dty heshaghyn? Bible; 2 (adj.) aberrant, absent, bewildering, devious, disjointed, errant, misleading, stray, wandering

Inexact matches:

loayrt dy shaghrynagh prevaricate, quibble

shaghrynagh veih credjue heretic

aberrant (adj.) shaghrynagh

bewildering shaghrynagh

devious (adj.) croutagh, rouaillagh, shaghrynagh

drifter (n.) drifter, shaghrynagh

errant (adj.) shaghrynagh

strayer (n.) cailjagh, shaghrynagh

turner (n.) deilleyder; shaghrynagh; rolteyr

heretic (n.) farchredjaltagh, shaghrynagh veih credjue

misleading drogh-leeideil; drogh-leeideilagh; meestiuragh; shaghrynagh

disjointed (adj.) currit ass olt, neuyuntit, shaghrynagh

prevaricate (v.) cassey yn irriney, loayrt dy shaghrynagh

quibble cabbaragh; loayrt dy shaghrynagh; shaghrynys

stray (adj.) er shaghryn, shaghrynagh; (v.) goll er shaghryn

absent ass eanish, neuaaragh, shaghrynagh; assaaragh: To absent oneself from something - Dy hannaghtyn assaaragh voish red ennagh. DF idiom

truant shaghraneagh; shaghrynagh; truggan; trugganagh; trugganeyr; cloie trugg: He is playing truant - T'eh cloie trugg. DF idiom

wandering1 rouail: He is wandering about - T'eh rouail mygeayrt. DF idiom As the bird by wandering, as the swallow by flying - Myr tan ushag ayns rouail, as y ghollan-gheayee ayns getlagh Bible; rouailtagh; shaghraneys; shaghranys; shaghrynagh; shaghrynys: Better is the sight of the eyes than the wandering of the desire - Ny share ta shen ta roish dty hooillyn, na shaghrynys yn yeearree; stravaagey: She is wandering about - T'ee stravaagey mygeayrt. DF idiom; wandreilagh; wandreilys; rouaillagh; er-shaghryn: he was wandering in the field - veh er-shaghryn fud y vagher Bible


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