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shaghney 1 avert, avoid, circumvent, defer, delay, dodge, elude, escape, eschew, evade, obviate, prevent, renounce, repudiate, shirk, shirking, shun, turn away, varnish a: Ta dooinney tastagh cronnaghey yn olk ro-laue as shaghney eh Bible; 2 circumvention, deferment, postponement, renunciation

Inexact matches:

shaghney foalley vegetarianism

shaghney obbyr scrimshank

shaghney yn irriney (the truth) varnish

varnish1 cur lossanagh er, cur varnish er, shaghney, shaghney yn irriney; lossanagh; varnish

avert1 (v.) shaghney

circumvent (v.) cleayney, shaghney

circumvention (n.) shaghney

deferment (n.) shaghney

eschew (v.) shaghney; shaghyn; treig

obviate (v.) shaghney

renounce (v.) shaghney

renunciation (n.) jiooldaghey, shaghney

repudiate (v.) jiooldey, shaghney, treigeil

scrimshank (v.) shaghney obbyr

shirk (v.) shaghney

shirking (v.) shaghney

shun (v.) shaghney

varnish2 (the truth); (yn irriney) shaghney

vegetarianism (n.) feill-haghney, shaghney foalley

elude (v.) cosney roish; scapail; shaghney

evadable so-shaghney; yn-shaghney

postponement (n.) cur jeh, shaghney, shlearaghey

so-shaghney evadable

yn-shaghney evadable

dodge (n.) cluge; (v.) clysht gys yn cheu; clyshtey; shaghney

turn away (v.) chyndaa ersooyl, shaghney; cur cooyl

evade (v.) shaghney: Evade the issue - Bree yn skeeal y haghney. DF idiom

marranyn mistakes: Tan dooinney creeney shaghney marranyn JJK; errors

ooilley ny huilk all the evil: shaghney ooilley ny huilk shoh. Bible

ranteenys suretiship: as eh ta shaghney ranteenys, t'eh shickyr Bible

delay cumrail: Send them to me without delay - Cur hym ad fegooish cumrail. JJK idiom; feiyal; fuirraght; lhiggey; moalys; shaghey; shaghney; shlearaghey

escape (v.) scapail; shaghney; cosney roish: I still had hopes of his escape - Va foast jerkallys aym dy gosnagh eh roish. JJK idiom

prevent (v.) cumrail; lhiettal: The evil shall not overtake nor prevent us - Cha jean yn olk berraghtyn orrin, ny lhiettal shin Bible; shaghney

prudent (adj.) feeudagh, jeadagh; keeaylagh; creeney: The prudent man avoids mistakes - Ta'n dooinney creeney shaghney marranyn. JJK idiom; tushtagh

shy1 (v.) ceau, jonseragh; (adj.) faitagh: He avoids us because he's shy - T'eh shaghney shin, er yn oyr dy vel eh faitagh. JJK idiom; nearildagh

baih argid invested: Ta Mainshtyr Huhne credjal dy noddagh shen cur ass cree sleih ta kiarail shaghney eeck keeshyn ayns ny çheeraghyn oc hene liorish baih argid ayns bancyn ayns Mannin. BS

cur ass cree demoralization, demoralize, depress, discourage, dishearten: Ta Mainshtyr Huhne credjal dy noddagh shen cur ass cree sleih ta kiarail shaghney eeck keeshyn ayns ny çheeraghyn oc hene liorish baih argid ayns bancyn ayns Mannin. BS; disheartening

cur leagh er appraise, assess, evaluate, initiate, price, value: Tra t'ad cur leagh er thalloo, t'ad goaill magh ny h-ayrnyn smoo scanshoil jeh ny barganeyn dy yannoo un docamad, shaghney yn feme son bundeil dy varganeyn. BS

meearryltagh disobliging: Un laa, ta Preeu-hirveishagh Hostyn cur raaue agglagh da fasteeyn- keesh, as y laa er giyn t'eh meearryltagh dy choobbraghey marish cheeraghyn Oarpagh elley dy lhiettal shaghney keeshyn. Carn

Moggyl ry hoi Aachummey Keesh Tax Reform Newtwork: Ta'n Moggyl ry hoi Aachummey Keesh gobbraghey dy lhiettal shaghney keesh feiy ny cruinney. Carn

sleetchal loitering, lurk, lurking, sneak, sneaking: Eer dy vel ny paitchyn ain jannoo dy mie ayns Gaelg ec y traa t'ayn, ta Baarle ee-hene sleetchal mygeayrt ayns y chorneil, as cha nodmayd shaghney ee! Dhoor

avoid (v.) scapail; shaghney: Nevertheless, to avoid fornication, let every man have his own wife - Ny-yeih, dy haghney maarderys, lhig da e ven hene ve ec dagh dooinney Bible; shaghyn: But avoid foolish questions - Agh shaghyn questionyn ommijagh Bible; chea roish: Avoid it, pass not by it - Jean chea roish, ny gow liorish Bible

defer (v.) injillaghey; lhiettal: For my name's sake will I defer mine anger - Er graih my ennym neem my yymmoose y lhiettal Bible; lhiggey shaghey: defer not, for thine own sake - ny lhig shaghey, er dty ghraih hene Bible; shaghney


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