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seyir 1 (n.) carpenter, joiner a: Ta'n seyir sheeyney magh e rule, t'eh markal magh eh lesh line Bible; 2 (npl.) carpenters: hug ad eh da ny seyir as ny masoonee dy ve baarit ayns obbyr thien Chiarn Bible

seyïr carpenters: As hug Hiram ree Tyre chaghteryn gys David, as biljyn-cedar, as seyïr, as masoonee Bible

Inexact matches:

seyir ardan stage carpenter

seyir baatey boat builder

seyir clagh mason

seyir cloaie stone-dresser, stonemason, stone dresser

seyir fainee coachbuilder

seyir foiee woodworker

seyir mwyllin millwright

shamyr seyir (f.) carpenter's shop

Balley ny Seyir Farm of the Craftsmen

Ooig ny Seyir Carpenters' Cave

carpenters (npl.) seiyr: They gave money also unto the masons, and to the carpenters - Hug ad argid myrgeddin da ny masoonee as ny seiyr Bible; seyïr: and cedar trees, and carpenters, and masons as biljyn-cedar, as seyïr, as masoonee Bible; seyir: and they laid it out to the carpenters and builders - as hug ad eh da ny seyir as ny masoonee Bible; sieyr: Unto carpenters, and builders, and masons - Da ny sieyr, as da ny mainshtyryn obbree Bible

carpenter (n.) fer milley maidjey; seyr: He is a poor carpenter - T'eh bleih dy seyr. DF idiom; seyir: You are a halfling of a carpenter - T'ou uss bleih dy seyir. DF idiom

carpenter's shop (n.) shamyr seyir

coachbuilder (n.) seyir fainee

mason (n.) masoonagh, seyir clagh

millwright (n.) seyir mwyllin

stage carpenter (n.) seyir ardan

stone dresser (n.) seyir cloaie

stone-dresser (n.) seyir cloaie

stonemason (n.) seyir cloaie

woodworker (n.) seyir foiee

seyr (=Ir. saor) 1 autonomous, aweigh, complimentary, disengaged, floating, fluid, free, gratis, gratuitous, immune, independent, inexpensive, justified, unforced, unshackled a: Eisht bee'n dooinney seyr veih'n aggair Bible; 2 (n.) pl. seyir :1 See seyir carpenter, wright: Nagh nee shoh mac y teyr?; 3 joiner; 4 absolve

calkers (npl.) seyir-lhuingey

Carpenters' Cave (n.) Ooig ny Seyir

seyir-lhuingey calkers: Dty verchys, as dty vargaghyn, dty varchantys, dty hiolteyryn, as dty philotyn, ny seyir-lhuingey, as adsyn va dellal ayns dty varchantys Bible

boat builder (n.) seyir baatey, troggeyder baatey

Farm of the Craftsmen (n.) Balley ny Seyir

masonee masons: marish masonee, as seyir, dy hroggal thie da. Bible

masoonee 1 masons a: ta ayd mooarane obbreeyn, masoonee, as seyïr Bible; 2 builders

rule rule: Ta'n seyir sheeyney magh e rule Bible

halfling bleih: You are a halfling of a carpenter - T'ou uss bleih dy seyir. DF idiom

joiner (n.) joyneyder, seyir, seyr thie; seyr: Journeyman joiner - Seyr er faill. DF idiom

goaill garrey alternately: Myr shen ren y seyir yn gaaue-airh y ghreinnaghey, as eshyn ta cummey lesh yn oayrd yn fer ta goaill garrey er yn ingan Bible

heose ny greeishyn upstairs: Va'n shapp-obbree seyir-thie ain er yn chied laare, heose ny greeishyn JG

planeyn planes: Ta'n seyir sheeyney magh e rule, t'eh markal magh eh lesh line, t'eh kiartaghey eh lesh planeyn, as goaill towshan lesh y chombaase Bible

fir-obbree workers: Nish va kuse dy Vanninee ayn, eeasteyryn, seyir-thie, as eirinee lesh fir-obbree elley, bailloo goll tessyn y faarkey dys America Dhoor


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