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senseless (adj.) bolvaneagh, bouyranagh, meecheeallagh, meeresoonagh; gyn ennaghtyn; gyn keeall: Senseless remark - Raa gyn keeall. DF idiom; gyn enney; gyn oyr

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bouyranagh abstract, senseless, stupid

gyn ennaghtyn callous, senseless, unfeelingly

gyn keeall unmeaning: Raa gyn keeall. DF; senseless

meeresoonagh illogical, incoherent, preposterous, senseless, unrational

bolvaneagh (=Ir. balbhán) foolish, senseless, silly, stupid: Ta dy chooilley ghooinney jeu bolvaneagh ayns tushtey Bible

gyn enney comatose, incommunicado, senseless; unidentified, unknown, unrecognized: Agh ta doilleeidyn ayn, as sheign dooin cur enney er cho wheesh dy ghoilleeidyn t'ayn as cha lhisagh shin cur geill da reiltys gyn enney. GB

gyn oyr groundless, senseless, wanton; unadvisedly, uncalled for, unduly, without reason; unfounded, unjustified, unmotivated, unprovoked: Ny jean streeu rish dooinney gyn oyr Bible; for no reason

meecheeallagh senseless, unadvisedly: Lhig ad ny coyin gys ny lhargeeyn (d'eayshil ad ny coyin). Fud ny ghlionteeyn by niessey daue. Haink coyrle jeh beggan keilley (coyrle meecheeallagh) Coraa


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